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40 Ideas of Blonde Hairstyles With Lowlights

Most women tend to want lighter hair than what nature gave them. However, there are blonds that are looking for ways to darken their hair with lowlights. Whether you are a natural blond or dyed your hair blonde and now want a change, lowlights can be your answer.

While blonde hair color will never lose its popularity, light blonde hues are not as mainstream as before. Women are exploring darker colors and enjoying them. Ombres and balayage are actually created to take the lightness out of the hair as much as possible.

Lowlights are gaining popularity for the same reason. So if you are looking for something new and stylish for your blonde locks, consider lowlights.


How to Add Lowlights to Blonde Hair

After checking out the styles below (decide which color you like or how light to how dark). While you can choose to have them evenly placed around your hair for an overall lightness, it’s a popular choice to focus lowlights near the front of the face for particular emphasis; just study a few looks and decide what you want your overall look to be.

It is best to see a stylist for adding lowlights since we all know DIY-ing your hair can often turn out badly, but if you’re feeling brave, go for it! After mixing developer with the color’s liquid, you or your stylist will “paint” it on your hair in small sections about 1/8 inch wide starting from underneath the hair and working up in levels. Paint from the root to the ends, being sure to saturate the hair completely.

After painting on the mixture in each small section of hair, you’ll fold it in foil. There should be between 3/4 to an inch between each section of hair you add lowlights to. When your whole head is done, wait for 10 minutes, then peek at a section of hair before unwrapping all the foils and washing your hair. Be sure to use a conditioner to add moisture back in to your locks!


Blonde Hairstyle Ideas with Lowlights

Every woman wants to be different. Blonde hair with lowlights has its fans but hasn’t become very mainstream yet. So if you want to make a statement with your unique image, consider adding lowlights to your blonde locks.

There is no need to wait and think this over. We have picked 40 different examples to help you see how amazing blonde hair can look with lowlights. Lowlights come in many different colors and can make your blonde mane appear truly stunning!

1. Bronze Blonde

blonde hair with lowlights

Bronze blonde hair with lowlights will look especially amazing if you add more color to the bangs. Leave all your hair light and darken just the blunt bangs. The effect will be stunning.


2. Copper beige ombre

ombre blonde hairstyle for girl

Blonde hair shades look great when mixed to create an ombre. Consider light blonde on top and copper beige blonde on the bottom. This color mix looks truly impressive and outlines your face.


3. Blonde Hair with Lowlights and Dark Roots

Strawberry blond lowlights for women

If your locks are dyed sandy blonde, you can add some strawberry blonde lowlights to make them look a little darker. This is a great idea for women whose natural hair is brown or chestnut.


4. Honey blonde lowlights

Honey blonde lowlights hairstyle your favorite

Honey and golden blonde lowlights are the best way to darken your blonde locks. If you use two or more colors, your mane will look even more impressive. Don’t be afraid to experiment with several shades.


5. Sunrise blonde lowlights


The mix of sunrise blonde, light red, and chestnut create a soft and natural-looking color you always dreamed of. Only a good professional can make your hair look this magnificent. Ask your hairstylist to flaunt his skills.


6. Reddish blonde lowlights

Reddish blonde lowlights haircut for women

Reddish blonde lowlights are a great way to darken bronze blonde hair. You will create dark strands while keeping the hair blonde. Make an experiment with adding honey highlights.


7. Light brown and blonde lowlights


Light brown and blonde hair with lowlights looks great together in an ombre. Such an approach can make your locks appear natural without too much dyeing. Consider doing a balayage.


8. Bleached blond

blonde with lowlights

Being a bleached blonde might seem like fun but after some time most women decide to darken up their mane. Yellow and light blonde lowlights can do the job fantastically well.


9. Crazy colors

Crazy colors blonde cut for girl

Crazy and outrageous colors are always a great way to make a statement. No matter what color your natural hair is, dyeing a few strands blue, purple or even green will definitely help you make an impression.


10. Ash blonde lowlights


If you like the dirty blonde look but are looking for something new, consider partial lowlights to frame your face. Choose from ash blonde and chestnut blonde or go further to explore the darker shades.


11. Chestnut lowlights

Chestnut lowlights with blonde hairstyle

If you have honey blonde hair, it will look terrific with chestnut lowlights. Ask your hairstylist to use the chestnut dye all over your mane to get a fantastic color mix that will last for a long time.


12. Dirty blonde lowlights

blonde hair with lowlights

Dirty blonde hair with lowlights looks especially terrific. Use honey and golden shades coupled with ash blonde to get an amazing effect. You can even use light brown to darken the color.


13. Honey patches

Honey patches blonde hairstyle for girl

If you are not ready to say goodbye to your wonderful sandy mane but still want it to be a little different, you can try patch lowlighting. Ask your hairstylist to use his or her imagination on this one.


14. Dark blonde lowlights


If your natural hair is dark blonde and you had it dyed light sandy blonde, dark lowlights can help you get your natural color back. You don’t need to take drastic measures. Start with just a few strands.


15. Yellow blonde lowlights

Yellow blonde lowlights hairstyle you like

Blonde hair with lowlights can look extravagant if you use yellow colors. Such mix of hues will create an impressive shade that can be unique for every woman. See how it looks on you!


16. Champagne lowlights


Champagne blonde hair with lowlights will look great if you add some reddish hues. Champagne blonde can easily be turned into light red with the right use of lowlights. This shade is truly stunning.


17. Bottom lowlights

blonde with lowlights

When you decide to create lowlights you have a choice of where to make them. You don’t need to create them all over your mane or make some patches. Consider dyeing just the very bottom part of your locks.


18. Red lowlights


Red lowlights are a perfect way to start turning yourself from a blond to a stunning redhead. Start by making partial lowlights that frame your face and then you can add a few all over.


19. Lowlights for short hair

women blonde Lowlights for short hair

If you think that lowlights can look good just on long manes, you are wrong. Pixies and bobs also look amazing with lowlights. However, short hair needs a special careful approach.


20. Brown lowlights

blonde hair with lowlights

Honey blonde hair with lowlights will look especially fantastic if you are not afraid of drastic measures. Consider using brown and mahogany hues for your lowlights to completely change your image.


21. Golden mahogany

Golden mahogany blonde hairstyle for women

Golden mahogany lowlights are perfect for starting a transition from blonde to chestnut brown. The mix of golden mahogany and honey blonde is especially amazing. You must give it a try!


22. Silver lowlights


Silver lowlights might seem like a weird choice to some but others believe it to be the most fashionable color in the world. Gray locks are gaining popularity and trying them will make you look stylish.


23. Brown and nordic blonde

Brown and nordic blonde hairstyle your favorite

Nordic blonde hair with lowlights looks amazing. This is a good choice for girls who used to have light brown hair and then dyed it blond. Brown and chestnut lowlights will help you get your color back.


24. Ultra light blonde with satin lowlights

blonde with lowlights

When your hair is dyed ultra-light blonde, the lowlights are often hard to create. Any color will look too dark. The best way to lowlight such blonde shade is to add a satin hue. It will look natural.


25. Honey and golden brown


Honey blonde hair looks perfect with golden brown lowlights. This rich color looks natural and lightens up your whole face. Meanwhile, the dark roots won’t be as visible. What a great color mix!


26. Creamy and spring honey blonde

Creamy and spring honey blonde hairstyle for women

Creamy blonde is another variation of the ultra-light blonde shade. A great way to make it a little darker is to use the spring honey blond lowlights. Start with creating just the partial lowlights.


27. Strawberry blonde and honey


Blonde hair with lowlights can look even more fantastic if you use honey as the lowlight color. In fact, honey and golden shades are the most popular ones for lowlighting blonde hair. They are a fail-safe option.


28. Golden chestnut brown

Golden chestnut brown blonde cut

Golden chestnut brown hair color is not easy to achieve. The best option is to start with dark blonde hair color and use chestnut and honey lowlights.


29. Nutmeg lowlights

blonde with lowlights

Nutmeg lowlights are a perfect way to make your blonde color richer and reduce the amount of daily maintenance.


30. Ash and brown lowlights

Ash and brown lowlights blonde hairstyle for women

Ash and brown lowlights are a great way to turn your ordinary dirty blonde hair into an amazing mane that features several bright and rich colors. Become a brunette!


31. The Blonde Bob

Bobs are a great hairdo for the summer. This blonde hairstyle with low lights requires the least maintenance as compared to other hairstyles. The dark blond and light blonde highlights with dark brown really create a different dimension.


32. Grey Blonde Hair

If you are someone who likes experimenting with hair color, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Grey is such an upbeat trending color of late. Pair this grey tone lowlights with dirty blonde ones and stick to your dark roots for an amazing look.


33. Golden Blonde Crown

Golden Blonde highlights are something that will never go out of style. Mix these golden blonde color with some coffee brown low lights and get this amazing hairstyle with dimension.


34. Dark and Light Shade

blonde beachy waves with lowlights

If you are the girl who has always stuck to her dark roots, yet at the same time finds the need to change it up, this hairstyle is perfect for you. The hair colored in honey blonde with dark brown lowlights will make you look like a star. It’s a perfect risk taker kind of hairstyle but at the same time you know there is absolutely no chance of it looking bad.


35. The Blonde and The Brown

blonde hairstyles with lowlights” width=

If you are into hair colors that gradually become darker towards the end, this one is a good option. Honey Blonde color towards the crown that fades into mid-tone brown towards the ends of the hair.


36. Balayage Blondes

Balayage seemingly started to gain importance post-2015. Here honey blonde lowlights are mixed with light to dark tones of brown to result in this perfect blonde, brown balayage effect. Perfect for all skin tones.


37. Dark Roots and Light Tips

icy blonde hair with lowlights

When you look at this hairstyle, you might think it’s not for everyone, but the dark roots change that. These dark roots are perfect for any skin tone, which later on fades into light blonde that still has a dark brown base towards the bottom. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to play around.


38. Warm Rosy Blondes

This yet another great option for someone who wants to stick to their dark roots. The roots fade into rose blonde but significantly have a dark undertone to them. Perfect color for the summer and it will go on all skin tones. You can lighten and darken the blonde with lowlights depending on how you prefer your hairstyle to be.


39. Blonde Wavy Lob

blonde wavy lob with lowlights

This is one of the hairstyles and colors that has recently been adopted by numerous celebrities. Mostly because it’s fun and its different. This wavy hairstyle has dark brown roots that slowly fade into light blonde and darker blonde high lights alternately. It gives the haircut dimension and is perfect for any face cut.


40. Blonde Angled Bob

blonde angled bob with lowlights

This is one of the most classic and iconic bob haircuts that will never go out of style. This haircut paired with blonde highlights and dark undertones is just timeless. There is absolutely no way you could be going wrong with this.


Blonde hair with lowlights looks especially stunning. There are so many ways to keep your hair blonde while pumping up the color to make it richer and more impressive. Don’t be afraid to lose your blond locks. Experiment!