5 Sexiest Dreadlock Beard Styles for Smart Guys

Dreadlock beard goes a long way in showing the world that you are a fashion expert who knows how to play with a beard to look charming and creative. The appearance of your face totally changes with beard dreads as they are so unique and trendy. Here is a complete guide on dreadlock beard for men so that you may know how to make dreads beard and which style will be the most appropriate one.


How to Dreadlock a Beard Efficiently

Since we dreadlock beards are cool and fun, let’s see how we can style the dreaded beards in detail. You need to follow these steps:

Grab A Section of Your Hair

Grab a section of your hair, not more than an inch and begin to dreadlock it. Then twist this section at the roots softly and keep the hair at the ends together.


Rat Your Hair with A Comb

how to dread beard

Since you have separated a section for making a dreadlock, proceed on to the next stage and start ratting it. Use a fine-toothed comb for this to get better results. Start ratting at the end of the section of hair in your hand and move towards your face.

Keep repeating this step until you get a mass of tangles and messy hair. By the time you end your hair’s ratting, it should be half its original length.


Wax This Section of Hair

dreadlocking beards with wax

Now take out a small portion of your dread wax on your finger. It should not be more than the amount needed to cover half your nail. Then rub your finger and thumb together to make the wax warm and applicable. Then run your fingers over the ratted hair of your beard.

Repeat this process with rest of your beard and you will have the best beard dreads that one can have. Make sure that you use a good quality dread wax so that your dreadlocks do stay the same for a long time.

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Manly Dreadlock Beard Styles

Dread beards are so much in the fashion that many celebrities have sported them time and again. Even Johnny Depp rocked one in The Pirates of The Caribbean series! Here are some of the best dread beard styles that you can opt one from.

1. Long Dreadlock Beard

long dreadlock beard for men

This kind of dread beards is less common as it has a very sophisticated look about it even if the entire beard is tangled. The dreads are quite thin and long which makes it easy to keep them in place. Extra wax is put on the dreads to make them shiny and sleek. This dreadlock beard is fun and tames at the same time.


2. Dyed Dread Beard

dyed dread beard

Dyed dreads take dreadlock beards to a whole new level. You can dye your beard blonde, red or brown before dreading it as it will look more fun and cool this way. Dyed beard dreads look great in messy tangles.


3. Braided Dread Beard

braided dreadlock beard

This one is quite a stylish and sober dreadlock beard as the dreads in it are set and do not appear all over the place. This goes really well for those who are bald or have shaved their heads. A clearer head and a braided dread beard are so contrasting yet so cool when you see the whole look.

The dread beard goes perfectly with a medium beard as too long beard will give a very wild appearance and it would be too hard to manage these braided dread beards.


4. Jack Sparrow Inspired Dreadlock Beard

Jack Sparrow's dreadlock beard style

Jack Sparrow is the most lovable pirate, right? His beard dreads make him pull off the crazy pirate look so well. You can have this dread beard if you like dreads, but not to the point to look utterly messy or wild.

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5. Short Smart Dreadlock Beard

short dreadlock beard for men

You can have beard dreads even if your beard is short. The small dreadlocks appear more sleek and stylish as they help you to arrange them in an orderly manner.


These dread beards are fun and exciting, so try them for your next beard venture! Don’t forget to take care of these dreaded beard styles for a long-term fun look.

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