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21 Perfect Medium Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces feature a broad upper part including a wide forehead and sharp cheekbones that taper into a narrow jawline and pointy chin.

And although oval faces are considered universally flattering, women with heart-shaped faces look no less. All you need is an appropriate medium hairstyle for your heart face that conceals your wide upper portion and adds some volume at the bottom highlighting your best features.

While most long and short styles work with the face shape under discussion, the following medium hairstyles for women with heart faces are perfect to achieve the ideal balance. Let’s have a quick look at all of them.

Modern Medium Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Make your twinkling eyes and killer cheekbones the center of attention by rocking a refreshing shoulder-length hairstyle for women with heart faces.

1. Shoulder-Length Layers 

thick medium hairstyle for women with heart face

As mentioned earlier, achieving the perfect balance is the ultimate objective to make your heart face truly stand out.

Opt for soft layers sitting on the shoulders to add movement and body around the lower narrow part of the face. Wear the mane loose with a simple side parting. 

2. Straight Lob 

medium hairstyle for women with heart face and big forehead

Lobs are a great medium hairstyle for women with heart-shaped faces. These long bobs have taken all other haircuts by storm and for all the right reasons too.

Get a blunt chop with soft waves and rock an off-center part to add some softness to your otherwise sharp facial outline. 

3. Big Bouncy Curls

medium curly hairstyle for women with heart shape face

Big bouncy curls with subtle layers are the best shot for curly beauties with heart faces.

Consider getting highlights or lighten down your entire mane to a sandy blonde shade that looks exceptional with medium skin tones. Sweep down the edges with a barely-there side part and done.

4. Side Flip

medium length auburn hair for women with heart face

A chic side flip is just perfect to narrow down your top part while breaking down the harshness of that narrow chin.

It will also give an instant volume boost in the case of fine tresses. Lastly, no matter what hair texture you have, layers are a must!

5. Space Buns 

medium space bun hairstyle for women with heart face

Funky and playful, space buns flatter all faces without a doubt let your heart-shaped one shine by slicking back all the hair into two high ponytails that are later wrapped around into buns.

Pull some strands loose with a zigzag part and glitter for a more festive look.

6. Vintage Victory Rolls

vintage hairstyle with medium hair for women with heart face

Adding height on top is ideal to make that broad forehead appear less wide. This look is a must-try for ladies who are more into vintage hairstyles.

Roll your center or middle-parted front chunks away from the face and pin them in place. Finish off with Hollywood waves and bold red lips.

7. Voluminous Crown, Bombshell Curls 

medium length blonde hairstyle for women with heart face

A voluminous hairstyle comes in handy when trying to conceal wider parts of the face or making its narrower portions appear broader.

Tease your crown region to achieve a volume boost on top with sexy bombshell curls on the remaining hair falling on both sides of the face.

8. Blunt Cut 

straight medium hairstyle for women with heart face

Maintain a smart look with a simple blunt haircut for the tresses to fall anywhere near the shoulders.

Flip out the ends for a subtle retro appeal and carve out a side part to add some asymmetry to the face. How about trying some bangs too? 

9. Wedding Look

wedding hairstyle with medium hair for heart face

Here’s a medium wedding hairstyle for women with heart faces who are to become brides soon.

Hide those protruding temples with a middle parting and soft waves that are subtly pinned back with some tendrils framing the face. Complete the look with an embellished headband and see jaws drop when you say ‘I do’.  

10. Rolled Updo 

pin up hairstyle with medium hair for heart face

Keep hair away from the face with a retro-chic hairdo featuring a single victory roll at the front that is swept on one side with a high chignon bun or French roll at the back. Use hairspray to make the style last all day long.

11. Teased Beehive Ponytail 

medium ponytail hairstyle for women with heart face

Even out a pointy chin and narrow jawline with a voluminous beehive ponytail. Tease the hair to achieve a dome-shaped pouf on top with a messy pony at the back.

Part your strands in the middle at the front and sweep them back to hide the sharp corners of your forehead.

12. Tousled Tresses 

medium length layered hairstyle for women with heart face

When getting a new haircut, it is best to work with your natural texture to avoid regular heat styling.

Ladies with a wavy or curly texture can try medium-length layers with a deep side part to hide their widow’s peak if present. Tease and tousle the tresses for a messy yet sexy appeal.

13. Balayage + Beach Waves 

medium length frizzy hairstyle for women with heart face

Want an instant on-the-beach look? Consider getting a choppy lob with a blonde balayage for those naturally dark roots to lighten seamlessly towards the ends.

Add beach waves or opt for a low-maintenance wavy perm that’ll last for a few weeks without much care. Simply sexy!

14. Feathered Curls 

medium hairstyle for older women with heart face

Balance out your sharp facial features with a softly feathered haircut. Feathering refers to cutting fine layers into the hair to achieve wispy ends and an overall airy look ideal for both thick and thin tresses. Throw in some highlights and finish off with a good blowout.     

15. Pink Pop

medium curly pink hairstyle for women with heart face

Women with heart faces can make a bold move this season to set their layered medium hairstyle truly on fire.

Dye the hair in the brightest hot raspberry tinge available. You can opt for any other color you like. Put on a hat with loose curls to see heads turn all around you! 

16. Pinned-Back Half-Up Style 

medium hairstyle for women with heart face over 40

Side-swept bangs narrow down a wide forehead to match a slender jawline and chin creating the subtle balance of an oval face.

Pin back your side locks to end up with a dreamy half-up half-down hairdo. Flip out the tips or keep them perfectly straight. Your call!

17. Wispy Fringe With Long Bob 

straight medium hair with bangs for heart face shape

Reese Witherspoon is a true inspiration for ladies with heart-shaped faces.

Here the actress rocked wispy bangs that are downright stunning and soft allowing the forehead to peek through. Couple them with a blunt lob to focus all the attention on your juicy cheekbones.

18. No-Part Blowout 

medium blonde hair with dark roots for heart face

A good blowout is all you need to rejuvenate your look at home. Opt for a no-part for a change and use some texturizing hairspray before brushing the mane back allowing the strands fall in place naturally all around the face. Let your dark roots shine for once without worry.

19. Top Knot Bun 

high updo with medium hair for women with heart face

Ladies who want to show off their triangular face with pride can go for a high ponytail and swirl it around into a jumbo bun sitting on top of the head.

A high bun makes your face appear longer while a chic side bun can work to make your face look effortlessly soft.

20. Layered Senegalese Twists 

medium hairstyle for black women with heart face

Senegalese twists make an ideal protective medium hairstyle for black women with heart faces. Use extensions in whatever color you like and twist two chunks around one another. Repeat all over the head and layer the twists to avoid a boring blunt look.  

21. Thick Straight Bangs 

medium hairstyle for Asian women with heart face

Heart faces are great face shapes for any kind of bangs whether talking about straight, wispy, or curtain fringes. Although Asian ladies look the cutest with thick straight bangs, you can opt for any type depending on your choice to hide that wide forehead with style.

Women with heart faces have plenty of medium hairstyles to choose from. And although there are not any strict rules to follow, try adding narrowness to the upper part of the face and fullness to the bottom chin area to balance out your overall appearance. Time to book a salon appointment!