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70 Cute & Trendy Bob Haircuts for Little Girls

Little girl bob haircuts always look beautiful, cool and classic. Mostly, little girls have short to medium length hair and choosing a bob gives them everything they lust for while keeping things within their limits.

So, mothers, the next time you go to your kid’s stylist, ask them to give your little angel a stunning bob cut. Your little girl will love you for that. You will also like her new look so much, but remember your decision is imperative.

little girl bob haircut ideas

Cute Bob Haircuts for Little Girls

We have a comprehensive assortment of standard hairdos that might interest you. Just go for the one that matches perfectly with your little girl’s face shape and skin color. So, here are the best little girl bob haircuts for your consideration.

#1. Layered Curly Hair

wavy red bob for little girl

When they are little, children have fluffier and thinner hair. It starts to thicken when your girl is 2-3 years old. Depending on the thickness of your little princess’s hair, you must choose a hairstyle that suits her.

Creating layers, when she has soft waves and curls is one of the ideas, as it will build more volume and create a shape.

#2. Twisted Ends

Asian bob for little girl

One of the cutest bob haircuts for Asian little girls is one that reaches the jawline, and has a blunt cut, with slightly twisted ends.

The hairstyle looks cute with bangs spread on the forehead and a flower decoration with tassels.

#3. Pink Pigtails

half up colored bob for little girl

Do you know a little girl who doesn’t like pink? Probably not! So if your little lady has blonde hair, and you want to make her happy, then choose a semi-permanent hair dye or a coloring shampoo.

Go for a straight bob and do a middle part to create these cute pigtails.

#4. Tight Coils with Side Swooped Part

curly bob for little black girl

If your girl has tight coils, try a layered asymmetrical haircut. Keep the hair deeply moisturized so it doesn’t look freezy and the coils get that tight, wonderful shape.

Do a side part and use small red elastics to create mini-ponytails. Using a toothbrush, comb that baby hair and style it with hair wax or gel, on the temples.

#5. Wavy Bob with Butterfly Accessory

wedding bob for little girl

A wavy layered trim is a cute option for little girls. The bob haircut keeps the hair reaching the jawline, has volume, fluff, and dimension.

Create bangs and swipe them to the side. A golden butterfly with red stones or rhinestones is a wonderful hair accessory.

#6. Long Blunt Bob and Bangs

long bob with bangs for little girl

When your little girl has straight hair and you want a trim that looks wonderful, suits her, and needs almost no styling, you should go for a lob with bangs.

When drying her hair, you can use a round brush and slightly twist the ends for that fashionable look. Also, using a heat-protecting spray is required so that you can prevent breakage and damage.

#7. Twisted Bob Braids

bob with twists for little girl

Braids can be built in the shape of a bob. They come with so many benefits for hair, protecting it from pollution and damage.

To recreate the look above for your little girl, you will need a rattail comb for the parting, your favorite jam, and some wooden beads to secure and decorate the twists.

#8. Bob for Toddlers

little girl bob with bangs for fine hair

Bobs are perfect for women of all ages, teenagers, girls, and toddlers. If your little one still has that soft touch, thim her hair down to the jawline and get her some bangs that cover the eyebrows.

If it’s a festive moment, you can add a headband or a clip-in with a small hat decoration.

#9. Wavy Bob with Headband

blonde bob with headband for little girl

When hair is shortly trimmed, those waves will look tightened and bouncier. Moreover, when your hair has more length, it becomes heavier so those locks will lose their wavy shape.

To make this short bob for little girls more fun, add a thin floral headband that also keeps hair away from the forehead.

#10. Layered Bob

layered bob with side bangs for little girl

Layered bobs are ideal for curly and wavy hair that has a lot of volume. Messily style them to gain more texture and keep the top combed and straight.

Create bangs that you will swipe to the side and fluff the roots a little.

#11. Asymmetrical Little Girls’ Bob Haircut

With much influence from media personalities nowadays, even little girls want to mimic celebrities and adopt styles worn by their best-preferred stars. Rihanna’s lookbook inspires this hairstyle. When you decide to choose it, make sure you have a side shaved, and the other part kept with an asymmetrical flap.

asymmetrical bob for little girl

#12. Bob Trim

This is a typical hair little girl bob haircut with bangs. And it looks perfect with many types of hair. Varying adornments can be utilized with this haircut, and some examples could be clasps, bobs, and braids. For this, the hair is trimmed short since it is bob and it is effortless to manage.

blonde bob for little girl

#13. Oriental Bob

Also called Chinese haircut. It is a typical representation of a little Chinese girl. It incorporates heavy fringes that swipe side to swipe. It is one of the most preferred cute bob haircuts for toddlers, especially for those attending school.

bob with bangs for little girl

#14. Shaggy Bob for Little Girls

If your little girl is getting bored with her same old haircut, shaggy bob is an ideal hairstyle for her. This multi-layered hairdo is best for little girls looking to grow their short tresses as well.

shaggy bob for little girl

#15. Long and Puffed Bob Hairstyle

This long bob for little girl gives her light and airy feel. All you need to do is chopping off your tresses while retaining a rough look at the tips. Use hair mousse to achieve a perfect style every day you are going out.

long bob for little girl

#16. Blunt Bob Haircut for Little Princess

This is one of the most preferred bob haircuts for little girls. It is ever trending and classy. It is a standard short haircut that exudes volume and dimension. It is ideal for any hair type and face type. Blunt bob makes your little girl look unique in any event. Maintain the bangs short, and your angel will have a fresh new look she wants.

blunt bob for little girl

#17. Little Girl Long Bob

Your little angel may not be ready to cut off her hair. in this case, the bob is the perfect haircut to go for. Just as the name suggests, it is a long bob hairstyle for little girls with elongated hair lengths. You can achieve it anytime using some cool hair products or with a classic hair band.

little girl with long bob

#18. Angled Bob Haircut

If you want an artistical and an exclusive look for your beautiful little doll, this is an ideal hairdo for you. Both fun and chic angled bob present to you everything you need. It incorporates both long and short hair with side bangs and opens the back.

angled bob for little girl

#19. Helmet Bob Haircut

This is one of the most popular little girl bob haircuts. As the name implies, it looks like a look you get when wearing a helmet. Some blunt hair covers the forehead of your girl. It looks great on little girls with straight hair. The hair at the back is maintained clean and bright while that at the front is styled with clips and hair accessories. Trust me; your little angel will look chic and cool in this bob.

little girl bob haircut

#20. Choppy Bob Styles for Little Girls

This hairstyle needs the use of curly iron on the tresses immediately after chopping them and adding curls on the top hair. This gives your little doll a classic and fresh look. Nevertheless, short hair exposes the neck length revealing her pretty outlook.

choppy bob for little girl

#21. Wispy Short Bob Haircut

Another great option for little girl bob haircut. It looks elegant on little girls and also on grown-up girls. So, whether you are grown up or a little girl, this will be the perfect fit for you.

short wispy bob for little girl

#22. Progressive Bob Hairstyle

This is yet another stylish and fun hairstyle for little girls. It is very versatile and can be styled in many ways as you like. For example, you can use accessories or style a gorgeous ponytail to get an ultimate style. Regardless of the styling method you use, you are sure your little girl will look pretty.

bob with highlights for little girl

#23. Undercut Bob

Though Bob is one among the best little girl haircuts, you can take it to the next level and include a boyish allure to it, and that can be achieved by opting for an undercut bob. The distinction is that the tresses at the back are boyishly cut, while the long strands are kept elongated.

undercut bob for little girl

#24. Little Girl Pixie-Bob

This is a combination of a pixie hairdo and a bob for your little angel. Ideal for little girls, this haircut gives her a neat and groomed out version of a pixie cut. So, ensure your little girl look standout with an all elegant style of hers.

pixie bob for little girl

#25. Bob with Bangs for Little Girls

Worried about how a bob cut would appear with bangs? Well, it takes some courage to choose this. But that shouldn’t be the case. Bangs can give your little girl a strong and edgy look. Keep the locks straight for a flapper look.

little girl bob with bangs

#26. Long Bob Hairstyle with Layers

This is an appropriate little girl bob haircut with layers. The layers are utilized for framing the face elegantly and drawing interest towards the beautiful features of the face.

layered long bob for little girl

#27. Stacked Bob Hairdo

Stacked Bob is a perfect haircut for moms as well as their angels. It will make your girl, and you resemble each other.

stacked bob for little girl

#28. Sleek Curled Bob Hairstyle

This is effortlessly achieved with the assistance of a hair curler. It appears great with enhanced depth, and volume added on the entire curls. So, some of the braids can be designated randomly and rolled around by the help of a curling iron. Your little girl can try some updos too if the hair is a little long.

sleek curled bob for little girl

#29. Little Girl Fringe Bob Hairstyle

It is a typical short bob haircut for the little girls with simple fringes that looks pretty elegant. It will match her school uniform while giving her a versatile and practical look.

fringe bob for little girl

#30. Cute Inverted Bob Cut for Little Girl

Inverted bob is uniquely versatile hair that can be customized to fit everyone regardless of their lifestyle or age. The hair is trimmed short so that you get your entire back exposed. Its low maintenance and pretty fashionable look are what makes it a hot cake among the little girls.

inverted bob for little girl









































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So, these are the best choices available to you in bob hairstyles for little girls. Making the correct decision is all it takes for your little girl to look exciting and cute in the new fresh look. Aren’t they fabulous ways to style your little girl’s hair with ease? Keep trying with different haircuts until you choose one that complements your angel’s personality. Besides, don’t ignore your girl’s opinion as well!