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20 Gorgeous Ombre Braids Ideas You Ought to Try

Ombre braids are a lovely option to pick if you love braids and wish to experiment with color but don’t really wish to get a permanent hair color done as of now. These braids are sassy, bright, colorful, and definitely fun to pull off! This hair trend in the industry is sure to stay in fashion for quite some time now.


Chicest Ombre Braids Styles for Women

Check out the 20 most popular braided hairstyles with colorful ombre that are taking the hair and fashion industry by the storm this season.

1. Green Ombre on Braids

green ombre braids

These braids are totally the choice for you if you like to stand out in the crowd. These box braids are done with a unique shade of green add the oomph factor to the look.

Moreover, braids are swept to one side bring out a more defined look. This way, you could even accessorize your ears with a pair of pretty earrings and add more charm to the overall look.


2. High Ponytail Braids

blue ombre braids with ponytail

Colorful box braids look great as it is. You add a hint of electric blue to it, it becomes wonderful! Once you are done braiding them in electric blue up till the end, pull them together in a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic.

To make it look more graceful, take a strand of blue ombre hair and twist it over the elastic to hide it. This is certainly the look for you if you like it bold and beautiful!


3. Red Fire Ombre

half up style with ombre braided hair

The transition from black hair to a fiery red ombre in these braids is simply ecstatic! It is elegant and classy at the same time.

To finish up the look, pull a few of these braids together and make a half ponytail out of them, securing it with a rubber band. A few beads in the braids would add to the looks and make you look even more unique and fearless.


4. Faded Grey Mixed Braids

grey ombre braids hair

Do you love the ‘salt and pepper’ type of hair looks? Well, this is just an advanced version of that.

What makes it special is the lemonade braids that start in blonde, have the middle portion in black and end in the perfect grey ombre that is a little faded. If you have got long and straight hair, this style will suit you best.


5. Honey Blonde Braids

ombre braids hair for women

This style shows a multi-sectioned head with several braids starting from the front and going till the entire length of the hair. Another great thing about this ombre braids style is the subtle shade card that it portrays.

Starting from black, shifting to a honey brown and then eventually settling to blonde hue is what makes this look so graceful and lovely. If you have got a hair length that is fairly long and are looking forward to braiding it, you have to give this style a try!


6. Pretty in Pink Ombre

If you like to keep in super girly and attractive, pink ombre hair braids are the ones you should opt for! Put your hair into these cute and sexy box braids.

Take a few of these together and pull them into a top bun on the head in a little sideways direction. Remember, the longer the hair, the thicker will be the bun. However, all styles of buns will look great with this vibrant color.


7. Copper Brown Ombre

Copper brown hair color looks great when combined with black hair. Pick the ombre in copper hue and begin braiding! Keep the braided hair in front, half-down.

The other half, clip them at the back or, pull them into a small bun for a clean look. This style can be carried off really well for both casual as well as formal occasions.


8. Side Half-Up Bun

Getting ready for a festive season or a concert? You have to give this shade a try for your braids! The beetle green is far away from neon, but still adds a hint of ultra-light and shiny appeal when combined with black hair! To top up the look, opt for a half-up look by making a high side bun.


9. Braids with Shaved Sides

If you are someone who loves the ocean waves and have believed in magic and mermaids, this blue ombre style in braids is meant for you! The different hues of blues in the braids add depth to the look. Also, keeping the hair closely trimmed on one side and sweeping the braids to one side of the head makes it more graceful.


10. Wild Orange Ombre Hair

orange ombre braided style

Hot and bright orange is definitely the new black! It is sexy, quirky and fearless, all in one! Try out this sassy medium box braid hairstyle. The braids begin in natural black and after reaching the mid part, switch to the hot and classy orange.


11. Caramel Fulani Braids 

Middle-part hairstyle really suits women with a circular or pear-shaped face. If you are one of those women and someone who likes ombre braiding her hair, give this hairstyle a try. The defined middle-part, as well as other sections, make this look very graceful and attractive.


12. Ombre in Pastel Green

This hairstyle is slightly different from the ordinary. Firstly, the pastel green hair color is what adds to its uniqueness. Secondly, braiding some hair and leaving some hair strands wild and free completes this elegant look.


13. Pigtail Braids

These royal blue ombre plaits look gorgeous! Moreover, the geometric design at the nape undercut adds an extra dimension to the entire look. Brunette and blue together, did you ever think it would be such an amazing combination?


14. Cotton Candy Braids

Girls love cotton candies and, its color suits their hair too! If you are a bubbly type of girl who loves vibrant, you can pick these cotton candy ombre style for your braided hair. Add a few bright white beads on the black part of the hair to make the braids look more defined.


15. Classic Blonde Tree Braids

blonde ombre braids

Box braids are undoubtedly the evergreen braids and can never go out of fashion. If you feel like trying out something different but don’t really wish to go too bold or vibrant with your looks, you could give this classic style a try for the complete look.


16. Toffee Brown All-In-One Braids

Wondering why all-in-one? Well, for starters, there are multiple-sectioned braids done in the French style. Once these French-style braids come till the nape of the neck, you make them into pigtails but in Fishtail braids style.

Does it look too complicated? Well, it isn’t. It is certainly one of the best styles in this list as the toffee brown shade adds the extra charm.


17. Braids Inspired By The Red Lady

These lemonade braids that start in black and move gradually to the bright red hue look very attractive. There is a little different in this braids style as the top hair cover the tips of the remaining hair and are pinned up at the back, moving along the ear line.


18. Cornrow Braids + Curly Ends

These Fulani braids are simply sexy! The patterned top looks symmetrical and lovely. And, what sets this hairstyle apart is the fact that the braids end in medium curls, adding to a great overall appearance.


19. Braided Half Crown

brown ombre braided half crown

Crown braids look really lovely. They look like a headband around the head and add so much elegance to the entire look. This ash brown hue added to the natural color of the hair makes it look even prettier. If you like it sophisticated and rich, this is the look for you!


20. Electric Neon Braids

ombre braid hairstyle

Neon ombre hues are very attractive and most likely to be the choice for any festival! If you like to go all-out with your looks and wish to sport a hairstyle that is very bold, these braids in lime green hair are meant for you!


Ombre braids are totally chic! Buy them for yourself today and get your hands on braiding them to show-off a trendy and stylish hair look. Use the ideas shared above as your inspiration and begin today!