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16 Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces Over 50

Women over 50 with a heart-shaped face can amazingly pull off pretty much any haircut. But when it comes to finding a suitable hairstyle, each face shape comes with its own guidelines.

Since a heart-shaped face is wider across the top than the bottom, you won’t see many hairstyles with short bangs that go straight across the forehead.

Instead, you’ll see lots of long layers, side parts, lobs, and chin-length bobs. Pay attention to these and think about how you can put your own spin on the look!

So, keeping these things in mind we have created a list of haircuts and styles for women over 50 with heart-shaped faces.

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Heart-Shaped Faces

These 16 hairstyles will beautifully flatter any woman over 50 with a heart-shaped face.

1. Short Wavy Hair with Teased Crown

short brunette hairstyle for heart shaped face over 50

A partial side part is very flattering for a heart-shaped face woman over 50. Comb the rest of your short hair directly back and tease the crown for some volume. Short layers will help wavy texture lie perfectly.

2. Combed Back Curly Lob

curly hairstyle for heart shaped face over 50

Lobs are stunning no matter what age you are, so consider one for your very curly hair. Use your fingers to brush the hair back away from your face, no special parting is needed.

3. Straight Bob with Highlights

bob haircut for heart shaped face over 50

Are you a straight-haired woman over 50? Then this short bob haircut will perfectly balance your heart-face shape.

Rock a middle-parted bob and add a few blonde highlights throughout. Whether you’re a brunette or blonde, the highlights will brighten up your complexion beautifully.

4. Long Low Ponytail

ponytail for heart shaped face over 50

For heart-shaped face women over 50 who love long hair, a low ponytail is soft and easy on the eyes. Gather your long hair loosely at the nape of your neck, letting a side bang lie softly at the temple.

5. Long Blonde Lob

long blonde bob for heart shaped face over 50

Many women choose to lighten their hair as they near 50, rightly so. A brighter hair color suits aging skin and is fantastic on a chic hairdo, such as a lob parted at the side.

6. Natural Short Afro

hairstyle for black women with heart shaped face over 50

Black women with heart-shaped faces often choose to give their hair a break from the chemicals. If that’s you, consider a very short afro, which is low maintenance and a trendy protective style.

7. Ombre Hair with Long Bangs

ombre hair for heart shaped face over 50

Between the face-framing layers of this gorgeous long hairstyle, the flattering long bangs, and the ombre coloring, there’s no reason for older women not to consider it!

8. Red Layered Pixie

red pixie for heart shaped face over 50

A pixie is adorable on women who wear glasses. Whether you’re a natural redhead or not, this short layered hairdo parted off-center is very sexy with a matching red lip.

9. Wavy Bob for Asian Women

hairstyle for Asian women with heart shaped face over 50

Asian women typically have naturally straight hair, which might seem like a pain to style. But to flatter a heart-shaped face, all you have to do is opt for a shoulder-grazing haircut with curly ends.

10. Pixie Pompadour

short hairstyle for heart shaped face over 50

A pixie cut with major volume up front, also called a pixie pompadour, nicely complements a heart-shaped face. Women over 50 with white or graying hair will appreciate how the bold style shows off your new color.

11. Low Side Braid

braid for heart shaped face over 50

Another easy low-maintenance hairstyle for women with long hair and a heart-shaped face is the beloved low-side braid. Part your hair heavily off-center to thicken up your braid.

12. Updo for Natural Black Curly Hair

curly updo for heart shaped face over 50

Heading somewhere fancy and need a stunning hairstyle to match? Sweep short, curly hair up and off the face with an elastic headband. Smooth flyaways with a little hair gel.

13. Layered Blonde Bob

layered bob hair for heart shaped face over 50

Call it the older version of Marilyn Monroe’s classic blonde bob. This wavy layered short haircut with side bangs is sublime on women with a heart-shaped face. Part it off center and use a curling wand to get the spiral curls.

14. Messy Bun Updo

updo for heart shape face over 50

Both artistic and eclectic, this messy bun updo is a great hairstyle choice for women over 50 with long hair. Keep it soft with your glasses by leaving large tendrils loose along the face.

15. Bob with Angled bangs

bangs hairstyle for heart shaped face over 50

How adorable is this chin-length bob with its choppy layers? The angled bangs make all the difference for women with a wide forehead.

16. Long Layered Red Hair

long layered haircut for heart shaped face over 50

Many women over 50 choose to maintain their long hair. You can give your mane an update by adding long layers, especially around the face for framing. If you have red hair, consider adding light red highlights for dimension.

Which of these hairstyles for heart-shaped faces is your favorite? Honestly, they’re all winners and make a fine update to any look.

Remember you can personalize your haircut with added texture, contrasting hair colors, or special accessories like colorful headbands. All that matters is that you make the hairstyle your own.