70s Shag Haircuts: Top 7 Ideas for Women

The shag haircut has been a popular haircut for women back in the ‘70s. It has been a hairstyle that represented cool behavior and many models and rock stars from that time used to wear a shag haircut. Today, the ‘70s shag is back and it is a great time to try out some new retro looks.


Classic 1970s Shag Hairstyles

Check out these shaggy hairstyles to bring back the 70s vibe and get retro look in this season.

1. Long Curly Shag with Bangs

70s shag haircuts for long curly hair

The 70s curly shag is a retro and fresh look that will elevate the hairstyle on an entirely new level. It is an especially great choice for women with naturally curly hair, whose curls are big and loose.

The shag is layered and the portion of the hair is different on the top and the rest of the head. The layering starts right at the top, and as it continues down it gets a nice form.

The length of the hair reaches the shoulder or a bit over them. The shaggy bangs are long, dense and curly.


2. Choppy Medium Shag

straight shag haircuts of the 70s

A choppy shag is a hairstyle that suits women with thin and fine hair. The cut also includes sharp layering which gives the face elongating effect. The choppy shag starts with short layers on the top.

The length of the hair reaches the shoulders and the layering is present all around. The bangs are very short and uneven. This is a very 70s style.


3. Messy Short Shag Cut

short and messy shag haircuts of 70s

A short and messy shag is another retro look that women with long faces choose to wear. This kind of shag tones down the long effect of the face.

The hair on the top is dense, messy and cut in different layering. Its direction is towards the front and falls over the forehead creating a look of bangs.

The length reaches the neck. The messy style with some soft waves is what defines this kind of shaggy 70s hairstyles.


4. Shaggy Bob

70s shag haircut

The modern take on the short shag was seen often during lots of fashion weeks in the past seasons. This is a fresh change that many women decide to take and to present a look different from what is expected and common.

The hair is mainly styled as straight. The bangs are deep, round and uneven. The sides are short and layered, with discreet waves. This shaggy hairstyles gives a round form of the hairstyle.


5. Curtain Bangs and Middle Part

70s shag haircut with curtain bangs

This hairstyle presents a look that is a mixture of modern layering and retro 70s shag haircut. The hair is parted in the middle and the bangs also part in the middle, creating a look of curtain bangs.

The hair to the sides is layered. The shortest layers start somewhere in the height of the cheeks. The longest parts reach the holders. The sends are sharp and the entire hair is straight.


6. Layered Long Shag Haircut

70s shag haircut for long hair

A long layered shag is a hairstyle option for women with very long hair. It is a new take on wearing long hair with the vibe of the 70s.

What is distinctive about this thick shaggy hair look is that the top portion of the hair is voluminous and dense, and it defines the look. The hair is parted in the middle, and layering on the top is short.

The length of the rest of the hair is remained unchanged, with gradual layering to the sides. The hair can be worn straight or messy. The bangs are deep and long, parted also in the middle.


7. Highlighted Shag

70s shag haircuts with highlights

A modern touch on the 70s retro shag can be done with the addition of highlights. These highlights can come in the form of the regular highlights, ombre or balayage.

That way the hairstyle will get a nicer and more interesting look. the length of the shag remains by the shoulder. The styling can be messy, wavy or curly.


The ‘70s shag is a cool way to bring back the retro vibe and present something fresh yet old. There are options for straight and curly hair, and the shag looks great on all hair lengths. This summer is the perfect time to flaunt the new ‘70s look.

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