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10 Work-Appropriate Hairstyles to Pair With Hats

Hats are perfect for upgrading your look. They are, in fact, a lifesaver when it comes to protecting oneself from the sun or hiding a greasy scalp. But it can be tricky to find an ideal hairstyle that accentuates your hat rather than clashes with it, especially if you have to wear one to your workplace every single day.

No lady would prefer to assemble their mane in the same boring way day after day, and that’s why we have brought the most suitable hairstyles to wear with a hat for work. There are more options than you think!

Hat and Hairstyle Combos for a Chic Work Look

There are many different types of hats you can try and so is the case with the hairstyles to go with the headgear. The following list has some of the best combinations to experiment with.

1. Blunt Lob + Hollywood Waves

hairstyle with hat for work

Shoulder-grazing lobs are an ideal low-maintenance hairstyle to wear with a hat at work for office-going gals who are always in a hurry.

Stand out from the rest with Hollywood-style waves. Toss on a chic newsboy hat with oversized specs and see eyes pop along your way.

2. Blonde Ombre Bob

medium length hairstyle with hat for work

Styling your hair daily early in the morning is a big no, especially for all the latecomers out there.

Opt for a straight bob with a barely-there side fringe and try a natural-looking blonde ombre hair color that’ll look even better once those dark roots grow out!

3. Flirty Side Bun

bun hairstyle with hat for work

Ladies who need to tuck their locks neatly away from the face and eyes when at work can still look like a hot babe with this sexy side bun.

Winged eyes, bright red lips, and an oversized floppy hat are all you need to complete your flirty appeal.

4. Voluminous Curly Pixie

short curly hairstyle with hat at work

Put those untamed curls on full display with a sassy pixie featuring short sides and back with a long top and bouncy bangs at the front.

The trick lies in tilting the fedora cap away from the face towards the back to prevent it from hiding that curly mess of yours!

5. Barely-There Beach Waves

hairstyle for black women with hat at work

Well, this can be controversial for many as it doesn’t seem like a work-appropriate hairstyle and hat combination. If your office gives you the freedom to wear anything, this will be a bold look, for sure.

The loose tresses dancing with the wind always appear exceptional when paired with the appropriate headgear.

Avoid a flat look by adding loose waves and brushing them out to end up with a barely-there texture that won’t be overlooked. The jumbo hat paired with a formal suit is a must-try too!

6. Side Bangs with Bouncy Curls

hairstyle with hat at work

Turn around heads by transforming yourself into a hot cowgirl when going to work and you won’t regret it.

Couple long straight side-swept bangs with some bouncy curls and nude makeup. Put on your best cowboy hat and call it a day! Not an ordinary hairstyle with a hat look of course!

7. The French Bob

older women hairstyle with hat for work

Achieve a magical Parisian charm by chopping all that hair into a blunt chin-length bob. Balance it out with feathered bangs grazing the eyes and bring them under the spotlight with a bright-colored cartwheel hat.

You can also add curls or opt for an angled haircut instead.

8. Layered Auburn Coils

curly hairstyle with hat for work

Maintain a messy yet sexy appeal when wearing a hat at work by asking the hairstylist to cut layers into that curly mane causing the coils to frame the face all along.

A fresh auburn hair dye coupled with a stylish Trilby hat isn’t something you could say no to!

9. Braided Ponytail

ponytail with hat for work

Keeping hair on the loose is not an option for women working out in the fields. Well, here’s a simple hairstyle to wear with a hat at work.

Braid down your ponytail, pull it through the opening at the back of your baseball cap, and call it a day. Easy breezy!

10. Cute Pigtails

braided pigtails with hat for work

How about two ponytails instead of one? Experiment with cute pigtails regardless of your hair length and texture.

Go for French/Dutch braids to safely keep away even the shortest strands and top off the look with a bucket hat. Done!

Keeping hair neatly tucked away is probably the number one preference of many women when looking up hairstyles to wear with a hat at work. There’s obviously no harm in switching between ponytails, braids, buns, and loose tresses to appear different each day. Do whatever suits you best!