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15 Slick Side Part Undercut Haircuts for Swell Fellows

Oh, side part undercut hairstyles are just another millennial fad? Nope. Get out of here with that nonsense. Never mind all the blah blah blah people say about hipsters and their undercuts—this haircut popped up during the Victorian area, saw an enormous resurrection in the 1920s, showed up again during several years in the ’30s and ’40s, and now it’s on-trend again.

Take advantage of its timelessness and step out with confidence, but feel free to breathe new life into your classic haircut, as well. All it takes is a comb and a willingness to change your part. You’re willing to do that, right? It doesn’t take any effort at all and, man, the payoff is outta sight.


Best Side Part Undercut Styles for Men

A man—or a woman—in an undercut haircut is next-level sexy. There’s something about the cut, the side-parted styling of it, and the way it draws attention to strong facial features that make it universally appealing. The good news is that, if you have an undercut, you can already pull off this style.

You just have to stop combing your hair straight back or letting it fall to both sides. Brush it to the left or the right, whichever flatters you the most. Add a swoop, shave in some designs—you’ll see for yourself, there are several ways to style your undercut when you part it to the side.


1. Clean Cut Side Part

 side part undercut hairstyle

It’s entirely possible that this photo comes straight from the 1930s. Okay, it probably doesn’t, but it looks like a soldier’s photograph and the side part undercut hairstyle is everything. It’s flawless, but it also proves that neat isn’t boring.

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2. With Flowers in His Hair

flower design side part undercut hair

Parting your undercut to the side gives you the opportunity to show off your personality and signature style—right on the side of your head. Ask your barber to shave a design into your hair, then keep your undercut brushed over so the whole world can see it.


3. Subtle Side Part

favorite side part undercut hair for men

If you’re not crazy about the idea of an extreme part, then just keep it simple and subtle. As you brush or comb back your hair, give it a hint of a part. Don’t style it all the way over to the side.


4. Long and Parted

 long side part undercut hairstyles

Short cuts aren’t necessary to rock a side part undercut. A long thatch of hair on top actually looks sexy and stylish when parted to the side. Hair this length means you can also wear an undercut man bun if you so desire.

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5. A Little Attitude

 side part undercut hairstyles you love

This undercut is spot-on. Anytime you’re eager to evoke a vintage vibe, steal this hairstyle. The side part has a little lift and a hint of a pompadour.

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6. Platinum Mohawk

side part undercut

A mohawk is a cool, edgy way to give an undercut a hint of a part. Shape and comb it mostly to one side, leaving the other side and your undercut in a medium or high fade. We know we’re just dying to brush our fingers on the style’s beautiful volume!


7. Pompadour Side Part

A pompadour is instantly more handsome when styled with an undercut and tapered fade. For men with thick hair that is naturally blonde, add in a few highlights to accentuate the curved lift of your part.


8. Colorful and Wavy

If you have quite a bit of hair to work with, give it a glow-up by parting it off center, then shaving in an undercut fade. This punk style is great for thick wavy hair that has dark coloring like blues and greens.


9. Coming Up Teal

It’s not often we see teal in men’s hairstyles, but when the color is applied to the right hairstyle, it catches everyone’s attention. We love the way this faux hawk features the color boldly up top, but more subtle on taper faded sides.


10. Messy Punk

undercut with side part

Looking for a more rugged, punk version of an undercut with a side part? You’ll love this version, featuring long messy hair on one side and a buzzed opposite half. Get the messy look easily with layers and finger styling.


11. Pomp with Hard Part

This pompadour is as smooth as the ocean waves. The suave style is great for men who still want a neat, professional-looking hairstyle, but with a twist that is added by the undercut and tapered fade.


12. Blonde Dreadlocks

Rapper Lil Uzi shows Black men how to rock a half dreadlock and half shaved undercut. The fade incorporates the ‘side part’ while the locs give him something to style or color up with blonde highlights.


13. Braided Side Part

side part undercut haircut

Instead of a hard part, consider using a braid to part your hair to the side. This Viking characteristic is just one impeccable detail in this dapper men’s short pompadour hairdo. 


14. Piecey Faux Hawk

One of the best ways to show off you hair’s thickness is in a faux hawk with piecey texture. This one is combed to the side and features a thin lined side part. A shadow fade undercut is most flattering for strong bone structure.


15. Blonde Brushed to Side

mens side part undercut

Men with light or pale skin tones will find their hair is suited for a light blonde haircut, such as this one where the hair is short and brushed to the side. Finger combing will do, unless you want a truly slick style.


Change doesn’t have to be huge to make a difference. Often, changing the way you style your hair lends an entirely new layer to your overall look. Your hair is there for your entertainment so play with it, experiment with it, and find a style that makes you feel like hot stuff. Who knows? A side part undercut might do the trick.