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31 Hottest Beach Waves Hairstyles for 2024

Very few hairstyles suit everyone, but beach waves hairstyles are universally beloved. They are that perfect laidback style that’s easy to create and even easier to rock. These days, soft, supple waves are very popular and can be seen on hair both short and long.


Beach Wave Hairstyles

We have 31 different styles to show you, proving that this style works for virtually every hair type, texture, and length. Wear them silky soft or give off that tousled, salt air feeling with your hair. Read on for our best and most beautiful wavy styles and you’ll quickly see why they are everyone’s go-to.

1. Beach Wave for Short Hair

Yes, even short hair can rock this beach wave look! In fact, giving your bob haircut relaxed curls is just as pretty for every day as it is for a dressier occasion. We love the way they help this inverted bob to frame the face.


2. Long Beach Wave

Beach waves are at their best on long, luxurious locks. Once you’ve created your mermaid-like waves, give them a tousle for a lived-in feel.


3. Beach Waves for Medium Length Hair

This hairstyle gives off a gorgeous, touchable feeling, thanks to ultra-hydrated locks. Medium hair looks so elegant with this wavy texture. Smoothed curls with high shine look great for formal events.


4. Beach Wave Perm

If you love this relaxed hairstyle, why not make it permanent? Ask for a perm the next time you’re at the salon so you’ll always effortless waves. It’s just curly enough to spice up straight hair without having to deal with springy ringlets.


5. Beach Waves with Braids

Because wavy texture often looks like loosened braids, add braids into your hairstyle as a perfect detail. Add one or a ton, depending on your desired vibe. This braided crown gives off a romantic feeling that is perfect for wedding events.


6. Micro Bangs

beach wave hair with bangs

Micro bangs are a classic hairstyle popular since the 1950’s. Instead of concealing the upper part of the face like usual bangs, they draw all the attention towards the forehead and brows. Couple them with long blonde locks and add loose waves for an on-the-beach look. Romantic, right?


7. Short Waves

messy beach wavy hair

Prevent a short layered bob from looking flat and boring by adding curls and brushing them out resulting in soft waves with flipped-out ends. Tousle the strands for a messy look and top off with a bow headband matching the outfit. Simple and chic!


8. Baby Braids

Teeny tiny baby braids are one of the coolest summer looks that never get old. Use a texturizing spray and create waves with an appropriate tool. Take the front strands, plait them down to frame the face, and secure with clear elastics. Add as many knits as you want!


9. Twist Back Style

This dreamy beach wave hairstyle is perfect to steal the show at a wedding. Finger brush the curls to loosen them up and twist back the side locks. Swirl them around at the back and fix with pins creating the perfect half-up hairstyle. Don’t forget the floral headband!


10. Blonde Ombre

African-American ladies can achieve heatless waves by plaiting their damp locks overnight. Those who are bored of their dark tresses can brighten up their look by adding a bright yellow-blonde hue midway to the ends. Put on matching contact lenses and get ready to drop some jaws.


11. Half-Up Bun

Nothing can go wrong with a half-up bun hairstyle. It is stylish, easy to achieve, and saves an oily hair day. Use a flat iron to achieve the most perfect-looking beach waves and wrap around half of the tresses in a bun sitting on the top. There you go!


12. Beach Wave Bob

It can be tough to dress up the short lengths of a bob hairstyle. Soft and sexy curls, however, do the trick with ease and flair. Focus your loose curls onto the lower half of your hair, starting around the eyes.


13. Loose Beach Waves

Causal waves are great because they can last for days, falling slowly while still maintaining texture. You can also create a looser look intentionally by curling each piece of hair for a shorter length of time than you normally would.


14. Beach Waves for Black Hair

Mermaid waves don’t have to be synonymous with sandy blonde hair. In fact, on black hair, they look especially luxe and shiny. So, if you’re feeling this sexy texture, you should absolutely go for it.


15. Beach Waves with Bangs

Long beach waves actually look great with face-framing bangs. If your bangs are long, cut them longer on the tops of the cheekbones so they blend effortlessly into the rest of the hair. The wispy texture suits the vibe of the rest of the hairstyle.


16. Beach Wavy Weave

If your natural hair won’t get you the texture you desire, choose a weave with gorgeous, curly tresses. A center or side part will do, depending on the shape of your face and the vibe you’re going for.


17. Beach Wave Lob

Short beach waves can make you look glamorous! Lobs are so fresh and popular these days. They also happened to look great worn straight or with a delicious texture. This rather neat style suddenly becomes laid back with tousled, sun-kissed locks.


18. Beach Wave + Crochet

Crochet weaves are rather easy to incorporate into your look. Choose an artful bob or long locks to suit your preferred style. We love crochet hairstyles because they are easy enough to apply at home.


19. Beach Waves for Wedding

When it comes to weddings, this look is a total winner. Whether you wear your hair up, down, or somewhere in between, this casual texture is sexy yet sweet and gives you a lot of versatility in terms of styling.


20. Beach Wave + Ponytail

Looking for a way to add life to your otherwise basic ponytail? This texture provides the perfect opportunity for easy and attainable glamour.


21. Beach Waves for Thick Hair

Pump up the beauty of your naturally thick hair with this sexy style. If you’re worried about creating too much volume, try creating curls that aren’t so tightly wound.


22. Beach Waves for Thin Hair

Naturally thin hair can really benefit from this look. Achieve a thick and luxurious vibe by adding gorgeous volume and texture without extensions.


23. Beach Waves on Blonde Hair

Let’s face it, blonde beach waves are pretty iconic. Give your hair the sexy, tousled curls it deserves. You can create a center part, but we love the way this hair is pulled over for a sexy flair.


24. Messy Beach Waves

Pristine waves are great for formal events, but this texture can be worn messy, too. For a casual, everyday vibe or even a sexy occasion like date night, give curls a good tousle.


25. Beach Wavy Pigtails

Remember, this kind of look doesn’t have to be just sexy or laidback, it can be playful, too! Add double baby pigtails or another fun detail.


26. Middle Part

In the mood for a bombshell vibe? A center part pairs gorgeously with loads of voluminous, loosened curls for a look that is always sexy.


27. Bun + Beach Waves

You can still wear beach waves with an up-do! Create waves as the underlying texture for your chic chignon style.


28. Beach Waves on Layered Hair

If you’re wondering about the long wavy look on your layered hair, then have no fear! The wavy texture shows off dimensional layers beautifully.


29. Half Up Beach Wavy Hair

This type of blonde wavy hairstyle acts as the ideal baseline for any half-up hairstyle you want to create. The long tresses pair perfectly with the intricate look of this hairstyle.


30. Beach Wavy Hair for Little Girl

Little girls look great with casual curls, too! Plus, it’s an easy way to style hair for any important occasion.


31. Beach Waves on Balayage Hair

Looking for natural-looking highlights to go with your natural-looking tresses? Balayage will give your hair that that lived-in feel that grows out remarkably well.


How to Achieve Beachy Waves With Flat Iron

Prepare Your Hair

Beach waves usually look best on hair that has not been washed with shampoo for at least a day; the scalp’s natural oils moisten the hair shaft and will help protect it from the intense heat of a flat iron. Another way to protect your hair is to use a heat protectant spray.

If your hair is naturally thick and wavy to begin with, run it through your flat iron first. You can work quickly with large sections of hair; it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight, just flattened.

If you’re starting with naturally straight hair that doesn’t easily hold a curl, use some mousse, texture spray, or styling gel along with the flat iron.

beach wave hair


Always Seek Imperfection and Asymmetry

The key to creating the non-uniform pattern that’s typical of beachy waves is to select random sections of hair and use a flat iron to curl them in an alternating forward and backward direction, so they don’t all clump together.



  • Part your hair in the center or the side, and section it off with scrunchies or hair clips.
  • Work your way around the circumference of your head, wrapping 1-2-inch sections of your hair around the flat iron to create the individual waves. Alternate between bigger and smaller sections of hair.
  • Twist the flat-iron just one 180° angle for each curl section; if you turn it more than that, you’ll end up with boing-boing ringlets, and not angular beachy waves.
  • Curl your hair in a pattern of three sections in a forward direction and the next three in a backward direction.
  • If you have layered hair, alternate the pattern, so the top waves curl in the opposite direction of the lower ones.
  • No matter where you end up as you go around the head, make sure the first few waves toward the front of your face curl in the backward direction (away from your face).


When You’re Finished Curling

  • To create an extra “beachy” look, revisit all the curls, and make sure the end sections are straight by running the flat iron over just those areas.
  • Finger-comb all the hair to make it look more “undone.” Don’t use a brush or a comb.
  • If there are sections that are too “bouncy,” pass them through the flat iron (in big sections of 4-5 inches) with light pressure to flatten them out. Pay special attention to the roots, which should lay closer to the head than the rest of the beachy waves.
  • Ensure your waves stay in place by scrunching them with styling mousse or hairspray.

Beach waves look fantastic on hair of all lengths, from pixie cuts to waist-length locks. Even if you live inland and never get to the seashore, that doesn’t mean you can’t style your hair with lots of these sultry, carefree waves.


Whether you’re headed to a formal event or simply moving through your daily routine, this look aims to please. Beach waves hairstyles have a soft, face-framing effect and add amazing texture to an otherwise basic up-do. So, the next time you’re getting ready, bust out your curling wand and make the magic happen!