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55 Hottest Weave Bobs to Upgrade Your Look

Weaves are known to all for its stunning hairstyle transformation capabilities. Not all women have the courage to make radical transitions, and for these situations, weave bob hairstyles are exactly what you need.

Whether you want to see how you would look with a bob haircut or just want to extend your locks, the bob with weave might be the answer for you! To pull off an outstanding bob hairstyle using a weave, scroll down and discover the most stunning hairstyling examples for this hairdo!

#1. Side Parted Weave Bob

To make this weave bob hairstyle look as natural as possible, use some moisturizer to give those baby hair strands a beautiful shape. Toss the bangs on one side and cut the hair in an angled bob haircut.


#2. Middle Part

Bob Weave with Middle Part

Braid your hair into protective knits and choose your favorite weave. Part your natural hair in two, in the middle of the head, and attach the extensions. Make sure to cover the sewing with your own locks.


Quick Weave Bobs


#3. Weave Bob for Dark Skin

Black Weave Bob

An asymmetrical weave bob can be a tremendous change for you! Keep the hair longer on one side and toss the bangs in the same direction. On the other part, flip the hair over the ears. To obtain that perfect look, choose a weave that is made from natural hair and straighten the locks using an iron.


#4. Blonde

Switching to the blonde side when you have naturally black hair it’s not easy at all. It takes a lot of visits to the hair salon, and you will probably damage the hair. The best option is hair extensions that feature a gorgeous blonde shade. This way, you’ll get the weave bob hairstyle you always wanted.


#5. Weave Bob for Straight Hair

Straight Bob Weave

When you have short hair and crave for longer strands, buy yourself a weave and get ready to look fabulous! Create a middle part, attach the weave and use your natural hair to hide the areas where the extensions are glued or sewed in.


#6. RedRed Bob Weave

Not bold enough to put your hair through such a radical and permanent change? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get a fantastic red weave bob in a very convenient way. Your hair will look thicker, with more dimension and no toxic hair dye.


#7. Bob Ponytail with Weave

Bob Ponytail with Weave

Pin all your top hair up in a half ponytail and use some hair extensions if you want to enrich the pony or the remaining hair. The weave will help in getting all that stunning volume and the hair will obtain a particular shine.


#8. Messy Bob with Weave

Messy Bob with Weave

It’s not imperative to use weaves for the whole head! You can get them only to create electric highlights and hairdos like this bob with bangs, weaves, and stunning yellow, vivid shades.


#9. Ombre

Ombre Bob Weave

Nowadays, it’s so easy to style an ombre weave bob that’ll gorgeously frame your facial features. Create a middle part and use the baby hair to style waves on the forehead.


#10. Blue

Blue Colored Bob Weave

To obtain this electric blue hair color, you need to make a radical change that most women are not ready to do. A weave can easily solve this problem, especially because it’s simple to attach, doesn’t ruin your hair and it’s also easy to remove and get back to your old times look. 


#11. Burgundy

Burgundy Weave Bob

Baby forehead hair makes any hair extension adding look natural. Get yourself a burgundy weave and attach it to the protective hairstyles. Create a middle part and use a straightening iron to make the hair look flawless.


#12. Crimped

Crimped Bob Weave

Crimped hair is back in trends, and there are so many ways to make it look fantastic. Attach the weave by sticking it on the hair and use your natural locks to cover the glued roots. The mane will have texture, shine, and so much dimension.


#13. Pink + Weave Bob

Pink Bob Weave

Dye your top hair and bangs in fuchsia shades and use the weave only to make this bob look more voluminous. Layer the hair, and your mane will be thick and textured, beautifully framing your face!


#14. Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Weave Bob

Style feathered bangs that are longer on one side. Make a wave for the fringe but keep the rest of the hair straightened with a heated brush. The part must be on one side and your natural hair should be able to hide the weave beautifully.


#15. Copper Bob Weave

Copper Bob Weave

If you don’t want to shorten the hair to obtain this stunning ginger weave bob hairstyle, create protective knits and sew the extensions on them. Cut the hair blunt and use your natural fringe to style the curtain bangs.


#16. Highlights and Lowlights

bob weave hairstyle for black women

You can give your hairstyle more texture and depth by adding complementary highlights and lowlights. Colors that complement your naturally shade can also help your hair to look like it has more sheen.


#17. Pixie Weave

weave bob hairstyles 2-min

A pixie weave looks great if you have smaller facial features. For extra Hollywood glamour, keep your style much shorter at the back than it is at the front.

Short pixie haircuts


#18. Bob with weave Bangs

Heavy Bangs weave bob hair style for young girl

Heavy bangs look perfect with a bob style. For a really eye-catching look, team blunt bangs up with dark eye makeup. This is great if you have striking eyes.


#19. Short Bob Weave

weave bob hairstyles 4-min

A longer front section is perfect for framing your face, whilst a shorter back will help to give the superstar style. The style looks best with bangs.


#20. Arched Fringe

bob marley hair weave haircuts for women

An arched fringe follows the natural curve of your face. It looks really good on a chin-length weave bob with a blunt cut.

Fringe Bangs for Classy Women


#21. Wavy Long Bob

Wavy Long Bob hairstyle for beautiful women

If you have a thicker style, a long bob might look really good. Tight waves look really beautiful as part of a casual style and as part of a glamorous ‘do which would be great for formal events.


#22. Sleek WeavyeBob
weave bob hairstyles 7-min

If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to have a hair out of place, then a sleek bob is the perfect choice for you. Using heat serum and straighteners will help to give you a perfect look, but make sure your weave can take the heat before you use them.


#23. Loose Waves

weave bob haircut you like

Very loose waves look beautiful in a bob style. To create waves, you can put your hair into curlers, and then brush through it without putting any hair spray in at all. This will leave you with very loose waves.

Different bob cuts trending right now


#24. Red Alert

color bob wavy haircuts for women

Red highlights or lowlights look subtle yet quirky in a darker hairstyle. The colour looks better in dark brown or black hair than it does in blonder weave bob colours.


#25. Asymetrical Bob

women Asymetrical weave bob hairstyles

Just because you have chosen a bob style, doesn’t mean that you have to have something symmetrical. Keep your hair chin length at one side, but drop it down to your collarbone at the other side.


#26. Diagonal Parting

weave bob hairstyles 11-min

If you have thinner hair, a diagonal parting can actually help to give your hair more volume. The diagonal parting helps to lift the hair from the roots.


#27. Purple Reign

Purple color bob marley hair weave for women

Black hair can look amazing when it is mixed with purple colouration. Try an ombre style where the purple colour gradually fades into black towards the roots of your hair.


#28. Tousled Light Curls

weave bob hairstyles 13-min

Tousled light curls offer a great way to get volume into your hair. To get a tousled look, shape your hair with curlers and spray once you take the hair out. To give your hair a tousled look, run your fingers through your hair a couple of times only.


#29. Short Pixie Bob with Heavy Fringe

Short Pixie Bob weave bob haircut for teen age girl

Even if you have a weave, you can still choose to have a much shorter style. This thick weave bob can look amazing if it is lightly tousled and then fixed with a small amount of styling gel.


#30. Green with Envy

weave bob hairstyles 16-min

This amazing colour is a really eye-catching choice if you have a weave bob. This type of shade looks like it is black until it catches the light and you notice flashes of green as well.


#31. Red Tips

beautiful bob hair weaves for cute girl

If you do decide to get red dye put in your hair, you don’t have to colour it all of the way through. Dye your hair red at the tips, but leave the weave bob black at the roots.


#32. Quiff Fringe

weave bob hairstyles 18-min

Create a retro hairstyle by teasing your fringe up into a quiff and then hold it in place using a little bit of styling gel. This creates a really androgenous look which will get you the right kinds of attention.


#33. The Blues

blue weave bob haircolor for women

For an amazing en pointe bob hairstyle, cut your hair into an assymetrical bob, and then add some blue highlights. The blue will help to give your hair a funky new look.


#34. Rolled Fringe

weave bob hairstyles 20-min

A rolled fringe is reminiscent of a 40’s pinup girl style. You can actually team a rolled fringe up with lots of different weave bob looks to give yourself a little touch of retro glamour.


#35. Blunt Bob with Weave

Blunt bob hair wavy haircut

A blunt cut might look quite severe, but if you team it up with the right fashion choices you can create a look that is really edgy instead. Keep your hair smooth to give it a real sheen.


#36. Curly Bob

Curly black bobs weave hairstyle for women

Big curls give your bob width rather than length. Controlled curls can help to create a bob which is reminiscent of the big styles which were popular in the 70s and 80s.


#37. Blunt but Wispy

weave bob hairstyles 23-min

If you want a blunt cut, but you want to look less severe, you can try adding a little wispiness to your hair. Get your stylist to make a few choices cuts to feather out your hair.


#38. Scruffy Bob

Scruffy Bob haircuts for asian women

This weave bob looks a little bit messy on purpose. Make choppy cuts to the end of your hair to give is variable length and then run your fingers through it to give it a slightly tousled look.


#39. Spiral Curls

weave bob hairstyles 25-min

Wrap your hair around the length of your curling tongs to create long, spiral curls. This look is an amazing style to wear to your next big event.


#40. Voluminous Waves

cute weave bob hairstyle for girl

Volume can be achieved by brushing upwards from the roots. Get a loose wave of scrunching product through fistfuls of hair whilst you blow-dry it.


#41. Side-swept Fringe

weave bob hairstyles 27-min

Put in a side parting and then sweep your fringe over from one side to the other. This will help to keep your hair out of your eyes, as well as giving your style a touch of class.


#42. Sleek Bob with a tail

women best Sleek Bob wavy haircut

For a funky twist, have one long section coming out of the back of your bob. Keep the rest of your style with a blunt cut.


#43. Thick Bob

weave bob hairstyles 30-min

A thick weave looks really good in a bob style. A little bit of layering at the bottom of your bob can help to give your hair more shape.


#44. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy bob wavy hairstyle for women

Cut a lot of layers into your weave to create a shaggy bob. Run a little bit of styling product through your hair to create a slightly messy tousled look.


#45. Face Framing Layersweave bob hairstyles 32-min

Cutting layers into your hair will help to frame your face. For the best effect, cut to chin length at the front and make gradually longer cuts as you go further back.


#46. Pageboy bob

weave bob hairstyles 33-min

If you still want to keep your hair relatively short then you might want to consider a Pageboy style. This weave bob style looks particularly cute if you have very delicate facial features.


#47. Sleek Layered Bob with Highlights

Sleek Layered Bob hairstyle for black teen age girl

Even if you have a sleek bob, you can still give your hairstyle the appearance of texture and depth by using highlights and lowlights to change the look of your hair. Layering will also help to create texture and depth, whilst the sleek look maintains your shine.


#48. Textured Short Bob

Short Textured hairstyle for women

A chin-length bob can look really beautiful when you have given a little bit of texture to the style. You can use a diffuser attachment whilst blow-drying your hair to help to create this type of texture.


#49. Beach Hair

sweet girl bob weave hairstyle

This style of hair is the perfect choice if you want to look like a boho beach babe. The shading and texture make the style look sun-kissed and like you have just stepped out of the sea.


#50. Flyaway Locks

weave bob hairstyles 37-min

Flyaway locks are one of the names given to hair which is intentionally left looking slightly messy. This type of style is great if you want to create a look that appears as though you have not tried too hard!


#51. Long Bob with Heavy Bangs

Long Bob weave haircuts for cute girl

This long weave bob is a high fashion hairstyle for those who want to look like they are a top model. Have a longer cut around your face and then make gradually shorter cuts as your hair gets further back to create an amazing weave bob style.


#52. Voluminous Bob

weave bob hairstyles 40-min

This style looks thick and lush. Even if you have a thinner weave, you can create artificial volume by brushing upwards from the roots. You can also give the illusion of volume with the clever use of highlights and lowlights.


#53. Corkscrew Curls

women best curly black bob hairstyle

Whilst you are waiting for your natural hair to grow, you can put in a weave bob with natural looking corkscrew curls. This look is a great choice for showing cultural pride.


#54. Tight Curls


If you do not want corkscrew curls, you can still wear your hair in beautiful tight curls. This is a glamorous hairstyle which is ideal for a night out on the town


#55. Weave Bob with Voluminous Fringe

balck girl Weave Bob hairstyle

Put aside parting into your weave bob and then brush hair towards the front to create a gorgeous fringe. Brushing forwards from the base will help to give your fringe extra volume for a really glamorous hairstyle that can also be worn for every day.


If you get a weave, you can have any style that you want as long as you are prepared to wait for it to be sewn in. This means that you have literally thousands of different options available to you. This list has shown you 55 of the best options for a bob style. Speak to your stylist and they will help to give you the weave bob that you have always dreamed of.