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9 Lovely Mohawk Styles for Babies

When you think about baby hairstyles, the sky is literally the limit. They are so cute and adorable that they manage to look good in practically any hairstyle that they sport.

Some have hair, and some look adorable even without anything. But the baby Mohawk is one style that stands out for the cute quotient that it exudes.


Adorable Baby Mohawk Hairstyles

Here we have shortlisted 9 best Mohawk styles that you can try for your toddlers.

1. Hair Raising Style

mohawk hairstyles for babies

This Mohawk is dedicated to all moms who worry about their babies having very sparse or thin hair. Their hair is so delicate that you can achieve this effect by simply setting the hair like this with your hand.

Apart from the fun aspect, it is a type of style that invariably looks cool and adds volume to your child’s hair without too much ado.

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2. Aqua Mohawk

baby mohawk haircut

This is a rather interesting take on Mohawk for toddlers. Babies love to play with water, and this Mohawk takes the aqua theme forward in a creative and cute way.

It is the type of style that will always bring a smile to your face and make your kid stand out by the sheer brilliance of styling.


3. Mini Hawk

mohawk with shaved sides for babies

Now, this is a Mohawk that can at least claim to have involved a certain degree of work to get the effect. The hair on the crown is left as is and arranged in the Mohawk manner.

The rest of the head is shaved clean to get the striking contrast and give your baby’s hair that stunning effect. The goldtone naturally compliments the skin color and ensures a second glance every time.

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4. Flat Mohawk

baby mohawk hairstyles

In this baby Mohawk style, it is just the crown that has hair, but the difference is the hair is not raised. It is shaped and cut flat in the regular Mohawk area to create a stunning impact.

This is a practical and unique adaptation of the conventional style and brings forth a decidedly refreshing new take on an old classic. It is cool, casual, comfortable and convenient for most who sport this style.


5. Feather Style

feather style toddler mohawk

This Mohawk needs a certain bit of styling and hard work to get the desired effect. You have to cut the hair in a feathered fashion in the crown area.

The advantage is you will see babies or toddler boys who have short hair on the sides, this one will take care of the problem. It undoubtedly adds more variety and stylish touch to the hairdo.


6. Curly Mohawk

But you are deeply mistaken if you think that toddler Mohawk is only for kids with straight hair. Mohawks look very cute on babies with curly hair too.

The natural curls add a stylish touch and make it stand out in terms of both look and feel of the overall hairdo. It is a type of style that looks cool as well as comfortable.


7. Spiky Mohawk

Probably one of the most fun prospects, who don’t dress up their little ones on one of these foamy wet spiky mohawks at some time or the other.

The simplicity of this baby boy haircut is the ease of execution is what makes it a popular option. You can get the same impact by using kid-friendly hair products that stiffen up the hair.


8. Punk Style

punk mohawk style for toddlers

This is for all those people who like to spice things up to really stylish levels. This punk style Mohawk is drop-down adorable and will ensure a second glance for your little one wherever they go sporting this style.

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9. Twisted Mohawk

twisted mohawk for toddlers

The natural curls, in this case, are gathered and styled in a way that they exude a box-like appeal. This is also a practical style for toddlers as you do not have to worry about their hair getting dirty or wet due to sweat or rain.

This Mohawk is particularly important as toddlers love to play in dirt and sand and sometimes even roll on the ground.


Mohawk for babies is often just a shift in the hair arrangement. But the sheer brilliance of proper arrangement is what makes this style stand out amongst babies. You can arrange your child’s hair too in one of these Mohawk options.

In case you are not sure about the style that best suits your little one, simply dig into this list of toddler Mohawk styles and pick your favorite alternative.