50 Lively Short Box Braid Styles for Any Woman

Box braids are one of the most popular protective styling options for African American women. Whilst many women traditionally choose to wear their box braids long, short box braids are becoming increasingly popular amongst women that want a hairstyle that is easy to style, easy to wear, and super-low maintenance.

Short box braids can easily be styled to look just like a classic and classy bob or you can even have your natural hair braided into an easy to wear pixie cut.


Short Box Braids as an Easy Styling Solution

If you want to minimize your daily hairstyling routine then short box braids are the perfect solution for you. This is a hairstyle that allows you to wake up each morning and look immediately amazing without having to put in any effort.

Protective hair styling is essential for African American hair during the summer month when sweating, high humidity, and other water-based activities can wreak havoc on the hair and cause it to frizz. Short box braids pose the most popular no-nonsense solution to this problem.

Here are some of the chicest and stylish short box braid styles. With so many ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect style to suit you!


1. Short, Sweet and Silver

Sweet and Silver Short Box Braid hairstyle

Grey and silver hair is this season’s most popular color trend, and it looks fantastic paired with beautiful short braids and contrasting black roots. Ask your stylist to blend your natural hair with your braids so that the style only looks better as it begins to grow out.


2. Short Box Braids with Corn Rows

Corn Rows with Short Box Braid hairstyle

If you’re keen to pull your hair away from your face and minimize styling even further then ask your stylist to weave your natural hair into cornrows before adding box braid extensions to give your hair fullness and shape. This is an ideal style if you’re always on the go.

Jumbo Box Braids


3. Short Box Braids with Clip Embellishment

black women Short Box Braid

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring! Whilst your updo styling options may be limited, short braided hair looks great when its embellished. Add rings and clips to your style to inject color, detail, and texture. These clips are easy to add to your hair, won’t cause any damage to your locks, and can be simply removed in seconds, making them perfect for special occasions.


4. Box Braids in a Short, Graduated Bob

Short Bob with Box Braid hairstyle

The graduated bob is a hairstyle first made famous by Victoria Beckham and now synonymous with chic, fashion-forward style. To create this style, ask your stylist to leave your braids short at the nap of your neck and then graduate them in length until they sit around two inches below your chin at the front.


5. Short Honey Blonde Box Braids

Short Blonde Box Braid hairstyle for women

Brighten up your short blonde bob by adding a blend of bright and honey-colored blonde braids. This shade is perfect for summer, and the color blend is ideal for injecting texture and depth to your look.