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Here’s Why Your Hair Won’t Hold A Curl – Simple Fix

Most of the time, styling your hair may not be difficult, but when it comes to your hair holding a curl, you may run into a lack of cooperation. While you may not have control over some of the causes that lead to a curl not holding, such as texture, there are many things you do have control over.  Figuring out why your curls aren’t holding is the first step in getting your hair to hold curls.

You may feel your hair doesn’t have a chance to obtain beautiful curls that will last, but don’t judge your hair too soon; it may be the furthest thing from the truth.

how to make hair to hold a curl

Many people have struggled overtime trying to figure out the reason for their curling problems, and in this article, we will provide you with some of the top reasons your hair won’t hold a curl. Obtaining the curl may be the easy part; it’s the holding that is genuinely difficult.

What good is beautifully curled hair when it’s just going to fall flat by the time you arrive at your destination? So, why is your hair not holding a curl?


Top Reasons Your Hair Isn’t Holding a Curl

You may often curl your hair without thinking about the extra measures you need to take to retain a curl. In most cases, merely curling your hair is not enough. Creating a hair curling routine will help you know what’s working and what’s not while figuring out how to maintain the most beautiful curls.

So here are some reasons your hair may not be holding your curls.

Damaged Hair

dry damaged hair

Dry and brittle hair can be a significant contributing factor to your hair not holding curls. Several reasons can cause hair damage to occur, such as poor hair care routines or too much heat from curling or straightening your hair too often.

You must have a healthy texture for your curls to last. It is essential to keep hair moisturized and the ends clipped to achieve long-lasting curls.


Hair Too Oily

While it is important to maintain a healthy amount of moisture in your hair, too much of it can be the reason for your falling curls. Oils and leave-in conditioners can be too heavy for curling styles seeing how they’ll just weigh your hair down, which doesn’t give your curls a chance to shine.

Before curling, try to hold off on the oily products and allow your natural oils to maintain your hair moisture. It is also important to incorporate a curl setting spray to protect your hair from heat while also supporting your curls.


Not Sectioning Properly

Sectioning is very important in the hair curling process. When hair is sectioned correctly, this will ensure that your curl pattern is even while maintaining a curl. Sections too large can lead to a more wavy look, while smaller sections may lead to tighter curls.

Don’t rush when sectioning your hair; find the right amount of hair that is fit to hold a curl, and maintain that amount throughout the hair curling process.


Wrong Curling Tool

best curling iron to hold a curl

Not all curling irons are fit for your hair length or texture. Finding the correct tool that is made for your hair type is essential in obtaining long-lasting curls. Iron barrel sizes vary, and there is a  very legit reason behind this.

Larger barrels create larger curls, which could be the reason for your curls dropping quicker than you’d like. At the same time, smaller curls will stay tighter, longer. Be sure to choose your barrel size according to how tight you want your curls.


Not Properly Blow Dried

If you are blow-drying and curling your hair in the same bathroom, you just took a shower in, this may not be the best decision, especially if you’re trying to have lasting curls. Humidity usually comes with showers, but it is the worst enemy of a long-lasting curl.

You’ll find yourself re-curling the same section over and over again if you are not in a different room with less humidity.


No Layers

why your curl are not holding

If your hair is even all around, this may not be ideal for obtaining long-lasting curls. Layers in your hair will help your curls lay and stay. In contrast, hair with no layers can lead to curls weighing down on each other, causing curls to flatten sooner than expected.

If your hair is not all one length, most times, you can expect beautiful curls full of volume, especially if you’re following other hair curling suggestions.


Final Thoughts

While these are some of the main reasons your hair may not hold a curl, other small reasons may cause curling issues (i.e., you’re not allowing curls to cool before touching). It is good to use a trial and error system until you find your best method for curling your hair.

Don’t convenience yourself with untrue statements like “my hair won’t hold a curl”. The fact is, you probably just haven’t found the right routine yet.