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10 Modern Blonde Hairstyles with Blue Tips

Dip dye is making a huge comeback this year, and blonde hair with blue tips is at the top of our list. While blue is not the most common hair color, this vibrant shade can make your dull blonde hair look more vibrant and extra stylish.

To determine which type of blue shade works well with blonde hair, check out our ideas for the best blonde hair with blue tips below.

What You Need to Know Before Dyeing Your Tips Blue?

But before you decide to dye your tips blue, here are some things you should understand first:

Fades Fast

Just like red hair color, blue is also short-lived and it will turn into a lighter shade (teal or turquoise) in just a few months. If you wish to extend its life, it’s best that you use a color-safe shampoo and a color-depositing conditioner.

High Maintenance

Since it fades fast, you’ll have to go in for touchups every two months.

Blue Dye Bleeds

Blue dyes are highly pigmented. While this quality is useful in keeping the hair color as vibrant as possible, it also comes with one- bleeding.

During the first few days after dyeing your hair, dye will get everywhere- in your bath towel, sink, shower, and even your beds and pillows.

Blissful Blonde Hair Ideas with Blue Tips

Now that we’ve got the niceties of blue tips out of the way, let’s check out the best ideas for blonde hair with blue tips below:

1. Straight Blonde and Light Blue

blonde fine hair with blue tips

Straight and long hair doesn’t have to be boring. If you don’t want to play with hairstyles, you can always experiment with colors!

For a warmer shade of blonde, the best pairing would be a pastel or lighter shade of blue instead of the vibrant ones.

2. Strawberry Blonde to Blue Ombre

wavy blonde bob with blue tips

Why stick with one shade of blue when you can enjoy a spectrum of colors at your tips?

To make your strawberry blonde hair look extra fabulous, go for an ombre-style hair color featuring a blend of cobalt blue and turquoise on your tips.

3. Middle-Part Lob + Dark Roots

middle part blonde hair with blue tips

Why settle with just two colors when you can get them all? The dark blue tips added a stylish touch to your creamy blonde bob.

On the other hand, the dark roots make the blonde hair look more natural and beautiful.

4. Creamy Blonde Curtain Bangs + Dark Blue Tips

blonde curtain bangs with blue tips

Do you want to take your curtain bangs to a whole new level? Add blue tips to it!

The colored tips will make the bangs stand out. Not only that, the blue hair strips also emphasize the wispy effects of the bangs and maximize their face-slimming benefits.

5. Sandy Blonde + Dark Blue Tips

long blonde hair with blue tips

Here’s another great way to style your blue tips. Instead of just coloring the tips in an even length, try dyeing them in varying lengths to really show off the combination of blonde and blue hair colors.

This will give your hair that sunkissed appearance that looks amazing with your sandy blonde hair.

6. Ash Blonde Hair + Pastel Blue Tips

blonde hair with blue tips and bangs

While blue and blonde are always a winning combination, it’s still a must that you choose your blue shade wisely. As a rule of thumb, icy hair colors go well together. So if you have ash blonde hair, a pastel blue dye is the best option for your tips.

7. Shades of Blue Tips

blonde hair with dark blue tips

Do you have an almost-white blonde hair color? If so, it’s the perfect canvass for different shades of blue.

Start off with a lighter shade of blue and go darker as you reach the tips of your hair. It will create an eye-catching graduated effect that will surely make heads turn.

8. Blonde Loose Curls with Blue Peekaboo

blonde loose curls with blue tips

Without a doubt, blue peekaboo tips will make your blonde hair stand out. But if you want to showcase your hair in the best way possible, curl your hair!

The curls will definitely add movement and bounce to your hair and will show off your tips at the best angle.

9. Ash Blonde Pixie with Blue Highlights

short blonde hair with blue tips

You don’t need to have long hair just to enjoy beautiful blonde hair with blue tips. You can enjoy it with a pixie cut too. The key is to dye only just the ends so it won’t overpower your blonde hair.

10. Icy Blonde Hair + Pastel Blue Dip

ice blonde hair with blue tips

If you want a subtle yet stylish look, this blonde blunt bob is the hairstyle to cop! Since they are both on the ashy side of the spectrum, the pastel blue shade perfectly complements the hair’s icy blonde shade.

Adding blue tips is the most subtle and easiest way to update your blonde hair. But of course, make sure to choose the right shade of blue and keep in mind the few things about blue hair dye we’ve shared with you to ensure that your blonde hair with blue tips will look as fabulous as ever.

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