12 Epic 90’s Hairstyles for Men – Distinctive Trends [2020]

Although we are way past the 90’s hairstyles, this decade seems to haunt us with throwbacks fashion of all the time. Ladies are used to stealing beauty trends from the past. But it can be very interesting when that happens with men. These fabulous hairdos are among the top distinctive 90’s hairstyles for men which are making a comeback for 2020.


Popular 90s Hairstyles for Men

If you are in the search for a fresh new mane, the ideas below are a perfect inspiration. Make sure to go through all the 12 90’s classic hairdos, most of them delivered by iconic actors.

1. Spiked & Bleached

90's spiked hairstyle for men

There was a time when spiky, super-gelled tips were a huge thing for men. All of this happened in during the last years of the 90’s decade. Celebrities opted for bold so-called frosted tips, and now this trendy look is making a comeback. You can expect to see one of the most popular 90’s hairstyles for men back on the scene again.


2. Cornrow Braids

90's hairstyle with cornrows

Men’s braids are officially back. The beloved cornrow style is once again trending after more than two decades. What started as a staple in the hip-hop and rap communities, turned out to be the most sought-after mane. These days, gents with long hair can feel free to have it done in these fabulous braids.


3. Leonardo’s Style

leonardo's 90's hairstyle

Several decades ago, young Leo was the biggest name in Hollywood. Thanks to his baby face and stunning mane, DiCaprio won over the hearts of both men and women. Gents were so crazy over his honey-blonde hairstyle, that most of them decided to grow their hair out and copy the “Leo”. It is also known as the front curtained style.


4. Tram Lines

90's men's hairstyle with tram lines

We thought this day would never come! The mega-popular men’s 90s hairstyles that featured tramlines are back in the game. You can literally decide on the location of the lines and how the rest of your haircut will look. This detail is best with a fierce fade on the side and a long, spiked top.


5. Slicked Back

90's sleeked back hairstyle

George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Leonardo DiCaprio were obsessed with slick back hair throughout the 90’s. These men’s hairstyles are perfect for long hair that is also easy to style. You will only need some hair wax or pomade and a comb.


6. Afro

African-Americans will love to hear that this 90’s hairdo is once again making headlines. Let your curls and waves be, forget about styling them. The more natural your mane is, the better. All you need to do is schedule appointments to get that round shape of the infamous afro. Products such as hair oil, styling crème, or gel can also be very helpful.


7. The Mullet

The Mullet 90's hairdo

We are not quite sure why this men’s 90’s hairstyle is making a comeback. During that decade the mullet was so huge that every boy or men tried it at least once. The Beastie Boys debuted a song called “Mullet Head” which helped this mane rise to fame. It is characterized by a shorter cut on the sides and in the front, and much longer in the back.


8. Flat Top Afro

Still a favorite among guys with kinky curls, the flat top afro is reserved for the bold. It stayed to be among the most popular 90’s hairstyles for men. Will Smith is the one who helped significantly in making this afro an iconic hairdo. The whole point is to have the sides and back super-short, while the top is high and flat.


9. Mohawk

90's hairstyle with mohwak for men

You can already see Hollywood names rocking the Mohawk in so many different ways. This versatile hairdo is so on-trend that you’ll want to try it right away. If you have long hair, it can be the change you’ve been looking for.

Unfortunately, lads with short hair will have to wait until theirs grows out. Harry Styles is the one you need to be looking at for extra inspiration. The singer kept his mane long, wavy and messy with a Mohawk.


10. The Heartthrob

Every single 90’s kid remembers the Heartthrob hairdo very well. We all saw it on TV on our favorite good-looking actors. That is actually why this haircut got the name. All the handsome teens had it during that decade.

The Heartthrob is actually a slicked back mane, with several messy strands left in the front. At that time there weren’t as many styling products available. Men mostly used gel or spray to achieve the final look. Today you can find a good water-based pomade for a more natural look.


11. Flat Top Straight

90's hairstyle with flat top

Definitely not the hairstyle you’re used to. The flat top straight mane was also one of the most popular 90’s hairstyles for men. 2019 marks the return year for a straight hair with a flat top. Most gentleman will find this do too hard to style.

It is a demanding one, so get ready to spare some extra time before going out. Just like with the afro version, the back and sides are short, while the top should be long. Find a strong hair pomade that will help your hair stay up in a perfect position.


12. Blonde Highlights


90's hairstyle with blonde highlights

Two and a half decades ago almost all men rocked long hairstyles. These days they mostly stick to short dos and the ones that are easy to style. What we love the most about the return of 90’s hair trends is that men’s haircuts are finally becoming bolder.

Thanks to the comeback, men will soon add some extra vibrant shades to their look. Blonde is the best way to go. You’ll definitely want to keep your mane longer than usual, wavy on top. Once you include the fun blonde highlights, you’ll be the coolest one around.


So many 90’s hairstyles for men are making a comeback over the decade. These 12 hairdos will be so popular in 2020, so check them out and steal some looks.