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23 Unique Champagne Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Champagne blonde hair color is back with a bang! From Taylor Swift to many other celebrities, we have seen people going for it immediately. The champagne blonde hairstyle looks lovely while it cascades down the sides of your face and the back of your head.

This hair goes well with most makeup looks and you really do not have to worry about the shade clashing with your makeup as it goes with simple and lovely makeup to those which have very glamorous appeal to them.

Women are so impressed with this blonde hair shade that they are getting their hair bleached and treated for just the sake of getting this lovely shade on their hair and flaunting it.

Many celebrities have recently started sporting champagne-hued blonde locks which have given them an instant popularity boost. After all who doesn’t love to fuss about the latest fashion choices of a celebrity. Well, putting that aside, other women who do not have such a glamorous and happening life can also go for this attractive and subtle color.


What Color Is Champagne Blonde?

Champagne Blonde Hair

Champagne blonde hair dye is very much like the sparkling wine that it got its name from. It has many under undertones to it which makes the hair overall quite lovely and refreshing. The champagne blonde color is basically beige blonde color which has soft golden undertones to it making it have more details and lovely hair texture.

This color goes a long way in improving the texture of your hair in a very subtle and elegant way that is quite natural. Even the newbies to hair coloring know that this color is somewhat special when their eyes land on this.


Which Skin Tone Suits Champagne Blonde Hair Color?

Champagne blonde hair color is lovely and exquisite, but it is not for every skin tone since it looks quite contrasting on darker skin tones. To keep things natural and pretty, go for this shade of soft blonde if you have pale skin since it will let the hair nicely accentuate your facial features, but if you have dark skin it will be a huge put-off.


How to Dye Champagne Blonde Hair

How to Dye Champagne Blonde Hair

Your hair needs to have a golden or pale blonde shade to pick up champagne blonde hair color. For this, you might have to bleach your hair several times so that you can have the most natural and beautiful shade of blonde with champagne color which enhances your beauty. Here is how you can dye your hair in this wonderful way.

  • First, wash and dry your hair so that it is clean and fresh. Clean hair picks up color more easily, so it is better to wash your hair before getting it dyed or bleached.
  • After drying them off, apply the mixture of bleach and activator to your hair to remove the natural color of your hair.
  • Let the bleach sit in your hair for as long as the product packaging demands and wash it off.
  • After drying your bleached hair, apply the coloring cream and developer mixture to the hair and leave it on for the time mentioned on the product care
  • After that wash your hair and blow-dry it to have a refreshing start.
  • If you feel that you haven’t got the perfect champagne blonde hair that you aimed at then repeat the process. You may skip bleaching in the second go if you think that your hair was bleached enough for dying in the first go.


Stylish Champagne Blonde Hair Ideas

Well, champagne blonde hair is surely something that you must be wanting now, so why not just have a look at some of the best hairstyles that we have come across so far.

1. Champagne Honey

wavy champagne blonde hair

This warm shade of champagne blonde is smooth and silky. It tends to look best on fair skin tone and light eyes. Pairing this shade with long loose curls will create a voluminous look, making it ideal for any special occasion.


2. Cool Wavy Bob

wavy champagne blonde bob

Ask your hairstylist to go for a cool short look with this hue to create a soft look. It gives the roots a bit dark hue, making it low maintenance. It is a perfect look for women with short straight or wavy hair that can normally be worn daily.


3. Messy Blonde Updo 

updo with champagne blonde hair

In order to get a “simply beautiful” look, go for this rosy blonde hair updo that is ideal for straight, thin hair. You can wear this look to a date night or any special occasion by just wrapping up your locks in a messy bun.


4. Bright Ends with Darker Roots

medium length champagne blonde hair

The perfect balance of depth and brightness is created by this bright blonde shade keeping the ends bright and roots dark. It creates a subtle dimension and is flattering for women with a cool complexion. To avoid this shade from fading quickly, you must use a purple shampoo.


5. Long Peachy Hair

long champagne blonde hair

Another warm shade, the peachy champagne blonde, brings out a chic and subtle dimension. It looks best when paired with long, luscious locks, making it ideal for any occasion. It creates a natural sun-kissed effect and is perfect for women with thick hair.


6. Retro Curls

curly champagne blonde hair with bangs

In order to get a retro look, go for this hue with curls. Pair it with a hat; you’re all set to get the perfect look. This way, even if you have dark roots, the hat will cover it up, and you can easily go light.


7. Warm Champagne Tone

champagne blonde long bob

If you’re looking for a subtle, sun-kissed look, then go ahead with this warm blonde shade that is sure to give you a heads up. It is a suitable shade for most ladies. You can try this look when up for a trip.


8. Tri-colored Braided Bun

chunky champagne blonde highlights

The dusty blonde is an easy-going and relaxed shade that seems manageable for any season. Here, the front streaks are colored with light blonde that will frame the face.

The other locks are wrapped in a messy bun giving an effect of tri-colored hair. This can be worn to any party or event. All you need to do is side part your hair and tie them in a low messy bun to attain this look.


9. Golden Blonde Ombre 

champagne blonde ombre hair

Opt for this ombre shade to get a low-maintenance classy look. By pairing it with loose curls, you can get a great voluminous look worn with any western outfit. The dark strands from the roots give an easier grow out.


10. Braided Pearly Hair

two braids with champagne blonde hair

Go for this high school look if you have straight, thick locks paired with a pearly champagne blonde hue. This is an ideal shade for women with fair complexions and naturally light shade locks.


11. Golden Blonde for Women Over 40

champagne blonde hair for women over 50

If you are over 40 and have short, medium to thick locks, go ahead with this hairdo. It is a vivid hue that adds softness to the hair and is a gorgeous way to freshen up your old look.


12. Curly Afro Hair

champagne blonde afro hair

If you have a dark skin tone and want to try an amazing look that accentuates your afro curls, go for this shade. This shade, darker from the front and light from the back, creates a great dimensional look.


13. Sleek Straight Lob

sleek champagne blonde bob for women

This hairstyle comes first on our list of best champagne blonde hairstyles because it is perfect for all kinds of occasions. No matter if it is a casual shopping spree, a night out with friends or a flashy dressy party, you can rock this one with confidence and style wherever you go.

The hair is cut to medium length and the sleek straight strands are just as easy to manage as they are to impress other people around you. So, go ahead and get this hairstyle if you are planning on getting champagne blonde hair.


14. Blonde Wavy Bob

Champagne Blonde Wavy Bob

A messy bob never goes wrong, but what makes it even more right is the champagne blonde hair color! This messy bob has hair cropped short at the back which grown slightly longer as you proceed to the front.

The hair is cut on sharp angles and has a discreet lovely feel to it which is sure to get you many admirers and new friends who fall in love with your sandy blonde look.


15.  Sombre

champagne blonde style for medium hair

Sombre hair always makes it big on the fashion boards so you should not take them lightly while you are considering to get a lovely hair color. The hair is of a medium length which makes it easier for you to handle it, so go for this one if you want things to be on a lighter note.


16. Long Easy Beach Waves

best champagne blonde hairstyles for women

This long beach waves hairstyle is perfect for you no matter if it is a hot sunny afternoon or a snowy windy evening. You can rock this natural and simple look easy if you get the perfect of the shade of champagne blonde to go along with this.


17. Lovely Side Swept Bangs

champagne blonde hair with bangs

This sleek long blunt bob hairstyle with side swept bangs truly does justice to your overall look if you have some lovely champagne hair. The hair is slightly longer and has a very amiable yet professional look about it.


18. Simple Straight Hairstyle

This simple yet youthful champagne blonde hairstyle needs just some brushing for styling and no extra hair care products to stay in its place. Your natural long straight hair is allowed to fall down in a gentle manner which helps you nail every makeup look that you try.


19. Dark Honey Blonde Hairstyle

This is another simple and decent hairstyle where your natural hair texture is on display which is beautified by the champagne blonde hair dye.


20. Easy Chic Waves

girl with champagne blonde ombre hair

This natural long hair look with champagne blonde color needs just a little blow drying to get in this beautiful form.


21. Short Bob with Waves

This wavy bob is all that you need to distinguish yourself from among your fashionista girlies, so why not go ahead and give it a try. This has a very innocent and youthful vibe around it which helps people to find it easier to approach you without being intimidated by your looks.


21. Shoulder Length Wavy Hairstyle

champagne blonde wavy hair

This champagne-hued wavy hairstyle is perfect for your hangouts with friends as well as your workplace routine, so it is a win-win.


22. Champagne Blonde Balayage

champagne blonde lob hair

This casual long bob balayage on champagne blonde hair is one of our favorites since it has such a simple yet stylish energy about it. The middle part makes it casual yet classy.


23. Ombre Ashy Shade

Ombre ashy blonde gives a girlish vibe and will best suit straight long hair. However, you can style it with a half braided updo to achieve a romantic look. You can even style the mid-lengths with waves to emphasize the blonde shade.


So, in order to change your hair, look this season, go for a lovely champagne blonde hairstyle which distinguishes you in every crowd!