55 Quick and Easy Short Weave Hairstyles

Many women turn to hair extensions only when they need a long hairstyle. However, short weave hairstyles shouldn’t be overlooked either. Short hair extensions can make a very impressive and fashionable style out of a simple haircut. A well chosen weave will add volume and length at all the right places and will allow any woman to feel like a star. Whether you’ve got a short pixie or a medium-sized bob, there is always room for improvement and a weave can do the job.

You’ve been contemplating a change, but don’t want to cut your hair short or dye it, adding a weave is a great way out. It can turn short pixies into voluminous bobs and straight bobs into wavy hairstyles. Want curls? No problem! You short haircut will become curly in no time. All you need to do is choose the right weave!


Quick Short Weave Hairstyles for Women

When you’ve got a short hairstyle, it is hard to imagine what can be done to make it look different, except for dyeing. A weave can do wonders for changing your image. Since it is complicated to come up with an idea on your own, we prepared a short list of the most interesting ways to change your style with the help of hair extensions.

The advantage of such an approach is that it is temporary, but pretty long lasting at the same time. You won’t need to dye your hair or cut it. All you will need to do is get a weave that can last up to 6 weeks without a touch-up.

Take a look at these short weave hairstyles to help make your dream come true!


1. Bob extension

weave hairstyle for black girl

Don’t like your simple bob and it takes too long to grow something more complicated? Use a weave to get an extension. You can get an amazing asymmetrical hairstyle to help you look really special. Don’t want to make highlights by dyeing? Add a highlighted hair extension on top.

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2. Curls

short quick weave hairstyles for women 2-min

Always dreamed about neat curls, but all you’ve got is a simple straight haired pixie? Get a short weave to help you sport an incredible curly bob. Make sure to take good care of these curls. Otherwise, they will lose their neat appearance.


3. High pixie

High pixie short quick weave hairstyle

Opted for an undercut but miss the voluminous look? Add some strands on top to get a real fohawk appearance. If you are bold enough to have gotten an undercut in the first place, you will definitely appreciate the wild look hair extensions will give you.


4. Wild strands

short quick weave hairstyles for women 4-min

Asymmetry is in style, so why not get some help from a short weave to sport it? Turn your simple bob or a pixie into a real unique hairstyle by adding several strands in front and in the back. This original appearance will surely score you some points.


5. Add some red

hair weave haircut for black girl

Weave hairstyles don’t have to be long. Check out these weave bob haircuts. For many years women have been enjoying differently dyed locks with the help of hair extensions. Want to add some color to your natural locks? Get a bright short weave on top. Go for wild colors you would have never allowed yourself to get with a dye.

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6. Lift it up

short quick weave hairstyles for women 6-min

If the only way to get some volume to your hair used to be a complicated styling process, a weave will save your day. Add some strands to your bob to get some volume on top. Your hairstyle will look amazing. Think about getting different colors to make an ombre.


7. Straight and neat

balck women Straight and neat weave haircut for

If the problem of curly and unruly hair is much too familiar, then you can use the weave to make your mane straight. Attach hair extensions on top of your pixie to get a very neat and starlight look. Remember, keeping such weave hairstyle intact will require some work.


8. Stacked bob

short quick weave hairstyles for women 8-min

Always wanted a stacked bob, but there is nothing to stack? No problem! Your fine hair will get help from a weave. Strands are carefully attached in the back to make a real stacked bob impression. You will surely love it!


9. Bangs

natural hair weave hairstyle for young girl

Sexy eye reaching bangs might be a hassle to grow. That’s where hair extensions come in. A real professional hairstylist will not have any trouble attaching a weave to make your bangs as long as you wish. Now you’ve got them, flaunt them!


10. Quick Fix

short quick weave hairstyles for women 10-min

Hate your short haircut? There is always a way out. Find a new hairstylist and ask him or her for a weave hairstyle. Many women wait for months for their hair to grow back. You can get the problem fixed in a matter of minutes by attaching the right short weave.


11. A-line bob

A-line bob haircut with weave hair

Hair extensions can help you turn a simple pixie or a short bob into an A-line bob your friends will envy. Don’t wait for the hair to grow, get to your salon and attach hair extension in front. Make them as long as you wish!


12. Long strands

short quick weave hairstyles for women 12-min

If your hairstyle is too short for your preferences and you want some long strands in front, the weave can help you do just that. Any short bob will benefit from long frontal strands. So, don’t wait and make that appointment. Make sure not to overdo the strand thickness.


13. Wavy bob

young women Wavy bob hairstyle for women

For a textured wavy look your thin strands might not be enough. Add some hair extensions to pump up the volume. You can even make your bangs thicker by adding some short strands in front. Enjoy your new look, but don’t forget about touch ups.


14. Go low

short quick weave hairstyles for women 14-min

If you are tired of short haircuts and weave hairstyle means long hair for you, there is no need to hold yourself. Get a long weave to help you feel special. It can always be corrected later on. Girls with long hair need to remember about maintenance.


15. Windblown pixie

Windblown pixie haircut for beautiful women

If your hair was never thick enough to make that windblown and sexy look, hair extensions will offer their help. Attach short strands on top to make the pixie look more voluminous. You can now ruffle your hair and go out to conquer the world!


16. Highlights

short quick weave hairstyles for women 16-min

Want to have your cake and eat it too? Get hair extensions with highlights. You will not only add some much-needed volume to your fine hair, but you will also enjoy a color change with well chosen strands. Don’t pass this opportunity by!


17. The longer, the prettier

long pretty hair weave hair cut for women

Some girls can’t stay with short hair too long. They start missing their locks very quickly. Hair extensions will help turn your short bob or even pixie into a long and impressive mane. Just don’t forget to get a regular touch up.


18. Enjoy creativity

short quick weave hairstyles for women 18-min

Sometimes weave hairstyles will allow you to get really creative. Simple short haircuts are trendy but there is just nothing unique about them. This particular hairstyle is not hard to make and easy to maintain while looking really impressive.


19. Wispy bangs

all time favorite Wispy bangs haircut for black girl

Using a short weave to create stylish bangs is a very popular way to change your hairstyle. If you are not ready to cut your hair to make bangs, try hair extensions first. They will allow you to get an idea of how well you will look with a fringe.


20. Wild ends

short quick weave hairstyles for women 20-min

A weave can add a unique flair to your hairstyle by making long and wispy ends. Your bob will get a new life after you attach these incredible wispy strands on the bottom. You will immediately get a more romantic and even sexy look.


21. Fun bun

weave hairstyle for cute girl

Always dreamed about long hair, but were never ready for the hassle? Get a high bun. It will make an impression of a long hairstyle while keeping the maintenance to a minimum. Surprise your friends with this short weave hairstyle!


22. Medium length bob

short quick weave hairstyles for women 22 - Copy-min

Turn your short bob into a medium length hairstyle by adding some strands on the sides and the back. If you want an A-line bob, add the strands in front only. In any case, your hairstyle will change dramatically without much effort.


23. Go asymmetrical

asymmetrical hair weave for nice women

Asymmetry is very trendy nowadays and hair extensions are perfect for making it. You can choose whatever haircut you like, from an asymmetrical bob to a combed over undercut. Add more hair on one side and your stylish look is ready.


24. Pump up the volume

short quick weave hairstyles for women 24 - Copy-min

Your stacked bob doesn’t look too voluminous? Pump up the volume to make it look really stacked. Add some highlights to make your appearance truly stylish. Highlighted short weave is a great way to change your image without much hassle.


25. Extend it

young girl hair weave hairstyle

Women often become unsatisfied with their haircut right after getting out of that barber’s chair. A weave can save your bob by extending the length a little bit. The advantage is that it can be changed in no time!
































Hair extensions are designed to extend your hair. They do a perfect job on short hairstyles as well as on the long ones. If you are not satisfied with your length or volume, extending your hair might to the trick. Give a short weave hairstyle a try!