55 Trendy Jumbo Box Braids To Make An Impression

Every black girl knows about box braids. However, their variety can be impressive and overwhelming. If you want less hassle and more volume, you should go for jumbo box braids. This protective hairstyle is a common choice for black girls who want to improve their style without too much hassle. The downside of such box braids is the care. They are harder to wash, dry, and style. On the bright side, they are much easier to create. You can easily make the jumbo braids in the comfort of your own home after watching a few videos. Browse the best box braid styles here.

jumbo box braids hairstyles


How to Do Jumbo Box Braids At Home?

You can style jumbo box braids in various ways. Creativity is the key part of this hairstyle as you can try whatever style you think will suit you and it’s really fun to come up with gorgeous braids hairstyle combinations and explore the inner creativity.

It’s always best to style any braids, especially, the jumbo box braids by a professional hairstylist. If you are really willing to do Jumbo box braids alone at home, here is what you need and how to do it. It will take from 2-7 hours depending on the style you are trying to achieve.


What do you need

  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Rat Tooth Comb
  • Section clips
  • Edge wax
  • Hair Elastics
  • Hair extensions
  • Lighter or match
  • Hot boiling water


What to do

  1. Firstly, you should get hot oil treatment. Then wash and condition your hair the day before you are going to do jumbo box braids.
  2. Do you have a wide-toothed comb? If not get one and remove all knots and tangles that exists on your hair.
  3. The hair should be pulled off top of your head and let them loose about 3 inches above the neck nape.
  4. Use a rat tail comb and create a 3″ x 3″ square shaped hair separation.
  5. Smooth the edges of the separated hair with the edge wax and use a hair elastic to tie hair.
  6. Repeat the above two steps and divide all of your remaining hair. This will form the base of jumbo box braids.
  7. Take a weft thickness of the hair extensions. Then just fold it in half to form a U Upside Head.
  8. Place either side of the U on each side of a section of your natural hair.
  9. Keep the hair extensions in 3 sections and the natural hair in one of the sections.
  10. Form a Braid with these 3 sections to the end and hold it. Then burn the ends with a lighter for about 3 to 5 sec.
  11. Repeat the above 4 steps on all the sections of your hair. So, your jumbo box braids hairstyle is almost done!
  12. Finally, dip the ends of all your braids into the hot boiling water. This will fuse the braids and completely secure them.


We recommend you watch the below video tutorial on Jumbo box braids.


Jumbo Box Braids That Will Keep You Smiling

Once you get the extensions attached, you might want to think about how to style your jumbo box braids. We collected 50 various styles to make your hair look fantastic. Depending on your color preference as well as the amount of time and patience, you can come up with truly impressive hairstyles that will make you look stunning. The jumbo box braids are created to allow you to flaunt the volume while taking the hassle out of the attachment. Take a look at what you can do with your box braids and choose a style for yourself.


1. Extra long jumbo box

jumbo box braids Extra long hairstyle for women

Box braids are a great opportunity to finally get yourself the long mane you always wanted. You get a chance not to just make knee long tresses but to maintain some volume on top in order to make updos.


2. Keep’em jumbo

jumbo box braids 2

When creating jumbo box braids, don’t forget about their weight. While they look ruly impressive, they can be a little uncomfortable to wear. Don’t forget that they are hard to sleep with too.

Latest Medium Box Braids

3. Silver impression

Silver impression with jumbo box braids haircut

The popularity of silver hair doesn’t seem to be waning, but dyeing your locks white is not something every girl is ready to do. Consider silver hair extensions when making your box braids.


4. High bun

jumbo box braids 4

A high bun is one of the most popular box braid style. In fact, it can already be considered a classic. Lift your voluminous locks up and tie them up into a bun. A great way to make a neat hairstyle.

Box Braids Vs. Senegalese Twists

5. Mixed styles

Mixed styles jumbo box braids for black girl

Box braids can come in mixed styles. You can start with jumbo braids on top and then go to the cornrows on the bottom. This is a great idea if you want to reduce the volume a little and make your braids more manageable.