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11 Iconic Black Male Celebs With Curly Hair to Copy

There’s a curly-haired revolution going on, and black male celebrities are leading the charge. From the vibrant streets of New York to the shimmering lights of Hollywood, black male celebrities with curly hair have left an indelible mark.

Whether they’re gracing movie posters, dominating music charts, or making waves on the red carpet, these celebrities stand tall, wearing their curly crowns with unparalleled pride and panache.

We have handpicked some of the most famous curly-haired black male celebrities to help you pick your own style.

1. Corbin Bleu – Medium Layered Hair

black male celebrity with curly hair-Corbin Bleu

For men who aren’t afraid to wear their hair long, take your cue from Corbin Bleu. His medium-length hairstyle is perfect for growing out your curls and flaunting their natural bounce.

2. Daniel Kaluuya – Cropped Afro + Low Fade

black male celebrity with curly hair-Daniel Kaluuya

To give it a natural look, Daniel’s cropped afro is often cut using freehand clippers while his curls are softened with scissors to maintain their natural shape. On the other hand, his tight fade gave his simple hairstyle a debonair look.

3. Denzel Washington – Cropped Afro Hair

black male celebrity with curly hair-Denzel Washington

Denzel’s short afro is plain and simple and has no muss and fuss. This is the perfect hairstyle for men who like to keep their hair clean yet low-maintenance.

4. Kelly Oubre – Two-Toned Curls + Undercut

black male celebrity with curly hair-Kelly Oubre

Kelly Oubre is not just known for his amazing moves on the court; he is famous for his wild curls as well. While he maintains a longer and thicker volume at the top, he balances off and keeps his curls in check with an undercut.

5. Kevin Hart – Butch Cut

black male celebrity with curly hair-Kevin Hart

Kevin’s new hairstyle is probably the cleanest curly men’s hairstyle you can try. It’s short at the sides and back and only a bit longer on the top to allow your curls to show. It’s the best option if you want a more professional curly hairstyle.

6. Khalid – High Curly Top + Tapered Sides + Low Fade

black male celebrity with curly hair-Khalid

Show off your thick curly hair in the best way possible with Khalid’s high curly top hairstyle. With this look, you can keep your hair curly and wild yet manageable and clean thanks to the tapered sides.

7. Lenny Kravitz – Short Afro

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny is blessed with gorgeously kinky hair so he can easily pull off the perfect afro look at any length. This one is a short version of his usual afro look which is the perfect hairstyle for red carpet events and formal gatherings.

8. Odell Beckham Jr. – Two-Tone Curls + Shaved Sides

black male celebrity with curly hair-Odell Beckham Jr.

For a fresh and cool look, Odell is one of the black celebrities with curly hair to follow. He’s sporting a light blonde curly top which is balanced by short black hair underneath.

9. Rome Flynn – Curly Top + Short Sides

black male celebrity with curly hair-Rome Flynn

To keep your curly haircut polished, keep it short at the sides and pair it with a mid fade like Rome’s. With this hairstyle, you can grow out your curly hair in the most natural way possible while keeping a clean look.

10. Terrence Howard – Brushed Back Curly Hair

black male celebrity with curly hair-Terrence Howard

With his brushed-back look, Terrence was able to make his curly hair sleek and suave. The good news is you can easily copy this look using a thin comb and lots of mousse or gel.

11. Usher – Short Afro + Fade

black male celebrity with curly hair-Usher

Afro hair doesn’t need to be unruly. Keep your hair manageable and polished by copying Usher’s look. You can do this by keeping the sides short and going for more volume at the top.

And there you have it! The wave of black male celebrities with curly hair isn’t just a fleeting trend but a testament to embracing one’s authentic self. As these famous celebs shine bright, their curly hair dances to its own rhythm, inspiring countless fans to rock their natural textures with confidence.

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