50 Trendy Medium Length Hair With Bangs for Women

If your hair is medium-length, then you must have thought about various hairstyles that involved a fringe. Medium haircuts with bangs look especially inviting.

Women’s popular bangs hairstyles serve various purposes. For example, they can hide your forehead wrinkles, while adding your hair extra style. The bangs have a life on their own and can be styled in many different ways.

Did you know that bangs make many women look younger? The power of bangs can’t be underestimated. So, why not take advantage of it? Think about the types of bangs you’d like to sport and go for it.


Which Bangs Style Will Suit My Medium Length Hair?

What medium hairstyles do you want to wear with bangs? Surprisingly enough, most of the hairstyles you choose look amazing with bangs. Be it a stylish bob, a long pixie, or various braids and ponytails, they look terrific with a well-shaped fringe.

medium bangs haircut

The only downside of the bangs is maintenance. Most of the time they won’t oblige you by looking perfect the moment you get out of bed. You need to make friends with a curling iron and a brush to straighten out your bangs and make them look appealing.


Popular Medium Hair with Bangs

Medium haircuts with bangs are exactly what you need when you wish to look younger and more attractive. Bangs are a wonderful addition to any hairstyle you choose for yourself.

There are many types of bangs to be used with medium hair. You can create wispy or blunt bangs or go for long eye-covering bangs. Some women prefer long bangs that can be incorporated into the rest of the hair when needed. Take a look at the 50 various medium bangs hairstyles we came up with to give you some inspiration.


1. Blunt ends with blunt bangs

women blunt bangs Medium Hair with Bangs

If you are going for a long bob with blunt ends consider adding blunt bangs into the picture. The ends of the bangs don’t have to be even. You might want to consider a rounded style with longer strands on the sides and shorter in the middle.


2. A-line bob with long bangs

long bangs Medium Hairstyle with Bangs

Long length a-line bob is a wonderful hairstyle for women with medium hair. Adding some bangs can make the hairstyle even more appealing. Consider long side swept bangs that you can hide at any time.

Bob With Bangs Hairstyles to Grab Attention


3. Wavy bangs

Women Medium Hair with Wavy bangs

Wavy medium hair with bangs is hard to style but it looks amazing. You can leave your hair looking natural without trying to style the waves. Meanwhile, you’ll need to take special care of your bangs by straightening them slightly.


Watch – Medium and short haircuts with bangs


4. Highlighted bangs

Highlighted Medium Hair with Bangs

No matter what type of bangs you choose for yourself, don’t forget that they need as much color care as the rest of your locks. Never forget to pay attention to highlighting the bangs so they look as good as the other strands.


5. Long side swept bangs

Long and side-swept Medium Hair with Bangs

Long and side-swept bangs are the most versatile choice for any medium hairstyle. You can either wear them down to create a sexy eye-reaching effect or brush them sideways to keep them out of your face.