60 Sexiest Old School Haircuts for Men

In recent years, fashion and styling are not anymore limited to women only but the guys are also running towards the crazy new trends.

Men are also becoming aware of what looks good on them or not. Old school haircuts and hairstyles are becoming a trend again in 2021 because of their versatility.

Men mostly like stylish undercut hairstyles but combining it with a little vintage barbering style makes it even more macho.

Because of their carefree nature most men prefer to have short hair that doesn’t take all their time for styling. They want to put a little product in their hair and be good to go.

Although shoulder length hair and man buns have their popularity, still short hair gives a very neat and smart look on dudes and it comes with the bonus of trouble-free and effortless styling.


Trendy Old School Yet Sexy Haircuts for men

Hair is said to be the frame of your face. If you don’t style it properly then you won’t be able to carry your personality with confidence in public. Although old-fashioned, some old school hairstyles are durable for every season.

Check out these amazing old school haircuts for men that are easy to style and have a great strike on your entire personality.

1. Old School Middle Part Haircut

old school middle part haircut for men

The middle part is probably the most low-maintenance haircut for men, second to the crew cut. No matter your hair length, comb in a center part to be on your way to classiness. The sideburns here are longer as well, which helps in framing the face.


2. Slicked Back Old School Hairstyle

men's slick back old school hairstyle

Slicked back hairstyles are best for when you have somewhere fancy to go, such as a gala or date with your lady. This one features short sides and long top. The result is suave.


3. Old School Pompadour

old school pompadour

Prefer eccentric hairstyles? A pompadour for your luscious locks is a thrill. Using hairspray or mousse, tease the hair to get volume and pair with a blow-dryer to shape it. Keep sides short.


4. Old School Hipster Haircut

old school hipster haircut

Does your daily outfit consist of dapper ties and vests? Then an old school hipster haircut will fit right in. Give hair a deep part and smooth down both sides. A handlebar mustache will add to the character.


5. Old School Bob

old school bob haircut for guys

If you thought bobs were just for women, you’ll love the way this men’s cut pulls one over on you. Hair comes past ears and this style features a side part. If you opt for layers, they’ll create an easy fanning out of ends.


6. Old School Rockabilly Hairstyle

Men who like a little rock edge to their hairstyle will prefer this rockabilly hairdo. Just like in Grease, you can comb your hair up to the middle to create a mohawk shape, pulling front bangs forward and down over the forehead.


7. Old School Greaser Hairstyle

To get a greaser haircut, your hair should be several inches in length first for styling. A side part is needed so that the opposite side’s smooth combed back hair is noticeable. Prepare for the ladies to swoon!


8. Old School Afro Haircut

For your natural black hair, a short do with a trim beard will create a snazzy, old school feel. Buzz cut or clipper hair around the ears for a shapely style.


9. Old School Mullet

Despite its reputation, the mullet can look good! It looks best if you have thick hair and should be tamed with product for the old school vibes. While hair can come past shoulders, this one stops at the nape of the neck.


10. Old School Side Part Haircut

old school side part haircut

Again, a haircut for men with several inches of hair length: the side part haircut. Create a heavy part, making one side super short to contrast with the other’s long locks.


11. Smooth Old School Haircut

old school haircut for men

An old school hairstyle like this has major Clue vibes. Comb your hair straight back and smooth so it’s free of fly-aways. With the right beard hair, you’re a model!


12. Round Old School Haircut

men's old school haircut

It’s not quite a bowl cut because the hair is longer but the shape is still round. This style requires combing the hair straight down from the scalp to maintain an evenness.


13. Elvis Old School Haircut

With thick or thin hair, playing up your locks with product will create Elvis’ coveted hairstyle. Brush hair straight back on sides to focus all the attention on the long voluminous top.


14. Faux Hawk with a Slight Undercut

Old School Haircuts for Men 1

This haircut is one of the gems it is particularly always in a fashion never gets old while the best thing about it is that a very decent and groomed look is given out to your face. While slight shorter layers at the back can give a voluminous look to your hair.


15.  Old School Textured Cut and Blend of Highlights

men Old School Hairstyles

This old school haircut mostly suits the oval or square shaped face cut. It allows creating a puffy look above the crown area and with a little hint of highlight blended properly with your hair color creates even a classier look. The best thing about this haircut is that it doesn’t require a lot of product to style.


16. Pompadour

Old School Haircuts for Men 3

Pompadour is the best of all it looks great on almost every face cut. You can also alternate it by having a side Pompadour it will look absolutely awesome.

It is a classic haircut for men and has been in fashion for many years. The best think about Pompadour hairstyle is that it can be done with varied length and still looks great.


17. Crazy Smart Layers Cut

Old School Haircuts for Men 4

This Pompadour old school haircut has random layers in it making it extremely easy to style in no time; it even looks great if you do not want to use any product in your hair giving it a little messier look. Also, a defined arch over the ear gives it a very neat look overall.


18. Classy Faux Hawk

Old School Haircuts for Men 5

This hairstyle gives out a very tough masculine look usually suits more on the square-shaped faces. It has long length on the front while short on the back making it easy to style in limited time. An undercut on the side makes it even better. This old school haircut is also popular among black men.


19. Combed backward cuts

Combed backward old school hairstyle

This particular haircut varies in length from all sides, so when you comb it backward it gives a very clean look to your face. Creating a little highlight or low light to the cut gives it more, subtle look altogether.


20. Spikes Combo Haircut

Old School Haircuts for Men 7

The hairstyle is unique and unusual; giving the best of both worlds you can make variation only by going with spikes or just come the front back with a little use of the product and holla! You are ready to make an appearance. A little addition of highlights on the front can make it look sleek.


21. Side Parted Haircut

Old School Haircuts for Men 8

This old school hairstyle is the desired look of every man, extremely easy going, and you even do not have to use the product in your hair, if you are sensitive towards hair product then this look is for you, this cut brings out decorousness in you.


22. Curly Bangs

Old School Haircuts for Men 9

This haircut is with varied length and one of the most unique old school haircuts. If you have curls or coils naturally then this might look great on you. The crown has longer length hair making curls just above the forehead while at the back there is shorter hair to give it a small volume in the back.


23. Wild Hawk

Old School Haircuts for Men 10

Haircut only looks great when with proper time they are styled and care and this particular needs proper styling to have wild touch in it. It also has a varied length from front to back. It also has a clear white wall look on the nape and the sides giving it a very neat appearance.