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21 Curtain Bangs That Were Made for Straight Hair

Curtain bangs is a retro hairdo that looks modern. These ’70s classics have made a strong comeback and no wonder why everybody loves them.

Curtain bangs look even better with straight hair because of the clean look and how it frames the face.

They are a softer version of traditional short straight bangs that are cut at an angle and parted in the center to fall along both sides of the face, just like curtains on a window.

Although these super-versatile bangs literally go with all face shapes, hair lengths, and textures, we have brought down the focus on various ways to rock curtain bangs with straight hair. Don’t miss it!


Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair

If you wish to keep all the focus on that beautiful face and its gorgeous features, you will not find anything better than curtain bangs. And if your hair is straight, rock any of the below curtain bangs that were made for your straight hair!

1. Short and Sexy

blonde straight hair with curtain bangs

It is convenient to transform straight bangs into a curtain bangs. Just let those short strands grow a bit getting past your eyes and snip them slightly at an angle to frame the face with a middle parting. Coming towards the hair color, put those dark roots on display confidently too.


2. Classic Bangs with Bun

straight hair updo with curtain bangs

Get a hair makeover that’ll wow everyone on the way. Opt for soft layers with medium-length bangs and set the style on fire with a honey-blonde balayage. Flaunt the look with loose waves or style the hair into a classic high bun for a change. 


3. Soft Definition 

long straight hair with curtain bangs

These curtain bangs with straight hair are a suitable idea for ladies who want to refresh their long boring tresses without compromising on the length.

Experiment with a blunt cut or a slightly U-shaped one without layers for the bangs to really stand out around the face.   


4. Thin Hair, Don’t Care

asymmetrical straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / rock_n_roell

Got a thinning mane or a receding hairline? No problem, as curtain bangs are still an option for you.

Hide that wide forehead by chopping the front strands at eye level with shoulder-length layers and your tresses are sure to look healthier than before.


5. Choppy Bob

Choppy bobs and lobs have remained quite a thing this year and so have Bardot bangs. Combine them together and the result is a sexy short hairdo that is sure to grab some attention. A hand-tousle and off you go!

Try the look with some loose beach waves too.


6. Luxurious Money Pieces

straight curtain bangs with headband

Instagram / handoverfisthair

A new haircut deserves a fresh hair color. Quite reasonable, right?

Keep all the attention at the front by asking for money pieces or halo highlights to contrast sharply against the remaining dark tresses. Rock bright colors like blues and purples instead of the usual blonde tones to drop some jaws.


7. Side-Swept

medium straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / nakedeyebeauty

Curtain bangs are shorter in the middle, longer towards the sides, and are known to be parted in the center.

But the parting can be pushed towards one side too if the former one doesn’t suit your face shape. Complete the look with a layered lob and some highlights. Zero regrets guaranteed!


8. Long Curtains 

half up straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / beyondtheponytail

Go as long as you want with those strands at the front and you are still able to create some volume and shape around the face.

That’s the benefit of a curtain bangs. Thick-haired ones can take off excess bulk with layering and show off their new hairdo with a high bun.


9. Front Graduation

ombre straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / bilintinamakeup

Blend those bangs seamlessly with the remaining locks by opting for layers at the front. The hairstylist will snip at an angle and instead of stopping near the chin will continue all the way to the ends. Curl the strands outwards and get ready to be stunned by the results.


10. Perfect Frame 

straight hair bun with curtain bangs

Instagram / glamgirlgabi

Here is another example of Bardot bangs framing the face with utmost perfection. The trick lies in styling them with a round brush and hairdryer swooping them on both sides of the face. Throw in some highlights with a pinned updo at the back and you’ll love it!


11. The Shag

straight hair highlights with curtain bangs

Instagram / accomando

Shags never go out of fashion. Recreate this modern one by sporting thick eye-grazing fringes that elongate along the sides paired with highlights and a shoulder-length haircut. Although these curtain bangs seem to work for straight hair only, wait till you recreate them on curly tresses.


12. Bold and Beautiful

Bold is beautiful and this look won’t let you say no. Again a medium-length shag but this time on thin hair with some texture on top. Level it up with a bright purple nuance and vivid streaks of yellow for an eye-popping outcome that is high maintenance for sure!


13. Swooped

curtain bangs for bob

Instagram / o.le.oni

Avoid scissors till the very end by using a round brush, a hair dryer, and some good hairstyling product to swoop the front strands along the sides. If you like the look clip the strands and if you don’t just forget about it! The platinum blonde bob is worth a shot anyway.


14. Lovely Layers

curtain bangs for thin straight hair

Instagram /

Nothing can go wrong with layers. Whether you are looking to lighten those thick locks or add some body to a thin mane this haircut with chin-length fringes has got you covered. Flick the ends for a feathered finish and finish off with a spritz of hairspray. 


15. Bardot Bangs

curtain bangs for short straight hair

Instagram / owayorganics

A look inspired by Brigitte Bardot who set curtain bangs truly in trend during the 70’s. She rocked her bangs by keeping them at the usual brow length in the middle while the sides elongated to accent her face. This retro flipped-out bob is sure to level up your hair game this season.  


16. Tousled Texture

blunt straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / yukistylist

The above hairdo seems too dramatic? Keep it low-key by asking the hairdresser for some texture instead of layers on a bob cut straight across at chin length. This look is low-maintenance and ideal for women with thick straight hair. 


17. Pink Pop

dyed straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / yurhairness

Curtain bangs with straight hair may seem enough for some. But why stop here when you are already at the hair salon? Take a step ahead and paint those fringes in a pink tone to contrast against the remaining silver mane or opt for whatever color combo you have in mind.


18. Two-Toned Wolf Cut

straight razor cut with curtain bangs

Instagram / handoverfisthair

Another two-toned hair idea to take things up a notch! Opt for a wolf haircut featuring choppy layers and dye the hair dark at the front to stand against the remaining tresses or vice versa creating an eye-catching light and dark interplay on the head.


19. Modern Mullet

straight shaggy hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / carlycutsmyhair

Short top and sides with significant length at the back and heavy layering are what define the modern mullet haircut of today. Accent the hairdo with Bardot bangs and add some waves to avoid a flat look that won’t look flattering in any way.


20. Flawless Middle Part

straight hair with long curtain bangs

Instagram / handoverfisthair

This look is the utter depiction of how curtain bangs look on straight hair. A flawless middle parting with the strands elongating gradually and equally on both sides of the face. The dove gray base shade with delicate hints of violet is yet another story!  


21. Medium-Length Fringe

layered straight hair with curtain bangs

Instagram / rubyhowes

If you can’t decide on keeping your bangs short, medium, or long it is always best to get a medium-length chop as you can shorten it further or allow it to reach its desirable length in a smaller duration. Some highlights, layers, a good blowout, and voila!


These curtain bangs ideas for straight hair are a safe play for those who want a style shake-up without the tiniest risk. They are low-maintenance, blend perfectly with the remaining hair, and can be swept away in a ponytail whenever you want. What more to ask for? A salon appointment!