Medium Curly Hairstyles – These 30 Styles Are The Hottest

If you have medium-length hair, you must have thought about created medium curly hairstyles. Unless your own locks are naturally curly, there are many ways to achieve these styles. Even if you sport a naturally curly mane, you must have various troubles with keeping it neat.

There are many approaches to creating curls and even more to keep them perfect, but not all of them are suitable for everyday wear. Starting from plenty of hair gel and ending with a perm, you need to choose the right option for you.


Love Bangs? Try Medium Curly Hairstyles with Bangs

medium curly bangs for teenage girl

When you opt for a medium curly hairstyle, you might wonder what to do with the bangs. There are several options to go for in order to look fashionable. Let’s take a look.

  • Blunt bangs– Straight blunt bangs are a perfect choice for women with medium curly hair. They create a special contrast, which makes the hairstyles look festive and ready for special occasions.
  • Wispy bangs – If your hair is not thick enough to create stunning blunt bangs, you can go for a wispy option. Just make sure to keep the bangs straight.
  • No bangs – If you don’t feel up to styling your bangs daily, you can go for a no bangs hairstyle. While it’s not as impressive as the above two options, it makes your mornings hassle-free.


Elegant Medium Curly Hairstyles for Women

Before starting out on your way to getting a medium curly hairstyle, ask yourself if you are ready to keep it maintained on a daily basis. Girls with straight hair wish for curls, and girls with curls wish for straight hair or at least for neat curls.

Long curly hair is harder to take care of than medium-length hairstyles. We collected 30 various curly hairstyles for medium hair to help you get a good idea of what you should strive for. If you are ready for the touchups, go ahead and give one a try!


1. Reverse Ombre curls

Medium Ombre Curly Hairstyle for women

When you are creating a hairstyle for a special occasion, you might want to consider a reversed ombre. Use golden or platinum blonde dye on top and go for a darker shade of blonde on the bottom.

Updos for Women with Medium hair


2. Careless bangs

 bangs with Medium Curly Hairstyle

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of styling your bangs, you can go for layers. The shortest layer on top can act as bangs when you need them. You can brush them back when you don’t.


3. Low curls

Low curls Medium Hairstyle for girl

If you have a round face, you might want to consider this amazing medium curly hairstyle. The top of the hair is kept straight while the ends are curled into large spirals. This is a great choice for a special occasion.

Different Updos for Women With Curly Hair


4. A perm

nice Medium Curly Hairstyle

If you want to keep your hair curly without daily maintenance, consider getting a perm. This approach will allow you to find out how it feels to have naturally curly hair. However, it takes a toll on your locks.


5. Slight waves

favorite Medium Curly Hairstyle for girl

Slight waves are the most natural choice for women with thin hair. Since the volume is hard to achieve, you can just lift the hair up a little bit by creating soft ways. The overall image is soft and inviting.


6. Voluminous fun


If you have thick straight hair, you can play around with the volume by curling up thin strands and creating a curly extravaganza on your head. This is a good one-time hairstyle, which is hard to maintain every day.

Medium Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces


7. Messy curls

Medium Messy Curly Hairstyle for women

When you are creating medium curly hairstyles, it’s often hard to keep the curls neat. They tend to become frizzy and stick up. You can tame them with plenty of hair gel or leave them as they are for a natural look.


8. Bright colors


If you are planning to exchange your straight hair for a curly mane, consider dyeing it as well. Go for soft ash blonde colors to completely change your image. The more natural the color looks, the better the curls will suit you.

Beautiful Bangs to Try With Curly Hair

9. Natural curls

natural Medium Curly Hairstyle for girl

If your hair is just slightly curly, give it just a little help to keep the stunning look. You can tame the curls on the bottom to give them some shape with a curling iron. Go further to straighten out the bangs.


10. Straight top


If you have a round face, you need to be careful with creating medium curly hairstyles since they can add unnecessary volume to your head. If you really want curls, consider keeping the very top part straight.

There is a large pool of medium curly hairstyles for women that you can choose from. Whether you have tight curls or loose ones, there are plenty of options here for you to choose from. Make sure you use styling products designed for curly hair so that you can keep your fabulous look all day long. There are curly styles here that are fast and easy as well as some that take a bit more time. Take your pick based on your schedule and where you are going.


11. Slight spirals


Curls don’t necessarily mean very tight coils. You can create slight spirals that are tighter than waves but looser than permed curls. You can enjoy this middle ground for as long as you wish.


12. Wavy bangs

Wavy bangs with Medium Curly Hairstyle

If you are thinking about curling your hair, you have to consider the bangs. While blunt bangs are the perfect choice for your locks, they are hard to keep neat. Consider medium-sized bangs and leave them a slight wave.


13. Eye touching bangs


If your medium curly hair is not tightly coiled, you might want to add your bangs some volume. Create eye-touching bangs with a slight wave to add some romance to your image.


14. Slightly curly

Medium Curly Hairstyle

Leave your natural curl intact and give it some boost by cutting the ends in a blunt fashion. No matter what hairstyle you choose afterward, the curls will look neat.

Bangs for Women With Medium Length Hair


15. Professional curl

Professional medium curly hairstyle you love

While most women prefer to curl their locks on their own, a professionally made curl is always better. Allow yourself to enjoy a truly fashionable look by seeking professional assistance.


16. Tousled curls with texture

 Medium Curly with texture hairstyle for women

A head of curls always looks great if they seem to have been done with abandon yet still groomed. Use your fingers to pull curls randomly to create a boho feel.


17. Face framing

Beautiful Medium Curly Hairstyle

If you’re lucky enough to have tighter curls, this one of the best medium curly hairstyles for women. Use your fingers to comb the curls into place so they are symmetrical on both sides.


18. Beachy curls

Beachy Medium Curly Hairstyle you like

The great thing about this look is that its kind of effortless. Use a texturizing product to refine your curls, then let them fall where they may. You’ll look a little bit carefree but still put together.


19. A little bit edgy

edgy Medium Curly Hairstyle for women

Who says that medium curly hairstyles for women have to be boring? Why not give yours an edgy with a fun new color. Combined with well-defined and face-framing curls, you have a put together look you’re going to love.

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20. Short and sweet

 Short Medium Curly Haircut

If your curls are better with a shorter style, you’ll love this look. Use a curly hair formulated mousse to get your curls to lay right. Then try a center or side part to jazz things up.


21. Shoulder Length Side Part

Longer curls can sit right at your shoulders. The side part gives you some volume since longer hair tends to be a bit harder to fluff up. Air drying your curls is a great way to get them to submit to what you want.


22. Longer in front

women favorite Medium Curly Hairstyle

This is a nice take on an asymmetric style. It’s a trendy style that seems to be reaching classic hair status. It’s also one of the easiest medium curly hairstyles for women. Have your stylist cut your curls longer in front than in the back and then use a curl product all over to get these fantastic ringlets.


medium curly hair with highlights





medium pink curly hair




medium curly perm hair


Although these curly hairstyles are for medium length hair, the tightness or looseness of the curls can make your hair appear longer or shorter. Add texture or be casual, be elegant or tousled… there are many possibilities.

Before making a decision about whether or not you need a medium curly hairstyle, take another look at these options and your current image. Not all of these hairstyles are hard to make and maintain. You can start with a simple one and go from there.

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