70 Perfect Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

31. Pixie with long bangs

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 22-min

A pixie with long bangs looks great on a triangular face, if the chin is not sticking out too far. The longer the bangs are, the better the hairstyle will look. You can even go further and make them lower than your cheekbones.


32. Side bun

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 23-min

Buns look great on triangular faces, but don’t forget to make them on one side. If you create a bun in the back, it will not be visible in front and will not do its job of creating enough volume to make your face look more oval.


33. Textured mess

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 24-min

Shoulder length hair is great for girls whose face is heart shaped. However, don’t leave it straight and neat. Add some messiness to create volume, which will help your face look more oval. Play around with the bangs as well.


34. Middle part

hairstyles for heart shaped faces 25-min

If you listened to our advice and gotten long bangs, the time has come to experiment. If you don’t have a high forehead, make a middle part. It will add some much needed volume. However, opt for side swept bangs if your forehead is too large.


35. Weave

hairstyles for heart shaped faces

Want an amazing hairstyle? Get a weave. This hairstyle will look great on women with triangular face shape only if the ponytail is voluminous enough. Such incredible hair will shift all the focus away from the face.


36. Wispy ends

Wispy haircuts for heart shaped faces

Bobs with wispy ends are perfect for heart-shaped faces. They make the top part appear thinner and keep the attention away from the prominent chin. Add side swept bangs and you can get a perfect hairstyle.


37.Wavy bob

women Wavy bob haircut for heart shaped face

A short wavy bob adds volume to the bottom part of your face. You can opt for waves of any size. It’s up to you to keep the waves voluminous. This hairstyle is a great choice for women with naturally wavy locks.


38. Long bangs

women heart shaped faces Long bangs hairstyle

If you decide to wear your long hair down, you should consider creating long bangs. Short bangs or absence of them might amplify the size of your forehead. Meanwhile, if the bangs are in place, you can easily experiment with the rest of the hair.


39. Comb over

haircuts for heart shaped faces 8-min-min

If you are one of those girls who like to flaunt their fabulous heart-shaped faces, this hairstyle is for you. The top part of the hair is combed over the back in order to create a high hairstyle, which opens up the forehead.


40. Medium length wavy bob

haircuts for heart shaped faces 9-min-min

Medium length wavy bob is one of the best options for girls with heart shaped faces. The waves make the face appear more round while the bangs cover up the forehead. This hairstyle is easy to maintain too.