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80 of The Cutest Baby Girl Hairstyles to Try with Pride

There are countless hairstyles for baby girls from which you can choose the best one. Girls always remain conscious about their hair and want to try different haircuts and hairstyles which enhance their personality.

This craze is not only among teenagers and women but also among little cute girls. Don’t force your little girl for a long hairstyle if she doesn’t feel comfortable with it. Instead, choose one that’ll highlight her look and personality. 

Adorable Baby Girl Hairstyles

We have collected a list of some fantastic haircuts and styles for little baby girls. Below are 80 popular and cute baby girl hairstyles that we hope your baby girl will like and look like a princess. Also, check our list of some amazing baby boy haircuts.

1. High Top Bun

top knot for baby girls

This is one of the most suitable hairstyles for baby girls with long hair. You need to gather all the hair up, like you’re about to do a pony, and twist the hair. Roll it again around the base, and you’ll end up with a hairdo that lasts and secures all strands. 

2. Top Knots

hairstyle for black baby girls

If your daughter has a lot of energy, it’s pretty hard to style her hair. But once you are done with this hairstyle for little baby girls, her hair will stay in place. Create small sections and tie each with a colorful hair elastic. 

3. Pony with Headband

hairstyle with a headband for baby girls

If you want your baby girl to look fabulous all the time, you can get her headbands decorated with flowers or ribbons. They will keep the hair away from her face. They are also adorable and practical. 

4. Bob Curly Hair

curly hairstyle for baby girls

When your daughter has very curly hair, combing it might seem difficult. Wash the mane with shampoo and use a leave-in conditioner. A bob haircut will keep the hair manageable and will allow the ringlets to for, getting them that beautiful bounce. 

5. Three Braided Ponytails

two braided ponytail for baby girls

Section the hair in three parts, two on top and one in the back. Tie them with hair elastics and braid the ponytails. Tie them again once you reach the ends with colorful elastics. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with rebellious afro hair. 

6. One Sided Braid

side ponytail for baby girls

To create this hairstyle for little baby girls, you need to part the hair in four sections. First, create a pony starting from one side, then tie it with the pony next to it. Let the big ponytail loose and curl a few strands for more volume when you reach the other side of the head. 

7. Cornrows

braided hair for baby girls

If your daughter or niece loves colors and braids, this hairstyle for little baby girls will make them love her new look. Create multiple hair sections and style cornrows. Then, tie them up with multicolored hair ties. 

8. Two Buns with Bangs

half up space buns for baby girls

Hairstyles for little baby girls make your little princess look absolutely adorable. Combine space buns with long hair and get a hairdo that suits her age. Use the top hair and section it into two pieces. Create two buns but leave the bangs on the forehead. 

9. One Sided Braid

side braid for baby girls

One of the cutest hairstyles for baby girls involves one braid that starts from one corner and goes to the other side of the head. When it reaches the nape, use this section to create a simple braid that your girl will wear on one side, on the shoulder. 

10. Braid for Wedding

updo hairstyle for baby girls

If your daughter is the flower girl at a wedding, she will be in the spotlight. She needs a flawless hairstyle that won’t be ignored. Use two ribbons, purple and white, and blend them on the Dutch braid. Once reaching the nape, roll the braid into a bun and create a bow using the ribbons. 

11. Flowery Headband

headband hairstyle for baby girls

A little accessorizing never anyone, especially when it comes to babies; it only works in their favor. We know you cannot resist gushing over baby girls with adorable headbands with flowers or butterflies.

12. Pretty Pigtails

pigtails for baby girls

This hairstyle has been an all-time favorite for little girls. You have to create a middle part and tie the hair with rubber bands on the top of the scalp on each side.

If the hair is too short, you can leave a few baby hairs on the front.

13. Middle Pony

ponytail hairstyle for baby girls

No matter how little your girls are, this hairstyle can be an ideal choice. It is quite comfortable, especially for baby girls, as it does not let the hair fall on their face and irritate them. This is one of the most comfortable hairstyles for baby girls.

14. Side Parted Natural Hair

medium hairstyle for baby girls

Most parents love their kids with long hair, especially girls. However, it can be quite a handful of jobs to maintain them, and it might even affect or irritate them.

Therefore, this hairstyle is the perfect way to settle on a middle ground. Just let your girl’s hair flow like a wave.

15. Baby Braids

braided hairstyle for baby girls

Your child is precious and deserves the best of things always. So, to maintain her preciousness and make everyone gush over her adorable locks, tie the hair into little braids on the front and the remaining into ponies.

This baby girl hairstyle works better with thick afro hair. At the end of the braids, you can add white beads.

16. Straight Blunt Haircut for Little Girls

#1cutest baby girl hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the cutest hairstyles for baby girls. It looks amazing on the baby girls with straight hair. No matter the shape of your face, you can apply this hairstyle.

It’s simple and easy to do. Just show this photo and ask your barber to do this hairstyle; he’ll do it.

17. Sleek and Straight to The Shoulders

cute baby girl hairstyle

This hairstyle looks beautiful if you have straight hair. Babies with sleek and straight hair to the shoulder look very cute. This is the simplest hairstyle your babies can apply for school, parties, and even a normal routine.

18. Shortcuts for Thin Hair

3cutest baby girl hairstyle

This baby girl haircut suits better on thin hair. However, you can apply this hairstyle to any hair texture. It is a very easy-to-maintain hairstyle that You can apply to baby girls who can’t manage their hair.

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19. Long Fringed Layers

4cutest baby girl hairstyle

If your baby has long and thick hair, this is the best hairstyle for your baby’s hair which adds a feeling of lightness. These stylish hairstyles can be opted on parties too.  A blunt cut across the ends looks just amazing.

20. Short Stacked Bob

#5cutest baby girl hairstyle

Some hairstyles focus on adding volume, which looks beautiful on little girls. A stacked bob baby haircut is one of these hairstyles. This looks very attractive and gorgeous on babies who suit well with it.

21. Little Girl’s Layered Bob Haircut

Little Girl's Curly Layered Bob Haircut

Some hairstyles focus on adding volume, which looks beautiful on little girls. A stacked bob baby haircut is one of these hairstyles. This looks very attractive and gorgeous on babies who suit well with it.

22. Medium Length Haircut

#7cutest baby girl hairstyle

If your baby has medium-length hair, then this haircut will look good. This is a shoulder-length haircut for little girls with a similar face shape to the girl in the photo. Understand your girl’s face shape and size before choosing this haircut.

23. Pixie Cut

#8cutest baby girl hairstyle

A pixie cut is the best option if your baby doesn’t like long hair. Babies look adorable in a pixie haircut. You can try this haircut that keeps your baby girl cool during summer.

24. Simple Cut and Pop of Color

#9cutest baby girl hairstyle

While trying hairstyles and haircuts for little girls, some traditional cuts are followed, but you can apply some new and stylish haircuts to your babies. The front layers make a V shape in this haircut and give your baby a cute look.

25. Short Beach Waves

10cutest baby girl hairstyle

The baby beach waves hairstyle is a great way to make your little one look fashionable. This unique style will help you stand out in the crowd while also making them feel special!

26. Side High Ponytail

16cutest baby girl hairstyle

This is an amazing hairstyle that you can apply to your baby’s hair for everyday routine. The deep front bangs with a long pony on the side of her head hanging down her shoulder look very cute.

27. Princess Hairstyle

17cutest baby girl hairstyle

If you attend some special night with a stylish hairstyle, your baby should also go with a modern hairstyle like her mother.

Little locks and curls can make her hairstyle fashionable like you. So if it’s a wedding night or a Christmas night, your baby can opt for this beautiful hairstyle.

28. Sweet Brown Hairstyle

18cutest baby girl hairstyle

The best hairstyle for your baby with brown wavy hair is one in which some strands are clip on the left side while others hang loose.

29. Clip with Locks

19cutest baby girl hairstyle

This beautiful hairstyle your baby can apply for school and during games. Small hair of the baby is clipped on one side while the rest hair is left with gorgeous soft locks.

30. Little Space Buns

20cutest baby girl hairstyle

The most adorable baby girl hairstyle is the two-sided bun. Your baby can wear this simple yet fashionable look to formal occasions and parties with friends!

31. Pull Some Hair Back and Pin

21cutest baby girl hairstyle

If a baby has long, beautiful blonde hair, you can apply this hairstyle. Pull some hair on the back and pin them with a colorful clip or a pin. This is one of the most popular styles among babies and looks really gorgeous.

32. Updo for Little Baby

22cutest baby girl hairstyle

This is another stylish hairstyle for little girls. If you are tired of the common hairstyles, you can apply this hairstyle which gives your baby a new look.

33. Afro Little Girl Hairstyle

23cutest baby girl hairstyle

This is the cutest baby girl hairstyle which looks amazing. For curly hair, this is the best hairstyle that looks stylish and cute at the same time.

34. An Old Angel Hairstyle

24cutest baby girl hairstyle

This angel-like baby girl hairstyle which features long layers with a combination of waves, will look amazing on your baby if fitted to the facial size and shape.

35. Stylish Hairstyle with Flowers

25cutest baby girl hairstyle

The side-parted hair, which is styled into waves, looks amazing with the decoration of flowers. This hairstyle gives your baby a fresh and beautiful look.

36. Front Bangs

26cutest baby girl hairstyle

This hairstyle in which the front bangs flying in the air looks fascinating is the best hairstyle for long-haired babies. The hair behind is pinned, and some hair is left free on the sides.

37. Small Girl with Pigtail Braids

27cutest baby girl hairstyle

The two braids on the sides of her head give a neat and maintained look. For school-going baby girls, we suggest this hairstyle as it looks really cool!

38. Little Angel Locks

28cutest baby girl hairstyle

This is a simple hairstyle, particularly for toddlers. On one side of the head, there is a small clip while the other hair is left free with curls.

39. Long Hair with Clips

29cutest baby girl hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the hair is divided into sections, and the strand of hair is pulled back with a pin or a rubber band. This hairstyle with colorful pins and rubber bands looks fashionable and charming.

40. A Little Braid for Baby Girl

little braided hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the hair shine on both the shoulders and one side of the hair has a small side braid that hangs to the shoulder.

41. Red Bow Little Girl Haircut

Red bow little girl haircut

For a maintained and neat look, the small curls are pulled up in a high pony that stands above her head and gives a cute look. This baby girl hairstyle is very common and beautiful.

42. Pigtails

short chineese hairstyles for babies

Oh, I love this little girl’s hairstyle. Just look how cute she is looking. This hairstyle contains two ponytails which are set free. If your baby is healthy, you can try this hairstyle with medium hair.

43. Front Curls Hairstyle

Curls Hairstyle for baby girl

The pony is created on the little backside to let the front wavy hair dancing in the air. This is a cute hairstyle for playing with babies.

44. Simple and Easy to Maintain

little baby girl haircut - blonde hair

This hairstyle is effortless but gives a neat and stylish look. It is difficult for small babies to manage their hair, but this hairstyle is effortless.

45. A Little Girl Pinned Hairstyle

pinned hairstyle for baby girls

This is another beautiful and neat hairstyle for an everyday routine for little girls. The hair is pulled and pinned on the back. The hair reaches down the neck in this hairstyle.

46. Deep Bangs in Inverted V Shape

36cutest baby girl hairstyle

The baby’s hair looks perfect in this sweet hairstyle, with deep bangs shorter at the middle and long on either side. The V-shape makes it look like they’re smiling!

47. Two Ponies with Bangs

Two ponies baby girl hairstyle

This deep fringe haircut and two high ponies on both sides of the head look beautiful for this girl. You can try this for your baby too.

48. Front Bangs with Long Hair

little baby girl hairstyle

The hair on the middle of the head is separated from the rest hair to cover the forehead while the rest of the hair is left free.

49. Falling Curls

39cutest baby girl hairstyle

This is a simple hairstyle for long hair. The long hair with curls is left free, which gives an adorable look. Falling curls will suit the girls with round faces.

50. Chinese Type Baby Girl Hairstyle

Chinese type baby girl hairstyle

The deep front bangs and rounded look at the back of this hairstyle can be applied to any face shape or hair texture, whether you have long or short hair.

51. Tousled Short Bob


Tousled styles are great for baby girls who have thinner hair. A short little girl’s bob look is a beautiful choice chosen by many celebrities for their baby girls. Tousling a style will help her hair to look thicker until her hair grows longer.

52. Lightly Curled Bob

Many baby girls are born with a soft natural curl in their hair which may grow out as they age. If your baby has soft hair with a slight curl, a chin-length bob could be a perfect choice. All you will need to do to maintain it is dry her hair gently and then part it down the center.

53. Modern Short Pigtail Plaits


Modern plaits are not pulled as tightly as classic plaits are. You can see a looseness near the front of the style, which adds a little volume. Give the style an extra cute factor by tying her plaits into place with little fabric bows.

54. Roots on Show


Although it is not sensible to use any kind of adult hair dye on a baby girl, you might find that your baby girl ends up showing her roots. Many children’s hair will gradually change color as they grow older, so they might not end up with the same color of hair that they were born with.

55. Choppy Cut with Heavy Bangs


If your little girl has dark eyes, a style with heavy bangs will be a brilliant choice. A choppy cut is also ideal if she likes to run around and play because the style will still look good even if it gets messed up a little bit.

56. Heavy Bangs and Flyaway Hair


Some parents worry about their little princess having Flyaway hair, but it is natural because baby hair is softer and lighter than adult hair. Heavy bangs like this will complement your daughter’s hair if it tends to get a little bit Flyaway.

57. Chin Length Soft Hair with Side Parting


Keep chin-length hair soft by brushing it regularly to ensure no knots form. However, do not wash it too often or else you risk stripping the important natural oils away, which could damage the hair. After brushing, complete the style by sweeping most of her hair to one side with a side parting.

58. Pin Updo with Face Framing Strands


For a special occasion, separate her hair into lots of little sections. Twist each section twice and then pull it up and around onto the top of her head. Pin each section in place with a bobby pin. Leave a few asymmetrical sections down at the front to frame her face.

59. New kids on the Block


Try a simple style that needs very little maintenance for a princess who is more of a tomboy. A symmetrical cut will only need brushing a couple of times to make it sit perfectly.

Finish off her tomboy style with a backward baseball cap which will help to protect her hair as she runs around and plays.

60. Braided Space Buns

Your baby girl will adore this hairstyle. It consists of fishtail braids across the taper that are gathered in space buns at both sides.

The rest of the hair should be flat and perfectly brushed. Your girl will definitely stand out from the crowd with a baby hairstyle like this.

61. Braided Hairstyle for Little Girls

All little girls love braids. They make them look fantastic, but they are also practical for moms. You can be sure that this hairstyle will make your girl love summer and warm temperatures. Braid her hair on both sides by making two tight French braids bun.

62. Snake Braid

Once you learn to make the infinity braid, you will make your daughter looks like a princess. A long and thick braid is perfect for both casual school days and special events. Make sure to comb her hair at the back and secure it with an elastic.

Then start braiding until you come to the hair ends. Make this look like a half up by leaving the half of the hair straight.

63. High Bun with Colorful Elastics

All little girls love pink color. Make them look like princesses by adding some colorful elastics to their hair. Then, divide and comb their hair.

Make a huge bun and decorate it with pink flower hairpins. This baby girl hairstyle is perfect for birthday celebrations and days at playgrounds.

64. Long Hair with Side Braids

baby girl long hairstyle

Long hair is great for all little girls. However, it can represent a problem for moms, who need to comb and re-tangle it every day before their princesses go to bed.

To make this baby girl haircut easier, you can braid your girl’s hair. Don’t do it completely, though – leave her hair straight while braiding only the sides in beautiful French buns.

65. Rainbow Colored Hair

The little girl’s hair will shine like an extra proud star as she takes center stage in the playground. Braid her hair at the taper, and gather all the hair in a low ponytail.

Then you can use hair spray in different rainbow colors and make her hair look fantastic.

66. Princess Braid with Flower

Braided hair is perfect for little girls who would like their moms to make them look like princesses. Don’t forget to add floral hairpins.

They should be in pink or some other pastel shades. This girl can wear this lovely updo for birthday celebrations or playground parties.

67. Bun Mohawk

Instead of getting only one bun or two space buns, make your girl a bunch of buns. Position them all along the center of the head by gathering the hair from both sides. This hairstyle for little girls is perfect for warm summertime when your kids hate the hair on their faces.

68. Sweet Braided Bun

braided bun for baby girls

A low bun is excellent, but make it look even more attractive by braiding it. You can opt for one or two side braids and gather them in a bun.

However, without accessories, your girl may find baby girl hairstyles like this boring. That is why you should add some ribbons.

69. Twisted Updo

If your baby girl has medium-length hair, you can absolutely make her updo like this. Half up, half down hair is perfect for daily wear.

However, by adding some interesting hairpins, like this one, you can transform this hairstyle from casual to elegant.

70. Hairstyle Inspired By 4th Of July

The 4th of July is a big holiday in America. So many parents opt to make their kids’ hairstyles inspired by this date. You can braid and gather the hair of your little girl and add some flag-inspired ribbons to make it look even better.

71. Bows hairstyle

This updo is great for elegant occasions. Comb your little girl’s hair, and then make it look like little bows. Secure everything with a lot of bobby pins. The bow at the front is perfect for girls to stand out from the crowd.

72. Colorful Threads Hairstyle

hairstyles for baby girls

Space buns are great, but let’s make them look more appealing. By wreathing colorful threads at the taper of your kiddo’s hair, you will make her hairstyles look even more attractive. Once she sees how good she can look with threads, she will want more of these baby girl hairstyles!

73. Long half up half down hairstyle

If your little girl has exceptionally long hair, don’t be afraid to style it. Yes, we know, more combing and tangles, but in the end, your girl get perfect hair that will make her stand out from the crowd.

Make a half-up, half-down style by braiding the part of your little girl’s hair.

74. Kid’s Braided Ponytail

A ponytail like this will make your little girl look elegant and even fancy. Whether you need to go to some nice and special events, braid the upper part of your girl’s hair and gather the rest of your hair in a ponytail.

75. Pull-through Braid

Pigtail hairstyle is popular among little girls. The most important thing you should do is style the elastics in a way your girl like – coordinate the color and material.

76. Large Waves

baby girl with long wavy hair

Nothing can replace simple yet powerful waves and curls. Your little girl will adore her long wavy hair, whether it is styled for a day or some special event. Keep her hair hydrated with oils and conditioners.

77. Side French Fishtail Braid

side braid hairstyle for baby girls

Fishtail braids might not be the easiest ones to make, but the most beautiful ones. Divide your girl’s hair and make this braid at one side. It will look fantastic.

78. Colored Hairstyle for Babies

13cutest baby girl hairstyle

Aside from traditional hairstyles, you can also give your baby a new and beautiful look with a colored hairstyle.

Babies love colors and are always attracted to brilliant colors, so there are different washout dyes and henna available in the market which are safe for your baby. Your baby can enjoy the best-colored hairstyle without any danger.

79. Blonde Cute Hairstyle

14cutest baby girl hairstyle

In this hairstyle, a strand of hair is tied with accessories on one side of her head, and some hair is brushed on her forehead.

80. Pony for Long Hair

15cutest baby girl hairstyle

A ponytail is the best way to keep your baby’s long hair looking good. This hairstyle will make her feel relaxed, and she doesn’t need extra work to maintain it!

Baby girls are cute and innocent. Whether they’re too little to understand today’s trends or not, you should still get your little one the best possible hairstyles that’ll suit them just right. Hope you get the hairstyle ideas you are looking for your little baby girl.