60 Sexiest Old School Haircuts for Men

44. Posh School Boy


The posh school boy look is one which can still look great on adult men if they know how to wear it. It is a classic style for those who think that their hair looks much better a few days after they have washed it.


45. Face-Lengthening Spikes


Make your face look longer and thinner by styling straight up spike into your hair. This is an easy hairstyle for men to do. All that you need is a little bit of hair gel and a comb.


46. Very Short Back and Side with Voluminous Top


A voluminous style on the top of your head will look even thicker and more touchable if the back and sides of your hair are stubble short. Use a beard trimmer to get your back, sides and beard to a uniform length.


47. Volume


Voluminous hair is a classic men’s hairstyle for a reason. This style looks soft and touchable, as girls will want to run their hands through it!


48. Classic Side Parting


A classic side parting look is perfect for people who want a simple and inoffensive hairstyle. Its a great choice for the beach or for the office.


49. Distressed Spikes


To give your style a little bit of rough and ready charm for the ladies, give your hair a bit of a distressed look. Run your hands through your spikes to give them a cool look.


50. Hair-Raising Cool


In many things, bigger is better. Whilst that is not always the case with hairstyles for men, this look is certainly a very appealing one. Pull your hair upwards from the roots with your hands to achieve maximum volume.


51. Signature Highlights


Highlights have been popular since the early ’90s. Add a few sun-bleached strands to set your hairstyle alight. Unique highlights will help to make your style your own.


52. Diagonal Cool


Swept back hair is a totally classic hairstyle for men, but you can add a few more modern dimensions to the look. Instead of sweeping it straight back, sweep your haircut back on a diagonal.


53. Mid-length spikes with Stubble


Stubble can give a manly edge to any old school hairstyle. Although mid-length spikes have been fashionable for a very long time, teaming your look up with a stubbly beard can give your look a modern edge.