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70s Curtain Bangs: The Ultimate Retro Revival

Curtain bangs are all the rage right now. They’re long flicked full fringes that are short in the center while elongating along the sides of the face much like curtains on a window.

They can be worn with different hair lengths and textures and are easy to maintain as they continue to create a nice frame for the face while growing out.

Although 70s bangs are all parted down in the middle, there are so many ways to wear them and we’ve just shortlisted the best ones below to help highlight your best features!

70s Curtain Bangs That Are Making a Comeback

Whether you’re looking for some high-class 70s aesthetics or want a fresh contemporary look with just a little change, these 70s curtain bangs have got you covered.

1. 70s Flipped Bob

70s bangs with short hair

Look like you’ve come straight from the 70s with an iconic flipped-out bob and fringe bangs. Opt for point layers and curl those front chunks away from the face.

Tease the crown region to achieve height on top before putting on a headband with some dramatic eyeliner.

2. Short Curtains + Beach Waves

70s curtain bangs for round face

Young ladies can turn their usual blunt bangs into short curtains framing their faces with just a little effort. Grow out the strands, part them in the middle, and trim both sides slightly at an angle.

Achieve movement with bouncy beach waves this summer and you won’t regret it.

3. Classic Updo with Bangs

updo with 70s bangs

Keep its classic with a high bun and 70’s bangs hairdo that never gets old.

Spare the fringe with some longer chunks along the sides for a soft appeal while gathering all the remaining hair high up at the back. A slight pouf on top is best to avoid a flat look.

4. Brigitte Bardot Style

70s curtain bangs for red hair

Bardot bangs are the new curtain fringes with more flair, texture, and a barely-there center parting. They are also shorter and tend to end near the corner of your eyes.

Go copper this season with chopped-up layers and set your mane on fire with a good blowout.

5. Fully Feathered Front Graduation

70s style curtain bangs

The best thing about 70s fringe is that they blend in seamlessly with the remaining hair.

Opt for feathered front layers to keep the attention on that gorgeous face with an angled snip all the way to the tips. Brush/roll the hair away from the face and voila!

6. Messy Half Updo with Swished Fringe

messy 70s bangs

Messy is sexy and you won’t be able to deny it after having a look at this hairdo.

A handful of wispy layers assembled in a half-up high bun with curtain bangs swished along both sides of the face are all you need to end up with a boho-chic appeal.  

7. Bottleneck Bangs

short bob with 70s curtain bangs

Bottleneck bobs have made a place of their own in the recent list of top hair trends.

Modern women can rock a French hairstyle with a straight chin-length bob and wispy 70s curtain bangs parted neatly down in the middle. The subtle ‘bottle’s neck’ silhouette is just what you want.

8. Dreamy Middle-Parted Lob

70s curtain bangs for straight hair

Lobs are love and so is this dreamy one! Whether growing out a bob or looking for something exceptionally stylish, a shoulder-grazing chop never disappoints.

Spice it up with medium-length angled bangs and caramel blonde highlights to steal the show wherever you go.

9. Pink Ombre Shag

shaggy 70s curtain bangs

Celebrate your womanhood with a pink ombre shag to get noticed from a distance.

Pick out your favorite tones like bubblegum and peachy pink, as depicted here, and blend them perfectly along the length. Finish off with flipped curtain bangs, some curls, and that’s it!

10. Curly Glory

70s curtain bangs for curly hair

Who said Farah Fawcett bangs are for straight hair only? They look even better when done on naturally textured tresses.

Breathe some life into those boring curls with a fresh deva haircut, delicate balayage highlights, and angled bangs concealing that wide forehead. Simply wow!

11. Laid-Back Blue Razored Tresses

70s bangs for blue hair

Experiment with a razor haircut for a no-care vibe. The end result is a heavily textured mane that looks the best when left messy.

The key lies in slicing at the right angles, especially, when it comes to the front. The electric blue hair dye is just wild!

12. Barely-There Fringe, Choppy Haircut

medium shag with 70s curtain bangs

Stay on the longer side when trying 70s curtain bangs for the first time to blend in with the remaining mane and pin them back with ease.

Pair them with an inverted bob, chopped-up layers, and some sun-kissed babylights to see heads turn along your way.

13. Easy French Twist

updo with 70s curtain bangs

Make your curtain fringe the star of the show by assembling your locks in a simple yet super chic French twist updo.

Pull the hair on one side of the head and roll it inward in a roll. Secure it in place with pins and there you go!

14. Curtain Bangs + Balayage

70s bangs with highlights

Add a touch of vibrance to an otherwise sophisticated hairstyle to turn it into a one-of-a-kind.

Keep it basic with a bob and curtain bangs but go wild on the hair color by getting a bright yellow balayage with eye-popping teal peekaboo highlights. Unique!

15. Metallic Gray Layers

70s curtain bangs with ashy blonde hair

Metallic hair colors are simply bewitching. They are super reflective, come in various shades, and make your mane look like a freshly polished coin.

Though they’re high maintenance, the effort is all worth it once you try a gray tone with soft layers and slightly off-centered curtains.

There’s no need to hesitate when getting any of the above-mentioned 70s bangs as the trend isn’t going anywhere soon this year. Moreover, you can customize them however you like and couple them with highlights, layers, ponytails, updos, and much more. Best of luck!