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60 Youthful Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

So you are a woman over 40 and looking for a short hairstyle. Only about a century ago women over 40 were considered old. However, times have changed and now girls, who turn 40, are entering another youthful phase of their lives.

Hair often doesn’t feel as good as the rest of our body and sometimes decides that it won’t look neat and shiny anymore. If this is the case, then the time has come to get a short haircut.

No need to be upset. Many young girls wear short haircuts and are happy with them. So, forget about the long locks and enter the next phase of your fashionable life by browsing short hairstyle for women over 40.


Why Most Women Over 40 Choose Short Hairstyles?

short hairstyle for women over 40

Age does not define the kind of a hairstyle that you carry, but as women approach their forties they start thinking of getting shorter hair. There is no rulebook making it mandatory for them, but they choose to have their hair cropped due to a number of reasons. Experts have different opinions on it, but here is what we believe makes women over 40 choose short hairstyles.

Women over 40 faces for damage and hair loss than younger women so they tend t have short hair to ensure that their hair retains their health. These women often dye their hair to hide all the greys due to which the hair becomes more prone to damage.

Long hair starts developing split ends and gets brittle after 40, so it is better to crop it short and avoid that. This is a way of masking the signs of aging too as damaged and lifeless long hair show that you are growing old and losing the usual strength of your body.

Moreover, women find it easy to rock a short hairstyle which is readied within in a short time and takes minimal effort. Busy women of today need to have their hair put lesser demand on their time, so they opt a short hairstyle.

In addition to this, women over 40 feel that long hair pulls down their facial features so they prefer short hairstyles. All these things aside, there is no denying the appeal, class, and loveliness of bobs, pixies, cropped bangs and other short hairstyles. So, women can choose these styles just for the sake of looking as attractive as these styles make you look.


How to Pick A Short Hairstyle for Over 40 Women Based On Face Shape?

Here is how you can pick the perfect short hairstyle for you according to your face shape if you are above 40.

Heart-shaped face

heart shape face for women over 40

For a heart-shaped face, you need something which covers your overly prominent forehead. The cheekbones stand out on their own and the jaw has a great shape, so a wispy layered hairstyle can help you cover the forehead and make your face look well proportioned.


Oval face

oval shape face for women over 40

For an oval shaped face, an angular and intense bob is perfect to give you a serious and sophisticated vibe.


Square face

square face for women over 40

A square shaped face should have hair which covers its sides well. A long bob can be great for women having this face cut.


Round face

round face

Any modification or form of pixie hair suits this face shape as it gives your face an elongated feel and looks.


Amazing Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40

If you have been wearing long hair all your life, you’ll be amazed at the variety of hairstyles you have been missing out on. Just imagine all these pixies and bobs, which can look much more awesome than long hair and give you a great amount of style. These haircuts often require little maintenance and look great, even if you just got out of bed in the morning. We have prepared a list of the most popular short hairstyles for women over 40, to give you a glimpse of how wonderful you can look.

1. Wavy Bob with Bangs

short grey hair for women over 40

If you’ve got thick wavy hair, you need to show it off! A short hairstyle like a bob will not only give you shape in a trendy style, but also offer you the opportunity to add side bangs to frame your face. 


2. Straight with Layers

short thick hair for women over 40

Adding layers to a short bob is one of the easiest ways to give your hairstyle lots of movement and shape! Part hair off center before asking your stylist for the trim. Wearing hair straight is the sure ticket to chic!


3. Blonde Layered Pixie

pixie for women over 40

Did we mention we love short layers? Pixie haircuts aren’t just for the young! Older women can rock this short hairstyle easily with some sexy short layering and a youthful blonde color. You can even add highlights for warmth.


4. Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

short bob for women over 40

To make a short hairstyle for older women more soft and less harsh, considering adding thin piecey bangs that you can finger comb into place. These will look beautiful on a short angled bob, a very low maintenance look!


5. Natural Hair with Color

short hairstyle for black women over 40

In between styles and have natural hair? You can get some length to play with on a short hairstyle by adding extensions. To personalize the look, feel free to play with color like burgundy and blonde!


6. Shaggy Bob with Side Bangs

short messy hairstyle for women over 40

Any short hairstyle for older women can easily be thickened up just by cutting in shaggy layers. This is especially helpful if you have thick hair already and need some help cutting down on the bulk. A short side swept bang will be a great detail whether you wear hair down or up!


7. Wavy Hair with Short Bangs

short hair bangs for women over 40

Consider yourself truly low maintenance? Maybe a short hairstyle that doesn’t come past the neck line is for you! This one boasts soft wavy body and bluntly cut short bangs.


8. Thick Curly Bob

short curly hair for women over 40

If you’re an older woman wanting a short hairstyle, but have trouble styling thick hair, a short bob will not only be more manageable, but will also better display beautiful curly hair. Just comb in a center part and scrunch in product for quick style!


9. 50’s Pixie

short headband hairstyle for women over 40

Take a trip back in time by trying a straight pixie! This short hairstyle for older women is best suited for those with straight hair and petite faces. A bright bold color like red is fierce, but a netural color will still look gorgeous, especially if you add a fun printed bandana.  


10. Short Pixie for Fine Hair

short choppy hair for women over 40

If you’re an older woman struggling with fine hair, give it a fresh update with a short hairstyle. This brunette pixie with layers works with fine hair by making it look fuller. Wear it straight or style your wavy hair with a little product.


11. Highlighted short pixie

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 1-min

Even if you don’t have that much gray hair yet, there is no reason not to try highlights. They will look amazing with your new and stylish short pixie. Choose the colors that suit your skin type and go for it. You will not regret the change!


12. Long and textured pixie

short hairstyles for women age 40

If you are not exactly ready to let go of your long hair, you can go for a longer pixie. The textured hair will create a lot of volume, which will make you look quite regal. This hairstyle is great for thick hair, but won’t look good on fine manes.


13. Red and beautiful Hair

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 3-min

Once your hair starts graying, you can finally let your imagination run wild and experiment with all kinds of colors. Red is a great color of choice for short hairstyles for women over 40, since it makes the face look much more youthful.


14. Messy bob

hairstyles for women over 50

Textured hair looks wonderful for both bobs and pixies. It will also save you a lot of morning maintenance time. If your hair is thick enough, all you will need is some hair gel and a couple of minutes to make it look amazing.


15. Lifted bangs

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 5-min

If you want to create more volume on your bob, try lifted bangs. They will no require much work. Just make sure fringe is long enough to reach your eyes. Then every morning you will need some hairdryer work to lift it up.


16. Voluminous pixie

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 6-min

Pixie is one of the most popular haircuts for 40 plus women with fine hair since it helps create the much-needed volume. If your hair is thin, opt for a long pixie, which will allow you to lift the hair on top with a flat iron.


17. Undercut pixie

nice short hair style

If your stylist knows how to make proper highlights, you can opt for this amazing undercut pixie. It will make your hair look very thick and the overall appearance will surely be amazing. Find the right barber and give it a try!


18. Sexy look

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 8-min

If you are over 40, there is no reason to forget about being sexy. You will get great help from the right haircut. So opt for this sexy bob, which will outline the eyes. The side strands will give an impression of a longer hairstyle.


19. Short and asymmetrical

Short Haircut for Women Over 40

More often than not, women over 40 face fine hair. No need to be upset. There is great variety of pixies, which will make your thin locks appear thick and fabulous. One of them is an asymmetrical pixie. Give it a chance and you will be amazed with the result.


20. Straight bob

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 10-min

If your hair is straight, it will look amazing in a medium sized bob. This simple haircut is a great choice for women, who don’t mind spending some time on their hair. It requires a little maintenance but looks very neat and stylish.


21. Silver and beautiful

beautiful short hairstyles

Silver hair is considered very stylish lately but not all women will look good with it. So, spend some time choosing the right color for yourself. Ask your stylist for advice. If silver is your color, then go for it!


22. Long bob
short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 13-min

Long bobs are an amazing choice for women of any age. They look very stylish regardless of the hair type or hair color. Choose one of these wonderful long bobs and you will definitely feel amazing. Play around with the bangs to add some style.


23. Disheveled and back swept


If you want to look like a star, there is no need to spend hours on your appearance. Just get a medium-sized bob and do almost nothing about it. The sexy Cameron Diaz look will surely keep some heads turning your way.


24. Very long bob

shortlong hairstyles for young girl

If you are having a hard time saying goodbye to your long hair, you can start with a very long bob. Make sure to take good care of ends. Curls and waves on the bottom make long bobs look very neat and fashionable.


25. Curly bob

short hairstyles for women age 40 to 50 15-min

Curls look wonderful on any woman. So, if you want to diversify your bob with something outstanding and stylish, make some curls! No matter how old you are, the curls will surely make your day.


26. Diagonal fringe and a disconnected undercut

This is a lovely short hairstyle which makes you look younger and carefree with the dyes. The hair grows longer from back to front.


27. Carefree and whimsical

This fun and sexy hairstyle are for lovely and confident women who refuse to settle for any boring or unappealing hairstyles.


28. Perfectly trendy

This is a cool and trendy hairstyle which takes no time in styling. Just give it a little brushing and you are ready without using any products to keep your hair in place.


29. Asymmetrical lob with dimension

This asymmetrical lob is great for women who love both lowlights and highlights in their hair to look stylish and fashionable. It directs more attention on your face and neckline as the hair sweeps down to the shoulders in waves.


30. Gorgeous and textured

textured short hairstyle for women over 40

This lovely red short hairstyle is for the women who are young and lively at heart no matter how old they are. Their liveliness and beauty become more prominent with this textured hairstyle which has professional cropping to add more details to their hair.


31. Chic medium length bob

If you want to join the short-haired over 40 leagues, but want to do it with style and charm then this chic and modern hairstyle is great for you. The bob is neither too short nor too long, so you can easily wear it with confidence in all situations.


32. Multi-dimensional style

This is a gorgeous short hairstyle for women over 40 as it has smooth and soft waves of hair with high and lowlights which add multiple dimensions to it.


33. A-line bob with wispy fringe

This sleek and cool style has asymmetrical cropping of hair with a lovely fringe on your forehead to uplift your natural charm.


34. Soft and blended

women over 40 with short wavy hair

This low maintenance and ultimately chic style are achieved by balayage and highlighting which present a stark contrast with the natural hair used as the base for highlights.


35. Fresh, young and polished

short hairstyle with highlights

This lovely short hairstyle is for women who know how to use grey highlights to their advantage. You can look professional as well as a party ready with this one, so why not give it a shot?


36. Short Choppy Hairstyle for Over 40

short choppy hairstyle for over 40

A short choppy bob with straight pieces is so chic for women over 40. You can keep the long bangs you love, but give your overall look some flippy texture with the short layers.


37. Short Curly Hairstyle for Women Over 40

short curly hairstyle for women over 40

If you still have hair that wants to curl this well when you’re over 40,  scrunch in product to help their shape.


38. Short Haircut for Women over 40 with Bangs

short haircut for women over 40 with bangs

Women over 40 sometimes need help rounding out their face in a flattering way, that’s where bangs come in.  


39. Short Haircut for Women Over 40 with Glasses

short haircut for women over 40 with glasses

A wedge pixie is another youthful style women over 40 can rock. Most of the volume is up top and at the back but layered or stacked in a way that is manageable. 


40. Short Haircut for Black Women Over 40

short haircut for black women over 40

This chic jaw-length bob may look simple, but its straight pieces and slightly curved ends highlight the neck. 


41. Short Haircut for Asian Women over 40

short haircut for Asian women over 40

Instead of wearing your typical straight Asian hair down and bland, style it up into a wavy asymmetrical pixie. 


42. Short Layered Haircut for Women Over 40

short layered haircut for women over 40

For women over 40 with short thick hair, layers will be your best friend. These long ones cut out the bulk in your hair while the minimalist bangs are soft on the forehead.


43. Short Thick Haircut for Women over 40

short thick haircut for women over 40

To play up curls while cutting down on the thickness of your hair, mix layers with your natural texture. Curls will easily stand out more with a center part to separate them.


44. Short Wavy Hairstyle for Over 40

short wavy hairstyle for over 40

Short wavy hairstyles like this bob and its luscious curls are a great youthful look for women over 40. Add several shades of blonde to feel like a brand new you.


45. Very Short Haircut for Women Over 40

very short haircut for women over 40

Prefer to keep your hairstyle low maintenance? A short pixie hairstyle is just the thing. Locks are only a couple inches long, all combed neatly to the side and given a punch of platinum.


46. Short Wedge Hairstyle for Over 40

short wedge hairstyle for over 40

A wedge hairstyle is a long pixie or a short bob depending how you look at it. For straight hair, it’s an easy haircut since the hair only needs a center part and minimal styling if you want soft waves.


47. Short Spiky Haircut for Women Over 40

short spiky haircut for women over 40

Who says just because you’re over 40, you can’t rock a fun straight hairstyle? This one combines hot pink up front with a dark brunette in the rest of the hair. 


48. Straight Straight Hairstyle for Over 40 Woman

short straight hairstyle for over 40 years old women

An elegant hairstyle you can feel confident in wearing to work is definitely this straight bob that stops at shoulders. 


49. Short Hairstyle for Over 40 with Round Face

short hairstyle for over 40 with round faces

A round face looks amazing with this wavy/curly short hairstyle. For a woman over 40 struggling with how to style her curls, add in layers for easy shape and tuck back the top in a half updo.


50. Short old school haircut for over 40 Women

short old school haircut for over 40 women

For the woman over 40 who prefers a vintage look, this one is a great choice. The longest hair is to the neck while the bangs are minimal and side swept, leaving the body of the hair layered with curly pieces covering the ears.


51. Short Fine Haircut for Women Over 40

short fine haircut for women over 40

If you’re a woman over 40 with fine hair, bring out your bold side with a short pixie in platinum or blonde. Part the hair at the side, then comb it mostly flat. 


52. Short Hairstyle for Women with Curvy Faces over 40

short hairstyle for heavy women over 40

For curvier faces or larger heads, balance it out with a short shoulder-length hairstyle. This one is brunette mixed with a few lighter browns and straightened with a minimal side bang.


53. Short Shaggy Hairstyle for Women over 40

short shaggy hairstyle for women over 40,

To get a shaggy short hairstyle, have your stylist cut in layers at different lengths all over. For bangs, brush them to the side. 


54. Short Messy Hairstyle for Over 40

short messy hairstyle for over 40

For women over 40 who like the look of bedhead or messy hairstyles, make it look purposeful and not sloppy by trying it on a short haircut. 


55. Blonde Pixie for Older Women

short haircut for over 40

Julie Andrews showed us all how great a blonde pixie can be, even on women over 40! Go for a blonde one with extra long front pieces and short sides.


56. Bold Colorful Short Haircut

short hairstyle for women over 40

You may be over 40, but you can still rock bold colors! Try an electric orange or red on a short hairstyle with layers and straight bluntly-cut bangs.


57. Blonde Ponytail for Women over 40

short hairstyle for women over 40

Feel youthful yet professional with a classy ponytail for short hairstyles. A side part switches up dimension and shifts volume to one side. 


58. Short Red Pixie for Thin Hair

short haircut for over 40

If you’re over 40 and finding your hair thinning out, don’t worry. A short pixie in burgundy is just the style to bring you back to life.


59. Blonde Pixie with Spike

short hairstyle for women over 40

An upturned front on a blonde pixie is unexpected yet a fun twist for an over 40 hairstyle. Make sure to comb sides straight down, then use fingers to create the swoop up front.


60. Side Part Pixie for Women Over 40

short haircut for over 40

Shift the direction of your volume by opting for a side parted pixie. All the volume will go toward the opposite side and short layers make sure the look stays shapely.


Now that you have browsed these short haircuts for 40 plus women, you must realize how much you have been missing out on. So, take your time and then give your stylist a call. You are in for a great change, which will make you feel truly amazing.