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Baby’s First Haircut: 50 Super Cute Styles

Baby’s first haircut is an exciting milestone – your little man’s personality is shining through and it’s safe to say that your baby is growing up. But don’t marry him off just yet, you still have a couple more decades before you need to worry about that.

It’s important that your little one’s first haircut is something memorable and fun, but most importantly, that it reflects your baby’s personality. With that being said, here are 50 super cute baby’s first haircut styles.

Guide for Cutting Your Baby’s Hair for the First Time at Home

Guide for Cutting Your Baby’s Hair for the First Time at Home

If you have decided to give your baby their first haircut yourself, you are probably a little (or very) worried about how to do it. Babies are adorable, fussy, squirmy, and unpredictable little people, so do not expect their first haircut to be easy.

Step One: Gather Your Tools

  • Scissors (that are sharp enough to cut hair)
  • A comb
  • Spray bottle
  • A towel
  • Cloth to protect their clothes

Seat your baby in a chair they are secure in (like their high chair). Give them toys or snacks to distract them while you work, but be prepared for them to ignore those in favor of what you are holding.

Step Two: Mentally Prepare

Be prepared for your baby to move erratically or be curious or anxious about what is going on. Show them that this is exciting, explain what you are doing, and talk calmly.

Step Three: Prep Your Baby

Give yourself as much of an advantage as you can: make sure your baby is fed, rested, and changed, and you have plenty of time to work. Slow and steady is the motto here, so you want your baby to be content.

Step Four: Go-time

Firstly, have all supplies at the ready. Brush your baby’s hair and make sure it is parted correctly before cutting.

Now, split things into a few steps:

  • Spray your baby’s hair to dampen it.
  • Comb a small section of their hair away from their head and hold it flat between your fingers. 
  • Adjust the length you have sectioned off if needed and cut as close to your fingers as possible— make sure your fingers are between the scissors and your baby’s head.
  • Let the section go and move to the next.

Move slowly and carefully. If things look choppy, cut smaller sections at a slight angle—these are easier to blend than large, straight cuts.

Baby Boy’s First Haircut Ideas

1. Schoolhouse Rock

baby's first spike haircut

Want your baby boy’s first haircut to be stylish? If your cutie likes more edgy looks, try tapering his hair and styling the crown up into some spikes. This too-cool-for-school style will have your little man looking like a rock star which will surely have all of the staff at the daycare talking.

2. Baby Boy’s First Hair Design

Here’s another tapered cut that’s perfect for baby’s first haircut. The sides have been cut short while the crown is left fairly long and has been tousled. The best part of this haircut is the cute design that has been cut into the sides.

Not only does this give the look more personality, but it allows you to keep that playfulness without compromising his overall look.

3. Gentle Baby Haircut

baby boy's first haircut

“Lock up your daughter” is right! This little man is sporting a tapered cut with a distinctive part- perfect for babies who like to show off that classy, gentleman side.

4. Baby’s First Quiff Cut

 cute baby Mini Quiff haircut

This little cutie is rocking a cute little quiff-inspired style that has been tousled for a carefree look, which is perfect for a spunky social butterfly. If you’re not looking to cut off all of the hair when you give the baby his first haircut, maybe on your baby’s first birthday, this style is a great choice.

5. Baby Boy’s Tapered Cut


This little man is rocking a tapered style that frames the face. This is another style to consider if you don’t want to cut the hair too short for baby’s first haircut. With such an innocent look, your baby boy will surely get all of the attention.

Baby Boy? Try These Hairstyles

6. Straight Bangs

first haircut for blonde baby boys

When your little boy’s hair is this blonde and perfect, don’t you dare cut it! If you must, just do a bang trim straight across and above the eyebrows.

7. Side Bangs

first haircut for baby boy with straight hair

Many parents love when their children have bangs, but sometimes they aren’t practical for children who are active. This style features medium-length bangs that are combed to one side. There’s no need to mess with the rest of the hair – just keep it one length all around.

8. Combed to the Side

first haircut for baby boys

Help your little boy look his most handsome by using some mousse or a little gel to comb their hair mostly to one side. For the first day of school or a formal occasion, he’ll charm everyone with his grown-up look.

9. Short Black Hair

first haircut for black baby boys

Black afro-textured hair is easy to style on babies when they get their first haircut and their hair is this short.  Everyone can still enjoy their beautiful texture, but you won’t struggle with what to do as far as styling.

10. Long Curls

first haircut for baby boy with curly hair

Ringlets this perfectly-shaped are enviable in every way. Let their little boy keep his hair long, instead of chopping it short. You can help keep it off his face by cutting in a short bang.

11. Curly Top

This cutie pie is rocking his curly high top fade. If your baby has curly hair, you can give your baby this simple short first haircut. The perimeter has been faded and a design has been cut out to give the style some fun edginess.

If your little man is a live-wire with a whole lot of personality, then this funky haircut might be the perfect choice for him.

12. African-American Baby’s First Curly Taper

Curly Taper

This is another style that you can do if your little baby has curly hair. Tapers are easy to achieve for baby’s first haircut because it takes about half the time to cut the hair. The distinctive part gives this style some structure and finesse, while his natural curls give off a playful, more laid-back vibe.

13. Baby’s First Mohawk

baby's first haircut - mohawk

If you don’t want to cut your little man’s hair too low just yet, you could trim the hair and give him a funky little Mohawk as his first haircut. Not only will this save on time, but it will give him a cute alternate style until you’re more comfortable with cutting more hair off.

Baby Girl? Try These Styles

14. Baby’s Little Trim First Haircut

cute baby boy haircut

Another simple yet elegant first haircut for your baby. This cutie is rocking a short haircut that has been cut with scissors rather than hair clippers. If your little man isn’t ready for clippers yet for his first haircut, there’s no need to force him.

A lot of toddlers don’t like clippers, but that doesn’t mean that baby’s first haircut will be a fail. Have the barber style a cut for him just using scissors this way you can give your baby a new look without having to worry about traumatizing him (or yourself).

15. Faded Mohawk for Afro-American Baby’s

black baby first haircut

This last baby boy first haircut is a Mohawk that has been faded around the edges. If you want your baby’s first haircut to be a stylish, memorable one, then this might be a great option for you.

You’ll love this adorable video.

There are many different ways to style your little one’s hair for his first haircut and the key to finding the perfect one is to stay true to your child’s personality. Get a haircut that suits him and his style and have fun with it! Remember, you can only have baby’s first haircut once!

Little Girl Hairstyles for Your Princess

16. Short Boy Haircut with Bangs

baby boy first haircuts

Many parents cut their baby’s hair short the first haircut, but this longer look shows how adorable wispy long bangs can be on a little boy.

17. Long Top, Faded Sides

No one would ever expect a faded side design on a baby’s haircut but edge isn’t just for adult haircuts. Keep the top long and use a bit of hair product to get the piecey look.

18. Short Blonde Hair

This baby’s first haircut keeps the adorable natural blonde waves he was born with but cuts the bangs short so his baby blue eyes are the focus.

19. Curly Hair Baby Haircut

A baby’s first haircut shouldn’t mean cutting everything off. Teach him to be proud of his curls by showing him how to keep his hair long but tamed with a center part.

20. Very Short Hair for Black Baby

black baby boy first haircut

Little Black boys tend to have pretty short hair the first year of their life. While there isn’t a lot of length to work with, keeping it shorter on sides is a way to draw attention to the more subtle long top.

21. Long Buzz Baby Haircut

A buzz cut typically means going super short on hair, but this baby’s first haircut features a buzz style up front for a layered effect and longer sides to frame ears.

22. Messy Curls

Remember your baby’s first haircut forever by taking him for professional photos of him with his slightly messy curls tousled up top.

23. Side Bang and Part

All babies look adorable with a side bang and it’s also a great way to keep his long hair out of his face. Use a side part to help emphasize the side bang and make him a little more dapper.

24. Short Bangs

One low maintenance look many parents choose for their baby’s first haircut is just trimming up the bangs, ignoring the rest of the hair. Short bangs ensure you can always see those adorable baby blues.

25. Blonde Wavy Haircut

baby boy with fringe haircut

For baby’s first haircut, only a small trim is needed if he has tousled waves at the ends of his locks. Focus on thinning out his bangs to create a small part.

Baby Girl First Haircuts

26. Flower Crown

first haircut with flower for baby girls

Everyone will know what a precious angel your baby girl is when she’s wearing an adorable flower crown. Bring it out for special photos or formal occasions to make the perfect halo over her blonde hair.

27. Three Ponytails

One ponytail is predictable, but three is a surprise and will certainly help bring your little girl’s playful side out. The longer the hair is, the easier it is to make the ponytails. Place them randomly around her head with colorful hair ties.

28. Long Bangs

first bob haircut for baby girls

Thin short hair on babies can be a challenge. But a short haircut with soft long bangs is an easy, low-maintenance hairstyle for little girls. Just comb the bangs straight down over her forehead.

29. Shoulder-Length with Bangs

first haircut for baby girl with long hair

When your favorite girl’s hair gets to be shoulder-length, tame it with a brush and leave-in conditioner. Leave it down or up in a ponytail. Short bangs are very grown up and won’t get in her way.

30. Pinned Back Bangs

baby girl with first haircut

If you’re helping your baby’s hair grow out and her bangs are at an awkward length, use two colorful hair pins to clip back the hair on each side of the face. 

31. Half Ponytail

first haircut for baby girls

A half ponytail is the cutest first hairstyle on little girls. No matter how thin the hair is, gather as much of it as you can into a ponytail and let the loose wisps hang softly along her face and neck.

32. Short Side Swept Messy Hair

This effortless Side Swept Messy Hair gives your baby girl the “I-woke-up-like-this” look. You don’t necessarily have to give her a neat look to make her look presentable. She is cute nonetheless. Besides, if you have a busy day, you can simply leave her hair as it is.

33. Short Kinky Hair With a Bow Headband

baby girl first haircut style

If your baby girl has short kinky hair, a simple, cute bow headband would be just enough to add to her doll-like appearance. As a baby first haircut, you can wait for some time until her kinky hair grows a little longer.

34. Cropped Hair with Silky Ribbon

One of the cutestfirst haircuts for your baby girl, this is going to break hearts! It is absolutely cherubic and will let your baby girl enjoy herself without any hair bugging her face. This haircut surely gets extra brownie points for being one of the easiest haircuts to pull off.

35. Cute Low Pigtails

This is one of the best baby first haircut styles. Cute Low Pigtails is a very sporty hairstyle for your goofball. It is adorable and extremely effortless to manage. This will make her look very playful and girly at the same time. This haircut works best with the uneven length of hair growth for your girl.

36. Short Bob with Fringe

When your little girl has silky smooth hair, you can style it in any which way you want. This little girl short bob with fringe is a fairly simple and pretty hairstyle to pull off. With this charming bob, she will become the little star of the town in no time. Plus, who knows? Your little princess might find her signature haircut in this one.

37. Cute High Pigtails

Pigtails will always give a bubbly sweetness to your baby girl. High Pigtails are absolutely adorbs and will prevent any extra hair from bothering her eyes. She will love the look and probably want to wear it every day. Besides, little girls and pigtails have been best friends since the beginning of time.

38. Side Swept Bob

Another bubbly baby girl’s first haircut is a Side Swept Bob. This is one of the best and hassle-free hairdos in short hair you can try for your girl. This is a really cool haircut to opt for if she has short hair. This will give her a playful and make her look a hundred times more adorable.

39. Adorable Loop Pigtails

A funky hairstyle for your little baby girl. These little High Loop Pigtails are pretty simple and offbeat as well. This charming hairdo can also be worn on a daily basis. The fact that it is so easy to style will make it her favorite in no time!

40. Super Short Bangs

baby girl first haircut

This Asian baby’s first haircut focused on creating short choppy bangs. Super short bangs give an edgy contrast to long hair.

41. Short Curls and Smooth Bangs

The tousled curls on this baby girl’s haircut are adorable, so don’t cut them! Instead, tame the hair by smoothing the front pieces to one side to create a side bang.

42. Braided Pigtails

Show off your baby’s first haircut by gathering her long hair into two long braided ponytails. Straight bangs are easy to simply comb smooth.

43. Baby Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun is great for school photos and while your baby is running around outside. Use your fingers to comb the hair into a high bun.

44. Side Pony with Bow

baby girl's first bob haircut

For one of baby girl’s first haircuts, a cute side ponytail can be formed by gathering just the side of the front half of her hair. Use a pink bow to secure it.

45. Haircut with Headband

For a baby’s first holiday, such as Christmas, pair her short hair with a bright red headband. On little girls with straight hair, simply comb it smooth before adding the accessory.

46. Long Black Hair with Bangs

If your baby has gorgeous big eyes, a peekaboo bang will flatter them. Just leave the bangs extra long but thin and maybe pin some of the hair to the side with a cute clip.

47. Hairstyle for Baby with Long Hair

These long curls deserve to be shown off. Leave your baby’s hair down and worn over the shoulders. A side part will keep bangs from getting in her eyes.

48. Natural Haircut for Black Baby

Black babies with naturally curly hair only need a bit of hair oil for styling. This is an ideal baby’s first haircut because it’s easy to style.

49. Blonde Curly Hair

Another winning first haircut for baby girls is this short curly hairdo with super short bangs. Avoid clipping the curls to keep the texture.

50. Long Black Curly Hair

baby girl first layered haircut

This Asian baby’s black locks are adorable worn over her shoulders and parted to the side.


Read these frequently asked questions to learn more about a baby’s first haircut.

When to get my baby’s first haircut?

There is no right time to get your baby’s first haircut. Some kids may need haircuts because their hair is bothering them or getting hard to manage. But if your baby is not bothered by unruly hair, there is no shame in waiting until they get older, generally around the age of 1.

How to prepare my baby’s hair for their first haircut?

There is nothing specific to do for your baby’s first haircut other than normal hair care. Make sure you only wash their hair a few times a week with mild shampoo. Brush their hair with a soft brush if needed.

Should I get my baby’s first haircut at home or salon?

Where you get your baby’s first haircut is entirely up to you. Some parents may choose to do it themselves. Others may prefer to go to a professional. The key is ensuring your baby is comfortable with whatever option you choose.

Which one is your favorite baby’s first haircut? We’ll love to hear in the comment!