30 Epic Ombre Hair Color Ideas With Bangs to Uplift Your Beauty

Ombre hair color is becoming more and more popular each year. Women who follow fashion know how amazingly stylish this hair color mix is. It is especially useful for girls who used to dye their hair and want to return to their original color. It is also great for women with fine and damaged hair who really want an image change but are not ready to fully dye their locks.

ombre with bangs hairstyles

Hairstyles with ombre hair color look especially well with bangs. In fact, fringe is always an amazing idea for any woman. Bangs do wonders for hiding high foreheads, making long faces seem more oval and adding a very special zest to any hairstyle.

Most bangs require certain care but the longer they are, the less hassle they cause. When you combine ombre hair color with stylish bangs, you get an amazing mix that will surely turn some heads. The bangs are usually dyed the same color as the top part of your ombre is.

However, there are some unexpected variations that you might enjoy. So if you are about to get an ombre, a hairstyle change might be in order. If you want to get a good idea of what to do with your newly acquired hair color, take a look at what others have done.


Very Special Ombre Hair Color Ideas with Bangs

Girls with ombre hair have so many different options to try. The most appealing ones are the bangs hairstyles for ombre hair. If you are looking for ombre hair colors with bangs, you need to choose the color you will be using. Most women prefer natural colors.

The classical ombre is darker on top and lighter on the bottom. However, all depends on your preferences. You can even dye your bangs a third color if you wish. This will truly make a statement. Below is a short list of amazing ideas you can use during your next hair salon visit.

1. Brown Shades with Blunt Bangs

 Brown shades Ombre Hair Color for women

Brown shades are very natural and look especially well on women of all ages. Choose natural brown at the top and light brown bottom of your ombre. Combine it with short blunt bangs and you will get an amazing hairstyle!


2. Long Ombre Locks with Eye Reaching Bangs

Ombre Hair Color Ideas with bangs 2

If you have long locks, then ombre will look amazing. Try using soft brown shades on top and dark blond colors on the bottom. The eye reaching bangs will give you a sexy look. Just make sure to get them trimmed on a regular basis.

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3. Straight and Fine

Straight beautiful ombre hair color for cute girl

Girls with straight and fine hair should avoid too much coloring. That’s why ombre is their best choice. The top should be left natural, while the bottom dyed a lighter color. Short bangs will look perfect for girls with long faces.


4. Weave

Ombre Hair Color Ideas with bangs 4

Dreaming about long locks with an ombre but all you’ve got is a short brown bob? No problem! Ask your hairstylist for a weave. Hair extensions are easily attached and need correction once in only about three weeks.


5. Dark Ombre with Long Bangs

women Dark ombre with long bangs hair cut

If your face is round, longer bangs are preferred. If you want to outline your facial features but still want an ombre, then you should go for darker colors. Dark ombre with long bangs will look amazing on any hair type.


6. Bright Color Experiment

Ombre Hair Color Ideas with bangs 6

There is no reason to limit yourself to natural colors if you don’t want it. Experiments are always in style and so is making a statement. So, take your pick of amazing bright and wild colors and start turning some heads!


7. Light Ombre with No Bangs

Light Ombre Hair Color Ideas with bangs

If your face type is round or heart-shaped you will appreciate a no bangs hairstyle. Long fine hair without any bangs will look fantastic with a light ombre. Mix darker and lighter blond dyes to get an amazing result!



8. 3 Color Ombre with Long Bangs

multi color Ombre Hair Color hair for teen age girl

Long bangs look great and require almost no maintenance. Same goes for a naturally colored ombre. Once your roots start growing, the two-color ombre becomes a three-color one, which is a great hairstyle all on its own. Just don’t let them grow too long. Go for a touch-up!


9. Wavy Natural Ombre

Wavy natural colored ombre hair for girl

If you choose two similar colors for your ombre, the hairstyle will look amazingly natural. This is a great choice for girls who like such organic styles. You can play around with bangs length depending on your face type.


10. Blond Extravaganza

Ombre Hair Color Ideas with bangs 10

If you prefer blond colors, then this ombre is for you. If your hairstylist is a real professional he or she will find the right shades of blond to create a real extravaganza. Soft blond colors suit women with all hair and face types.