60 Sexiest Old School Haircuts for Men

24. Side Parted Undercut with Highlights

Old School Haircuts for Men 11

It suits mostly on the oval face cuts as it gives a little broader look at the face with the help of undercuts.  To give it light, sleek look you can add up highlights on the front making it look even better.


25. Long Layers

Old School Haircuts for Men 12

This cut has long layers starting from front to the back, and light undercut on the side giving out a bad boy look to whom ladies can’t help but stare. So you better not forget to style it up properly making it classier.


26. Side Parted Faux Hawk

Old School Haircuts for Men 13

Some styles never get old this is one of those classic cuts because it suits every face cut. Style it proper with a bit of product and you’re all set.


27. Crazy Wild Layers

Old School Haircuts for Men 14

This cut is a total classic smart look; with random layers cut look goes great with tan color. This style is one of the cuts that never gets old and has been an ongoing style throughout fashion history.


28. Sexy yet Subtle Old School Hair

Old School Haircuts for Men 15

Some cuts look great no matter how you style them or no matter in what time this particular style is a typical look never gets boring you don’t even need time to style it, it looks great even if you keep it as it is.


29. Sleek Combed Back Style

Old School Haircuts for Men 16

An extremely decent and neat look, without any trouble of spending time for styling. Most of the classic old-school looks that didn’t disappear through time still exist because of their easy-going look, and this is one of those looks.


30. Multi-Layered Side Hawk

Old School Haircuts for Men 17

This old school haircut mostly suits on the younger boys tends to give out a very subtle and decent look making it a perfect boyfriend look, so obviously, there’s no way that this look can ever get old sometime soon.


31. Sleek Angled Style

Old School Haircuts for Men 18

Now, this old school hairstyle is one of the looks of ladies favorites David Beckham’s style, so this has to be classic royal haircuts. It is much sleek but angled style adding up with right highlights, and styling gives out an extremely rowdy look.


32. Old School Angled Hair with Short Sides

Old School Haircuts for Men 19

Younger Boys still prefer this haircut, and this style never gets old. It brings out very civilized and innocence look. Long layers on the front with a short hair on the side and back, front layers styled to extreme diagonal looks great on every face cut.


33. Faux Hawk and Highlights

Old School Haircuts for Men 20

There are many ways styling this old school haircut and adding up highlights can make it magnanimousness, also shows off cool faded sides. If your hair is thick enough then you don’t even need to style it a lot it with look great as it is.