7 Polished Regulation Haircuts Worthy of a Salute

Your choices for regulation cuts probably seem minimal, but you have more styles at your disposal than you think. While military haircuts have to adhere to some fairly strict standards, that doesn’t mean you can’t reveal a little personality. It’s possible to be both uniform and unique, although it takes a special man to pull off such a feat. It mostly comes down to versatility.

You need to pick a style that falls within the guidelines you have to follow, but one that you can also style to your personal satisfaction when you’re off-duty and left to your own devices.


Best Regulation Haircuts for Men

A regulation cut doesn’t have to look cookie cutter. Sure, you have rules to follow, but that doesn’t mean you have to eschew the entire idea of personal style. It just means that you have to get a bit clever when it comes to styling.

Frankly, there’s nothing sharper or more polished than a clean-cut ‘do. It’s all in how you wear your hair, anyway. Once your hair starts to wear you, then you’ve already lost! Here are 7 creative regulation haircut ideas for men to try.


1. The CLassic Regulation Cut

men's regulation cut

Not all regulation cuts look the same. Here’s a subtle undercut that’s neatly cropped on the sides and parted to perfection. Nothing wrong with that, men.


2. The Under-Buzz

mens buzz regulation haircut

Not quite a buzz cut and not quite an undercut, this style defies the norm. It’s short and neat, but there’s some edge in there—certainly enough to reveal a little something about your personality.


3. The Classic Cut

regulation Classic hairstyle

Oh, this spiked buzz is a popular choice. It’s severely short everywhere but the small, spiked thatch of hair on top. Styling is easy. Maintenance takes some dedication.


4. Regulation Buzz

Many regulation cuts feature some kind of buzz. The closely cropped sides and the longer buzz on top create a well-known combination seen in army movies and actual barracks.


5. Men’s Sharp Caesar Haircut

army regulation hairstyle

Granted, these are not actually Caesar bangs—those haven’t yet made a comeback, fortunately. However, notice the way he combs his hair forward. That’s a subtle but noticeable way to soften a buzz cut.


6. The Officer and the Gentleman

Military men back regulation cut

Military men back in the day had it going on, you have to give it up for that. This is a regulation cut often seen in the 1940s and 1950s. To be honest, it’s due for a comeback.


7. The Subtle Fade

fade regulation hairstyle for men

There’s no reason you can work in a faint fade. In fact, if you leave your top hair long enough, you can even form a pompadour. Talk about class.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that regulation haircuts are dull. You don’t have to look like everyone else, but neither do you have to break the rules. You just have to do you. What’s your go-to regulation style?

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