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50 Best Old School Haircuts and Styles for Women

Sometimes old fashion again emerges as a current fashion with some changes. There are many trendy old school haircuts and hairstyles nowadays and the attraction toward them is increasingly popular.

Many women are crazy about unique, stylish haircuts; they’re always on the search for the best ones. Since there’s a wide variety of styles for any woman, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in choosing the best one for your face shape and hair type.

If you’re interested in trying a gorgeous old school haircut, check out our 50 favorites.


Old School Hairstyles for Women

Below are some of the trendiest old school hairstyles for women who want to mix modern and vintage.

#1. Wavy Bob

short old school hairstyle for women

A bob is a classy old school haircut that can suit many face shapes. This one is parted slightly off center and filled with soft waves. We recommend you ask your stylist for a choppy cut to give your bob more built-in texture.


#2. Thick Bob with Bangs

short old school hairstyle

If you have thick hair, you can easily split up the dimension of your hair and face with a short old school haircut that combines both straight and wavy hair texture. The neckline features the longest length, the ears are covered in wavy tendrils, and a thick bang is the dramatic final touch.


#3. Bouffant Half Updo

long old school hairstyle

Do you have long hair and love hairstyles with a lot of voluminous height? Then a bouffant is the old school haircut for you! This style is an updated version since just the top half is styled into a bouffant. For a little character, considering wrapping a thin colorful ribbon around it.


#4. Long Waves and Thick Headband

old school hairstyle with headband

What woman doesn’t appreciate how large waves in her long hair make her feel like a princess? To put a vintage twist on this look, use a thick printed scarf as a headband. Don’t be afraid to go for a colorful or bright print.


#5. Straight Side Pony

old school ponytail hairstyle

For long hair that is naturally straight, emphasize the length with a fun side ponytail. Use your fingers to comb hair to one side before securing it with a hair tie or brightly colored scrunchie. 


#6. Extra Curly Short Hair with Bangs

messy old school hairstyle

Hair this gorgeously curly is commercial-worthy. The trick is in using a curling iron and lots of hair spray. In no time, your shoulder-length hair will look thicker than ever. If you have shorter face-framing pieces, give them some wave too to draw attention to your eyes.


#7. Platinum Blonde Rolled Updo

old school hairstyle

Victory rolls are practically the epitome of a women’s old school hairstyle. Make it modern by only featuring one at the side of your face to complement a beautiful updo. Platinum blonde hair color will also bring it into the 21st century. 


#8. Heavy Part on Glam Waves

medium old school hairstyle for women

Whether it’s a date or another special event where you need to feel red carpet-worthy, long wavy hair is a no-brainer. The heavy part on a small section of hair is what will give your glam waves a vintage touch.


#9. Milkmaid Braid Crown

old school hairstyle with braid

Instagram / dailyhairbyhannah

This old school updo for women with long hair is easy to create. Make two low braids and then wind them up around the opposite sides, securing them in place with neutral-colored hair pins.


#10. Short Ponytails for Natural Hair

old school hairstyle for black hair

Instagram / roseliaa_m

Give your natural black hair a break from braids, twists, locs, and weaves by wearing it short and natural to promote its growth. These tiny ponytails all over the head are both fun and low-maintenance, great qualities in a vintage hairstyle.


#11. Natural Hair Top Knot

half up old school hairstyle

Instagram / kadesia

If the 90s were your favorite years, it’s only right that you give them a nod in your hairstyle! This thick top knot is full of shape and gives the top half of hair its own detail while the bottom half shows off soft waves. A thick smooth side bang will nicely flatter a large forehead.


#12. Old School Braids for Black Women

old school hairstyle with braids

Instagram / a.g.styling

Long braids and braided ballerina bun are a beautiful old school hairstyle for Black women. You can make them as thick or thin as you’d like, although thinner ones will be easier to wind into a bun.


#13. High Pony with Thick Side Bang

old school hairstyle with weave

Instagram / nicolenoirehair

Ariana Grande herself would be proud of this long straight ponytail’s vintage vibes. Not only does it feature a smooth wrapped base instead of a plain scrunchie, there’s a classy thick side bang to soften the style.


#14. Old School French Roll

old school updo hairstyle

Instagram / hair__by___brooke

In the late 1950s, the French roll hairstyle made its debut. If you’re a fan of this classy old school updo, you can give it an update with blonde highlights. 


#15. Slick Braided Ponytail

old school hairstyle

Instagram / cyamthembu

If you have natural black hair and you’re ready to rock some extensions, an old school braided ponytail will give you that opportunity. Wrap the base in a thick section of hair to make a dramatic vintage statement.


#16. Bob Finger Wave 1920s

Bob Finger Wave haircut for teen age girl

This was the most common and favorite haircut of the time. Small hair with waves looks very beautiful. You can apply this haircut on all the textures of hair.


#17. The Pixie 1950s

best Pixie hairstyle for girl in 1950s

This haircut with shorter bangs was very famous. This haircut is suitable for the girls who love to have short hair. If you want a stylish look with your short hair then this is the best hairstyle which is evergreen.


#18. Beehive

3 old school haircut

Beehive is the hairstyle which suits best if you have longer hair. In this beautiful hairstyle, your hair represents a tall dome shape which looks gorgeous. You can set the front hair to cover your forehead.


#19. Bouffant

old haircut for 40 years women

There are different types of a buffing haircut. In this haircut, the hair is divided into two sections the hair on the back of the head are left free with the rotating ends while the forehead is covered with front hair. Hair band increases the charm of this haircut. This was the famous haircut of the 1960s.


#20. Feathered Flip

5 old school haircut

One of the most attractive haircuts of the 1970s feathered flip was tried by many celebrities. This hairstyle is even famous now with a different name with some new advancements.


#21. Long Mohawk

 Mohawk hairstyle for school girl

This was a unique haircut in which the overall head was shaved while a line of hair in the middle of the head was left and grown long and stood erect with the help of glue, eggs, and gel. With creative work and dyes, the beauty of this haircut was increased many times.


#22. Perm

7old school haircut

This was the amazing haircut of the 1980’s which was liked by every men. And the best thing about the premed hairstyle was that men and women both can try this haircut. Particularly this haircut was famous for girls who used to perm their hair and apply different sprays, gel, and other materials to hold their hairstyle.


#23. The Rachel

nice girl old school haircut

The Rachel was famous among girls 1990s. Every girl during this era used to carry this haircut which gave a stylish and adorable look.


#24. Afro

9old school haircut

This hairstyle is still common with different beautiful changes which have enhanced the beauty of this haircut. This style gained popularity in the 1960s and the 1970s in America.


#25. Asymmetric Bob Cut

 Asymmetric haircut for asian school girl

This was the famous haircut in which the hair on one side of the head is kept longer while the hair on the right side of the head is short.


#26. Bangs Haircut

old school hairstyle for girls

This is one of the cutest old school haircuts in which the front of the head is covered with bangs. You can also see many haircuts today similar to the bangs haircut with little modifications.


#27. Bun

12 old school haircut

The bun is an amazing hairstyle which suits on all the ladies and girl no matter in which age you are going you can try this one. This haircut is for girls with long hair they can try bangs for their forehead, and the left hair can be styled in a bun.


#28. Fishtail Braid

beautiful fishtail hairstyle you like

If you love long hair and cut your hair just for neatness and growth, then the fishtail hairstyle is the best for you which is popular even now. With a simple haircut, you can try this beautiful style on your hair.


#29. Layered Bob

14 old school haircut

Amazingly the best haircut which gives you a new look very different from a traditional haircut. Layers of hair with different lengths gives you an amazing look. Hair is short with many layers in this haircut.


#30. Pre-pubescent Pig Tails

cool Pig Tails haircut for teen age girl

As it is clear from the name this hairstyle gives the shape of a pigtail which looks very cute. This was a common hairstyle among teenagers but still it has maintained the charm.


#31. Medium Layered Haircut

Front Layered Hairstyle for beautiful women

A haircut which gives you a sexy look. This is one of the best old school haircuts for girls who can opt this haircut for wedding functions and parties.


#32. Pageboy Cut

17old school haircut

The pageboy is the longer version of a bob hairstyle. Hair is kept short with bangs in this haircut while hair reaches the shoulders. This is a fabulous old school haircut which is liked by many people even in this age of fashion.


#33. Layers

layered hairstyle with best look

This layered haircut gives you a romantic look. This haircut was very common as the most romantic haircuts during the 80’s. In this haircut, the hair is layered all around the face and near the bangs. Then the hair is curled which creates volume and softness.


#34. Big Bangs

cool girl Big Bangs haircut

Some of the specific things which were followed in the 1980’s were adding volume to hair and height as well. These two things were common in all the haircuts and hairstyles. Huge bangs were cut which looked very beautiful.


#35. Short Graduated Haircut

20old school haircut

Most of the haircuts of the 1980s are short. This is also one of the stylish old school haircuts from the 80s in which the back hair is shorter while the front hair is little longer which is given the rounded shape.


#36. New Wave Haircut

wavy haircut for 30 years women

New wave haircut features small hair which gives the look of waves. This was one of the most beautiful hairstyles of the 1980’s.


#37. Spiky Haircut

22 old school haircut

In this haircut, the volume is created at the top of the head, and the spiky sections are around the face which makes you look bold and sexy.


#38. Short Nap Haircut

nice girl Short Nap hairstyle

This haircut is inspired by pageboy and like other haircuts of the 1980s it also has a volume on the top head while the back side of the head has small hair. Short Nap haircut was very common among girls in 1980s.


#39. Short Spiky

24 old school haircut

As the name suggest this haircut features short hair with spikes on the front of the head. The spikes are then pulled back which makes this haircut more beautiful.


#40. Haircut with Volume

25old school haircut

This haircut has short hair which are shorter from the back while they are relatively larger from the front. Hair is styled to create volume in this beautiful haircut which was the major theme of haircuts in the 1980s.


#41. Side High Ponytail

Side Ponytail hairstyle for young girl

This hairstyle is carried by many girls even in 2015 and famous with the same name. There are different types of this major hairstyle ponytail. Some hair is fixed on the side of the head with rubber bands of bright colors.


#42. Loose Curls

school girl curly hairstyle

Small layers are given curls, and the hair is parted into two sections. This haircut with soft, loose curls looks amazing.


#43. The Wedge

old school haircut

This haircut was created by a famous champion of skating Dorothy Hamill. The fans followed the haircut of their ideal during 1976 during this era Wedge was the most common haircut among the girls.


#44. Stack Short Perm

 Stack Perm haircut for black women

This haircut is another version of the perm haircuts and looks very gorgeous. The hair in the middle of the head is kept straight and smooth while on the sides the hair is styled in perm.


#45. Punk Haircut

30old school haircut

The best old school haircut punk was introduced in the late 70s. It was a unique and adorable hairstyle which was followed by many musicians. The hair is spiked and dyed in this hairstyle.


#46. Short Flip Haircut

31old school haircut

For the medium length of the hair, the flip haircut can be the best option. Hair is parted in two parts the one part covers the forehead while the hair on the back reaches the shoulder. From the ends, the hair is curled in a rounded shape, and the Bob is prominent on the back.


#47. High Wavy Bob with Bangs

 High bob hairstyle for nice women

This haircut can be seen in many old movies that feature a high bob and the front bangs. Hair over the ears is curled some in the upper direction and some on the lower direction.


#48. Version of Beehive

33 old school haircut

This is a cute version of a beehive. Hair is combed back and then supported with the help of a hairband. Hair pulled on the back gives the shape of a dome which looks similar to a beehive.


#49. Short Hair with Curls

 Short Hair with Curly hair cut for beautiful women

If you have a short haircut, then you can make it adorable with curls which give a new look to your haircut.


#50. Side Parted Curly Hair 

35old school haircut

With a curling tool, short hair can be curled and divided into the two sides of the head. The curly hair on one of the sides is styled into a pony. This is one of the most adorable old school haircuts.


These are the 50 trendy old school haircuts that you can opt for now. They’ll never lose their vintage charm, so you’re practically guaranteed a fashionable new look!