16 New Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts for 2021

It takes some courage to get an asymmetrical pixie cut. The usual norm is to have as symmetrical hairstyle as possible. But, we all know how boring following the norms can be. This is why it’s time for you to explore your asymmetrical pixie cut options and choose the one that speaks to you the most.


Beautiful Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts for Women

1. Textured And Asymmetrical

textured asymmetrical pixie cut

Pixie cuts look their best on hair that has some volume and texture. There are many ways to achieve that look. The simplest way is to use a curling iron and curl a couple of hair strands. But, don’t go overboard and curl your entire hair, the goal here is to create a messy hairstyle.

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2. Messy But Shiny

asymmetrical pixie cut with messy look

Sometimes, pixie cuts can look a bit dull if you have damaged hair. If you have that type of hair, then it’s time to pull out some hair oils and make your hair feel and look alive again.


3. Sleek with Shaved Sides

asymmetrical pixie cut with shaved sides

Asymmetrical pixie cuts usually look really cute and sweet. Women with shaved sides can benefit from experimenting with the textured hairstyle because they’ll look more feminine that way. Don’t worry though, you can and you will still look rebellious and unconventional.


4. Ladylike Pixie Cut

asymmetrical pixie cut for women

This type of pixie cut is the most common one because of the usual desired effect. To keep it simple, asymmetrical pixie cuts can make you look quite feminine and cute. This is especially true if you pair it with some nice looking accessories.


5. A True Baddie

gorgeous asymmetrical pixie cut for women

An asymmetrical pixie cut can also make you look rebellious. The hairstyle itself doesn’t follow any of the usual rules. If you’re a punk rock kind of a girl, then this is definitely a hairstyle you should try at least once.


6. Very Wavy

For women who love having extreme volume in their hair, an asymmetrical pixie cut is a perfect hairstyle. The larger you make your curls, the bigger the volume effect will be. If you want to add some drama to this look, create a harsh parting. This part will stand out from the rest of the curly hair.


7. Precisely Styled

When it comes to asymmetrical hairstyles, many people make the mistake of creating quite messy overall hairstyles. While that can sometimes look nice, it takes away from the benefits of having an asymmetrical haircut. When you keep your hair straight and well styled, the asymmetry will be more visible, which is exactly what we want.


8. Highlights

asymmetrical pixie cut with highlights

What a better way to create a unique hairstyle than by combining various hairstyles into one. Pixie cuts can be asymmetrical and textured, which looks great. But when you add highlights into that equation, it’s a whole other story.


9. Gorgeous Curls

Medium curly hair can be styled in a perfect asymmetrical pixie cut. This is a very modern look inspired by the latest runway trends. It’s best for younger women who enjoy following what’s trendy at the moment. Pixie cuts are great also because they’re able to transform your whole appearance from regular to very chic.


10. Pretty Waves

asymmetrical pixie cut with waves

Many women with naturally wavy hair don’t want to show it off to the rest of the world. They usually think that it’s not straight enough to be worn completely straight or it’s not curly enough so that they embrace the curls. The best way thing to do here is to embrace what they’ve got. Asymmetrical pixie cuts do this job the best because they highlight the best wavy hair features.


More Lovely Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts for Women


More and more women are trying shorter and less conventional hairstyles. Some of the most creative ones are asymmetrical pixie cuts. So try out these hairstyles and have a gorgeous look.

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