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35 Flamboyage Hair Ideas for Women to Rock

Flamboyage is the new hair color technique that has been trending within the hair community. It is a combination of “Ombre” and “Balayage”. It is similar to both; however, the ends are lightened a little more. It’s trending because the process incorporates the techniques to give the hair depth and a classy look.

The transparent layer that is used to color the hair in different pieces/section which will give you a peek-a-boo highlights look. You can purchase your strips from the Davines-Italian product line. This process will take 30 – 90 minutes depending on your preference.

Lastly, it is perfect for ladies looking for bold yet subtle highlights, Now, with this new technique, there are different hair ideas that you can women with it.


Amazing Flamboyage Hairstyles

Check out the following flamboyage hairstyles that are truly gorgeous and stunning.


1. Chrissy Teigen’s Blonde and Honey Flamboyage Highlights

Blonde and Honey Flamboyage Highlights

If your hair is naturally brown then this style is perfect for you. Your hair will be flamboyant with blonde and honey highlights in streaks and layers, depending on your preference. In addition, the color will add more texture, and the layers will add depth to your hair. Chrissy Teigen definitely rocked this look with the hair at the front being shorter than the hair at the back. Hence, it frames her face very well.


2. Blonde Flamobyage Highlights

Blonde Flamobyage Highlights

This is perfect for those with long hair who want a portion of their hair to be blonde. They do like the color blonde but are not ready to commit to having their hair fully beached. So, they would do a blonde flamboyage. This gives them an idea of how their hair will look with the blonde. So, their hair goes from their natural color then scale towards an ashy blonde color. You can ask your stylist to cut layers in your hair so it will add depth and volume.


3. Rihanna’s Auburn Flamboyage Highlights

Auburn Flamboyage Highlights

Auburn highlights will blend perfectly with dark brown hair. So, from the roots, the hair is streaked with Auburn. Then, moving on down to the ends it is fully streaked with the color. It provides a beautiful contrast from little to fully auburn. You can request your stylist to cut layers in your hair so the hair looks more voluminous at the roots just like Rihanna’s hair.


4. Ashy Blonde Flamboyage Highlights

ashy blonde flamboyage highlight

This ashy blonde highlight starts from the roots to the tip. It was lightly streaked at the crown of the hair, then fully dyed towards the end. You can add curls using a flat iron or curling wand which will add more texture to your hair. In addition, you can add layers for more volume so that the hair at the front is shorter than at the back.


5. Light Brown Flamboyage Highlights

light brown flamboyage highlights

The light brown highlights will look similar to blonde especially when it is in the sunlight. It compliments brown hair whether light or dark perfectly. In this style, the ends are wavy too which adds more texture to the style. This can be achieved by lightly curling or crimping your ends with your curly wand. Then, combing them out to add the texture needed. It is a very classy hairstyle.


6. Ashy Brown Flamboyage Highlight For Brunettes

If you are a brunette then this hair idea is great for you. You can lighten the ends of your hair, or use an ashy brown color to highlight it. This will give a nice contrast from dark brown to a light ashy brown. It is a simple yet perfect hair idea. You can wear it straight or add evenly layered curls to spice up the look.


7. Light Brown Block Streaks Flamboyage Highlights

A very unique highlight idea where it is down in blocks along your hair shaft. Your stylist would apply the color with the adhesive layers to certain blocks on your hair so that it will be more prominent. This is definitely a runway look so for example when the lights hit it will be listening as always. In addition, the chunks add more depth with the frayed ends for texture.


8. Light Brown Flamboyage Highlights On Dark Hair

Brown on brown always complements each other well. If you have dark brown hair then this hair idea is perfect for you. Your hair is streaked with light brown highlights all over. It gives off the effect that is a natural look. In addition, adding soft curls gives the hair more texture and death.


9. Honey and Blonde Highlights

This absolutely gorgeous color will look on anyone’s hair. Firstly, the hair is streaked with blonde and honey highlights throughout the hair to give it a more natural look. In addition, it makes your hair look light especially if you have dark brown hair. Then, the ends are crimped to give your hair curls for added texture. It is great if you want a new look.


10. Dark Brown Flamboyage Highlights

Another hair idea that you can do without having to commit to the color. The hair is lightly streaked if you inspect it closely. It allows you to test different shades of brown if you want to perfect your brown flamboyant highlights. Overall the colors blend well which will give you a subtle look.


11. Bleached Flamboyage Highlights

The beach is streaked at the roots. Then, the rest of the hair is bleached. As you can see in this picture the bleach does not stay on for longer because it’s not fully blonde. However, there are present blonde colors in her hair. This hair idea is colored and layered perfectly.


12. Dark Red Flamboyage Highlights

This hairstyle is beautiful for a redhead who wants to tone up or down their color. Or, for individuals who want red hair. This red highlight is not too extreme or too bland. It will complement your skin tone very well because of it red copper and sun-kissed look.


13. Natural Brown Flamboyage Highlights

As you can see her highlights look very natural. They are lightly done at the roots, and heavily down towards the ends. It gives her hair a lot of dimensions. In addition, if curls and layers are added it will give her hair a natural voluminous look. It is perfect for ladies who want to color their hair but do not want to commit to the damage that their hair may face.


14. Natural Auburn Flamboyage Highlights

This is another natural flamboyage highlights look. As you can see her hair is naturally brown, and the stylist “Flamboyed” the ends and added layers of here to give their hair a natural look which is subtle. It is perfect for just about any hair color.


15. Blonde Streak Flamboyage Highlights

Blonde Streak Flamboyage Highlights

Another idea for blonde highlights however on men. Depending on your current hairstyle, you can try out this highlight. The light brown complements the skin color very well. In addition, the color is very striking with blunt layers. It definitely adds edge to their style especially with the use of the colors.


16. Bright Auburn Flamboyage Highlights

Bright Auburn Flamboyage Highlights

Bright Auburn Flamboyant Highlights is definitely one of the colors for this summer. The model’s hair is cut bluntly at the tips which allow the color ton to be more prominent. In addition, it is heavy at the roots, and lighter at the ends. It gives your hair a striking feature and definitely a noticeable look.


17. Grey Highlights Flamboyage

Grey Highlights Flamboyage

Definitely not your grandma’s grey, but an even more beautiful grey. Along with flamboyage highlighting technique, grey highlights are in. The grey gives the hair a cooler tone than dark highlights. Her hair is lightly streaked from the roots, then heavily streaked at the bottom. It gives the hair a nice complement as well. In addition, they are layers which add more depth to her hair. You can braid or twist the bottom at nights so that your hair is a bit curly in the morning which will give the style more texture.


18. Light Honey Flamboyage Highlights

These honey highlights are done to the ends of the hair to provide a simple contrast from dark brown or black to honey. It is a classical flamboyage, and simple to achieve. It will require little to no maintenance as well as not many touch-ups if necessary. It is definitely a go too hairstyle.


19. Pink Flamboyage Highlights

Brown highlights become boring after a while, so you can try pink! Yes, pink! Pink highlights can be flamboyant into your blonde or dark hair. Pink usually has an orange or rustful undertone which will make it complement your hair really well. In this picture, her entire hair is flamboyant with the link which blends nicely with her dark brown hair. Another summer hair idea if you are looking to switch things up.


20. Peacock Flamboyage Highlights

This is definitely a unique hairstyle. Your hair ends will have a lot of colors like a peacock and depending on the length of your hair, preferably longer it will look even more beautiful. This isn’t a style that can be done at home, it should be done by your stylist only. You can switch up the colors by using a lighter green, purple or blue depending on what works for you. But, it is definitely a show stopper that will have all eyes on you. It is not overbearing depending on the colors you choose.


21. Light Orange Flamboyage Highlights

This is a beautiful highlight idea that will brighten up your everyday look. The light orange highlight is sparsed at the top then heavily colored towards the tip. Depending on the natural color of your hair, for example, brown, the mixture of colors will give the hair more a copper tone.  In addition, as the orange stays longer on the hair, it will get lighter similar to a blond-ish look.


22. Sunkissed Flamboyage Highlights

It is similar to the light orange highlights however the orange is mixed to represent the colors of the sunset. It is highlighted in layers evenly along your hair. In addition, if you add curls to your hair will add more texture and volume to your hair. This hair is perfect for the autumn season.


23. Copper Brown Flamboyant Highlights

Copper Brown Highlights is perfect on dark hair because it blends in very well. The hair is lightly streaked with highlights so that it blends in perfectly. The angled bob gives you a creative look, especially with the angled bob. This is a low manipulation hairstyle where you can wake up, comb it out in 5 minutes, and go. It is perfect for moms on the go, and busy working women who want a new look that doesn’t cost them much money to get, maintain, and style.


24. Mustard Brown Flamboyant Highlights

This mustard brown flamboyant highlights will give off an early 60s vibe.  In addition, if your hair is styled is very low bangs and flowing hair. If the highlight is down on dark brown hair it will have the brown undertone and depending on where the light hits your hair will look like variations of different browns. It is a beautiful look fit for anyone.


25. Heavy Blonde Flamboyage Tips

As you can see the tips of her hair are very blonde. As you go up from the tips to roots you will see the light streaks from the roots. This is another idea that is perfect for trying the blonde color without committing to full blonde or if you want blonde hair with dark roots which is a beautiful contrast.


26. Turquoise Flamboyaged Highlights

For this hair idea, the turquoise green is layered on the end of your hair specifically. Towards the top it is lightly streaked then it becomes fuller towards the end. Turquoise is a bold color to wear but it will always be trending. It will complement a dark color hair such as brown or black perfectly. Then, it will definitely pop on a lighter hair color.


27. Ashy Brown Ponytail Highlights

ashy brown flamboyage highlights

Ashy Brown Highlights specifically on the ends of the hair that normally hangs out of the ponytail is a nice hair idea. Whenever your hair is a ponytail or a bun then the color is more prominent. In this picture, you can see that colors complement each other well. After a while, the color will fade which could have your hair looking dry but adding a moisturizing or leave in conditioner spray will enhance the sheen of your hair.


28. Light Brown Strips & Streaks Flamboyage Highlights On Curly Hair

These beautiful colored curls are for curly or wavy hair girls. In the photo, the ends of your curls are highlighted which enhances your image. You can also achieve this if you have straight hair by curling your hair using a flat iron or roller set to achieve these curls.


29. Blue Flamboyage Highlights

This color will remind anyone of the beach late at nights. It gives off a cool tone. Blue Flamboyage highlights is definitely for a girl who wants to step out of her comfort zone. It will blend in with black or dark brown hair very well. In addition, the fact that the blue is brighter on the ends gives the hairstyle more flair. Lastly, curls will add amazing texture to your hair.


30. Dark & Light Brown Flamboyage Highlights on Curly Hair

Another flamboyant for our curly girls. The ends are colored with different shades of brown. This look is gorgeous because your hair is multi flamboyaged. In addition, depending on where the sun hits you it will also change the shade. It’s another low maintenance hairstyle especially if you have darker hair because it complements it well. However, if you have straight hair then you can manipulate your hair to achieve these gorgeous curls or ringlets.


31. Light Pink Flamboyage Highlights

Light Pink Flamboyage Highlights

Another pink highlight that is gorgeous for blonde hair.  These light pink streaks blend in her with blonde tresses because they have a similar shade. If you have dark roots then it will add more depth to the hair. As well as, adding curls through your hair will give it more texture.


32. Blonde Streak Flamboyage Highlights

Another beautiful hair idea that you can try if you have dark hair and want blonde highlights. These are blonde highlights were streaked and layered with different intensities so that will look white or grey depending on the light that you are in. It is a gorgeous colour because the there is a beautiful contrast from dark to light brown to blonde, and then to white.


33. Honey Brown Flamboyage Highlights

In this hairstyle, the highlights were done more so to the ends of the hair to give the hair a nice contrast from one shade of brown to another. In addition, the layers were cut to frame the model’s face shape. As well as, the hair at the front is shorter than at the bottom which gives of a natural layered look. This flamboyant hair color is usually worn by celebrities especially on the red carpet.


34. Blue & Purple Flamboyant Highlight Bob With Bangs

 Blue & Purple Flamboyant Highlight Bob With Bangs

In this hairstyle, her hair is highlighted with different shades of blue and purple with dark roots. The colors are very contrasting but it complements her skin tone very well. The bob and the bang is framed to shape the model’s face as well as accentuate her features. Lastly, the ruffled curls give the hair more texture.


35. Mahogany Flamboyage Highlights

mahogany flamboyage highlights

Mahogany Highlights will blend perfectly with dark brown hair because of the similar color. You can do it sparsely throughout the hair to add more flair. As well as, adding layers and curls will give the hair more texture and depth.


Flamboyage is a low maintenance hair color technique which is perfect if you are lazy or always busy. It doesn’t require as much time as ombre and balayage and it can be manipulated to have light or heavy highlights depending on what you are looking for. So, which hair idea will you be trying?