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23 Classy Curtain Bangs With Layers (2024 Trends)

Curtain bangs are middle-parted bangs that start short in the center and elongate towards the sides of the forehead, face-framing it all along. They can be customized by adding layers with ease depending on the face shape and hair texture.

Although these bangs go with all hair lengths, incorporating layers will help you add movement and volume to those lifeless tresses. Such hairstyles are however ideal for ladies who prefer tendrils dangling all around their face or otherwise, there’s no use.

Nonetheless, the following 23 ideas for curtain bangs with layers will give a refreshed look in no time.

Curtain Bangs with Layers

Curtain bangs are one of the most low-risk bangs and are hence worth a try! Below is our list of flattering curtain bangs hairstyles with layers you can try in 2024.

1. Medium Curtains on Layered V-Cut

straight curtain bangs with layers

Just like curtain bangs, a layered V haircut works on all hair lengths and textures. The sharp graduation on both sides ending in a pointy tip helps you achieve a chic edgy hairdo.

Opt for wispy curtains to avoid a suffocated look. Finger-brush the strands and done.

2. Messed-Up Shaggy Bob

layered hair with side part curtain bangs

Low-maintenance ladies having a slight curl in their tresses can consider getting a bob with uneven feathered layers for a shag-like appeal.

You can also hide those forehead wrinkles by sweeping the middle-parted fringes to one side for a change. Messy is sexy, isn’t it?

3. Center-Parted Fringes with Pixie

curtain bangs with layers for older women

Curtain fringes can be coupled with pixies and are suitable for those who prefer a soft appeal rather than a wild look. You can opt for cropped bangs that end near the brows or go further ahead close to the chin. Your call!

4. Bardot Bangs + Rainbow Wolf Cut

colored layered hair with curtain bangs

A wolf cut is the perfect example of flawless curtain bangs with layers that are fuller on top and thin down towards the tips.

Make a bold move and leave those Bardot bangs with a barely-there center part uncolored while adding vibrant streaks in your favorite shades midway to the ends.

5. Bottle-Neck Bangs with Tight Curls

curtain bangs for curly hair with layers

Bottle-neck bangs are a more tailored take on traditional curtain bangs. The central strands are long enough to be swooped along the sides mimicking a bottle’s neck.

Go for soft layers before adding tight curls, if not natural, and get ready to receive some praise.

6. Textured Platinum Blonde Lob

curtain bangs with choppy layers

Textured lobs with curtain fringes are still going strong and so is the platinum blonde hair shade.

Ask the hairstylist for jagged neck-length layers. Use a straightener to flip out your bangs and finish off with sexy beach waves. Dark roots will look stunning too.

7. Curtain Fringes with Earloop Highlights

curtain bangs with layers for asian women

Turn your blunt bangs into curtain fringes at home. Grow out the strands and snip them on both sides at an angle choosing the length of your liking.

For the earloop highlights, separate chunks around the ears, bleach them, and dye them in a vibrant shade like a Barbie pink as depicted here.

8. The Rachel Cut

curtain bangs with layers for straight hair

Jennifer Aniston popularized The Rachel cut in the 90s during the world-famous Friends series. This cut features long layers on a shoulder-length hairdo and is worn by many even today with variations.

Get ear-length curtains to accent the remaining feathery layers that start at jaw length. Blow-drying the mane is a must!

9. Flicked-Out Swoops

short layered hair with curtain bangs

A textured pixie-bob with center-parted tapered bangs is just perfect for ladies who love to wear cropped cuts but can’t due to their oblong faces.

The longest strands should end near the jawline while covering the forehead to shorten the face. Use a barrel brush to achieve edgy flicked-out short swoops.

10. Feathered Layers with Halo Highlights

shoulder length layered hair with curtain bangs

Make sure your curtain bangs with layers are one of a kind with halo highlights. Such streaks are meant to lighten the hair around the face only leaving the remaining mane untouched.

A fully feathered wolf cut with bright burnt orange-red stripes, instead of the usual blonde ones, is surely worth a shot.

11. Wispy Burgundy Tresses

medium length layered hair with curtain bangs

A freshly layered haircut deserves a new hair color too. And what can be more mesmerizing than a deep burgundy purple hue?

Go for wispy layers to end up with light feathery strands falling all around the face. Curl the curtain bangs inward for a soft dreamy finish.

12. Color-Split Layered Bob

curtain bangs with layers

Color-split hairstyles have still not gone out of style and probably never will as long as there are bold ladies out there.

Create a light and dark interplay by coupling black with pink on a bob with frontal layers. Curls the front strands away from the face and voila!

13. Thin Hair, Don’t Care

curtain bangs for wavy hair with layers

Curtain fringes conceal a wide forehead without covering it up entirely while layers add volume to the hair hence making them ideal for thin tresses.

Take out plenty of strands to be snipped into center-parted tapered bangs without worry as layering on the remaining mane will compensate for the hair volume.

14. Soft Wedge Cut + Feathered Bangs

medium layered hair with curtain bangs

A wedge cut is similar to a bob and is defined by longer layers along the sides while the strands are snipped super short above the nape.

Experiment with feathered bangs that merge seamlessly with the remaining strands to get a beautiful feminine curtain cut.

15. Color-Blocked Shag

curtain bangs with layers and highlights

Brigitte Bardot rocked curtain bangs without a middle part which ultimately became a style statement. Couple short strands that elongate and swoop outwards with a messy shag.

Dye only one side of the face for a chic color-blocked hairstyle that is sure to drop some jaws.

16. Curly Curtain Bangs with Layers

curtain bangs for medium hair with layers

Curtain bangs with layers work wonders on natural curls. Keep the shortest strands at brow level and snip at an angle all the way to the end to frame the face.

Make your haircut stand out by adding chunky stripes of bright red or any other color at the front only.

17. Classic Blowout

layered hair with curtain bangs

Layers with curtain fringes are incomplete if you do not finish off with a nice blowout.

Use a big round brush to curl the layered strands away from the face making the hair bounce all day long. A little practice will go a long way!

18. Bangs on Long Layered Hair

curtain bangs with layers for black women

Ladies who want a style change without letting go of their long mane can go for tapered bangs with soft layers without second thoughts.

Change your look daily by finishing off with curls, loose waves, or keeping the hair simply straight once in a while.

19. Barely-There Bangs

curtain bangs with shaggy layers

Reluctant to try bangs? Begin with these soft curtain fringes that are barely there. The technique lies in snipping off fewer strands than normal that blend with the remaining wispy layers.

Soft waves will help avoid a boring blunt look in the case of thin shoulder-length hair.

20. Step Layers and Bangs

layered hair with curtain bangs

A forward graduation step layers works best for those who prefer a uni-length mane with some movement.

The layers are cut at the front only, starting near the jaws and elongating successively as much as you want. Nothing pairs up better than curtain bangs with such a haircut.

21. Bouncy Thick Tresses

long curtain bangs with layers

Thick Bardot bangs are a dream of every woman. At the same time, you can take away the bulk from your thick mane with plenty of layering getting a light and airy appeal.

Add curls and brush them out with your fingers for a natural finish.

22. Sharp Disconnection

long layered hair with curtain bangs

Maintain a sharp disconnection between your curtain bangs and layers instead of going for a usual blended-in look.

Go for whatever length when getting your fringes depending on the facial features and add the layers at a suitable distance from the bangs. That’s it!

23. Two-Toned Modern Mullet

two tone layered hair with curtain bangs

The modern mullet of today is more soft and feminine than the traditional one and is often referred to as the Shullet.

Take a break from those thick tresses by chopping them unevenly causing the layers to thin towards the tips. Make your curtain bangs noticeable by coloring half of them for a bold two-toned look.

These hairstyles featuring curtain bangs with layers cover all hair lengths, textures, and face shapes. Keep in mind that such haircuts require reasonable heat styling, especially a good blowout to bring forth their true beauty. But with just a little effort, you can make your face the star of the show every day!