Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair – Women’s Top 7 Picks

Looking for a medium hairstyle for your thick hair? If you have thick locks, you know more than anyone about their problematic styling. Thick hair tends to be all over the place. It’s usually heavy so it’s hard to keep curly when it’s long. You need to work hard to find a suitable hairstyle for your mane. That’s why we are ready to offer you a few options to work with. Since you usually don’t have that much of a choice what to do with extremely thick hair, these new ways can give you a hand.

over 40 women medium thick hairstyle


I Have a Long Face With Thick Medium Hair. What Style to Choose?

If you have a long face shape, not all the hairstyle options are suitable for you. If your hair length is medium, you need to consider pumping up the volume a little. While it’s often hard to curl thick hair, consider creating a wavy look. It will automatically make your hair appear more round.


What Hairstyle to Pick for Women Over 40 With Medium Length Thick Hair?

If you turned 40 and your hair is still thick and hard to handle, you need to consider a few interesting styles. Long stacked bobs and long-layered medium haircuts are what you need. Consider adding bangs to your medium hairstyle. Bangs do a wonderful job making you look younger while giving your style an extra zest.


Best Hairstyles With Thick Medium Length Hair

There aren’t too many medium haircuts and styles for women with thick hair because it’s rather hard to style. That’s why you need to learn a few tricks about dealing with thick locks. One of the easiest ones is to ask your hairstylist to slightly thin it out. The hair will become lighter and easier to style. Another trick is to choose the right hair styling products. Excessive amounts of gel make the hair even heavier and harder to manage. We collected 7 new hairstyles for medium thick hair to breathe some new life into your locks. If you are a woman who has a round face, you can also browse our list of the trendiest medium length hairstyles for round faces.


1. Slight wave

Medium Haircuts For Thick Curly Hair Styles

If you have a long face, add a slight wave to your thick mane. While tight ringlets won’t hold on thick hair, a slight wave is the smartest way to go. Add long bangs to make your image feisty and young.


2. Bright red

womens brown Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick straight locks look terrific in red. So if you are looking for a way to diversify your image, ask your hairstylist for help with choosing the shade. If you have dark hair, you can settle for darker shades of red.

Thick Hairstyles for Women With Short Hair

3. Layered bob

Layered bob with medium hairstyles for thick hair

A layered bob is one of the best medium hairstyles for thick hair. It can add some volume to the thick locks while arranging them in a stylish way. You can either create some bangs or keep the forehead open.


4. Highlights

brown Highlights medium hairstyles for thick hair for girl

Give your hair a new life by creating reddish highlights. There is nothing more amazing than the shades that make your hair truly shine. Consider honey and golden shades of blonde and flaming red hues.


5. Wavy layers

Wavy layers medium hairstyles for thick hairstyle for girl

Make your hairstyle stunning by adding some wavy layers. Thick hair looks great with the waves are slight and even better when each wave corresponds to a layer. Give this one a try!


6. Asymmetrical bob


Asymmetrical bobs are conquering the fashion world. Why not take advantage of them? Keep one of the sides longer than the other. Thin out the ends slightly to give them a pointy appearance.


7. Partial highlights

Partial highlights with medium hairstyles for girl

If your hair is black or dark brown, give it some spice by adding partial highlights. Choose the wildest colors you wish, such as blue, green or violet. If you are not ready to go wild, settle for burgundy or flaming red.


These medium hairstyles for thick hair are rarely perfect. You need to be ready to put in some work to achieve the best results. Take another close look at the above options and make your choice.