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What Color to Dye Over Blue Hair?

If you’ve dyed your hair blue and are ready for new hair color, you may be wondering what color can you dye hair after blue and are a little nervous about the transition. We know that once you’ve dyed your hair a fun, vibrant color like blue, transitioning to a new hair color can be a little tricky. However, it doesn’t have to be hard as long as we don’t overcomplicate things!

As a professional stylist, I’ll share the best colors to dye over blue hair so you know the options and choose the right hair color.

Best Colors to Dye Over Blue Hair

Fashion Colors

Jumping from one fashion color to another isn’t as hard as you think. Since your hair was already bleached to allow your hair to be blue, you do not need to bleach again. Simply apply the new fashion color over the blue.

If you still want to stick with a vibrant, fashion color here are the options that will work best after blue hair:

Deep Purple

Color to Dye Over Blue Hair - Purple

A deep purple dye works great over blue hair because purple is a combination of red and blue. The already blue hair will serve as a great canvas to put purple on top of. The blue will only enhance the gorgeous tones of purple.

Using a deeper purple such as an eggplant or true violet will ensure the blue is completely covered up.

Dark Green

Color to Dye Over Blue Hair - Dark Green

Just like purple, green is another great choice after blue hair because green is a combination of yellow and blue.

Again, the blue will serve as the perfect canvas to put green over. We love a darker green like forest or emerald so that the blue won’t peek through after coloring.


Color to Dye Over Blue Hair - turquoise

Turquoise is a fashion color that’s a little less common but we’d love to see more of it out in the world!

Turquoise is a beautiful combo of green and blue, the blue will only make the turquoise hair color more stunning and rich! You could also look for hair colors like jade and teal which are in the same color family.

Pro tip: When switching from blue to a new fashion color, let the blue fade out of the hair as much as possible before applying the new color. This will allow the new color to look super fresh and vibrant. Speed up the fading process by replacing your regular shampoo with a clarifying shampoo until you’re ready to color your hair.

Natural Colors

Sometimes you’re ready to ditch the funky hair and tone it down a bit. There’s nothing wrong with a natural hue! If you’re ready to get back to a more natural hair color, these are colors that will look best after blue hair:


Color to Dye Over Blue Hair - Jet Black

Black hair color is a timeless classic and with a blue base, you’ll get a true black that’s sure to turn heads. Black is also the darkest color you can be and it will have no problem covering up that blue hair color.

Having the blue underneath black hair color will also give it staying power and your hair color will go longer without fading!

Dark Cool Brown

Color to Dye Over Blue Hair - Dark Brown

You don’t have to be the darkest black hair color to cover up blue. A dark brown will also be able to cover blue! The one thing you’ll want to do in order to make sure the blue will be completely covered is to let the blue hair color fade as much as possible before applying the brown!

If the color you want is not listed above.

The hair colors that were talked about above are the easiest colors to transition to after you’ve colored your hair blue.

Of course, these aren’t the only options! When it comes to going lighter after blue hair, say you want to be a blonde or a baby pink, you will need to enlist the help of your hairstylist and be ready to go through a color correction.

The blue will most likely need to be lifted out of the hair using bleach and will be a multi-step process. If you’re thinking this is the route you’d like to take, book a consultation with your stylist!

Quick Facts

  • You have many options for different hair colors after coloring your hair blue
  • You can opt for another fun, fashion color or something more natural
  • Darker colors will be the best option when coloring over blue
  • If you want lighter hair you’ll need to see a stylist for a color correction