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13 Unique Blue Box Braids to Consider for 2024

It’s hard to surprise anyone with braided hair extensions anymore. However, blue box braids can still make a fantastic impression anywhere you go.

Colorful box braids are an excellent opportunity to try different colors on your hair without dyeing. While there are many different colors to consider, blue is one of the most exciting and extravagant shades, making you look extraordinary.

So if you love experiments, want to stand out of the crowd, and like all shades of blue, the below options can give you some solid inspiration.


How to Style Blue Box Braids

If you’ve already decided to get blue box braids, here are a few tips that can help make your dream come true. Find the most popular box braided hairstyles here.

1. Find the Right Stylist

Making box braids on your own is possible but very time-consuming. Making box braids can take up to 6 hours. When done by a professional, you can cut the time in half. Read the reviews about the hairstylist you choose for this hard work. Just anyone won’t do. If you can’t find any reviews from the customers, ask the stylist to show you examples of their previous work.


2. Come Up with the Style

Look through various options before going to the hairstylist. Bring a photo of what you want your hair to look like to the salon. Of course, some hairstylists have suggestions of their own, but the tastes differ and you don’t want to end up with something your hairdresser likes but you hate, especially when you create something extraordinary as blue box braids.


3. Regulate the tightness

The box braids shouldn’t be too tight. However, don’t hope that they’ll become loose after a while. When the hairstylist starts braiding, and you feel as if the braid is too tight, ask them to redo it. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck with an uncomfortable hairstyle that might cause headaches.


4. Don’t Forget The Hair Care

For some reason, many people believe that getting box braids means forgetting about hair care. Of course, the hair care regimen becomes simpler but overlooking it is a mistake. Ensure to keep the hair as moisturized as possible and avoid washing it too often. While moisturizing the hair, don’t forget to hydrate the scalp. Haircare products with shea butter can take care of both.

Long Box Braids


Watch the video tutorial:


Attractive Blue Box Braids

Every girl wants to look unique. But not everyone is ready to dye their hair a wild color. Blue box braids allow you to make your dream come true without making permanent decisions.

While the color can make you stand out, the braids give you a chance to keep the hair care minimum for several weeks.

Whether you are a fan of box braids or never tried hair extensions before, the below 13 examples can help you decide on your next hairstyle.

1. Box Braids + Space Buns

blue box braided space buns

To start with, consider this unique hairstyle to level up your box braids for 2024. Incorporate blue strands into the black ones to create a contrasting combination while braiding down the hair. Finish off the look by styling the braids into space buns leaving the ends loose.


2. Ombre Braids

blue ombre box braids

A dark to light blue ombre looks fun with box braids. This style is created by merging the black roots into an electric blue hue and then a lighter aqua shade midway to the ends. Leave the braids loose as there is no need to style this look further.


3. Natural Roots

blue box braids for white girls

Go for an unusual blue box braids hairstyle by keeping the roots natural. The electric and royal blue extensions are added a few inches from the roots with black strands incorporated in between. This look is ideal for blonde women to contrast their lighter hair with vivid blue shades.


4. Mini braids

Mini blue braid hairstyle for women

Mini box braids look very close to your natural hair, but they take plenty of time to create. So if you are ready to spend the whole day at the barbershop, go for them. The impression they make is worth all the effort.


5. Metallic blue

Metallic blue braid hairstyle for girl

When choosing the shade of your blue box braids, consider the metallic hue. Such braids are the brightest and make you look truly stunning. Besides, metallic blue looks incredible with black locks.


6. Mix and match

black mix blue braid hairstyle you like

There is no need to make all of your mane blue. Only a half or a third of blue locks mixed with black or brown twists can create an outstanding appearance while keeping the hair as natural as possible.

Short Box Braids

7. Silver blue

girls Silver blue braid hairstyle

Most women like going for bright blue braids. However, many of them forget about the lightest blue hues. The silver-blue braids you see in the picture create a very soft impression and help you stand out from the crowd.


8. High and mighty 

women glamorous blue color braid hairstyle

Bright blue box braids look amazing when there are a lot of volumes. Consider creating very long braids so you can make all kinds of high and mighty hairstyles. Just remember that long hair can take a toll on your neck.


9. Bluish grey 

grey bluish braid hairstyle for girl

When considering the color for your box braids, don’t overlook blueish gray and silver hues. Such color looks closer to natural and can make your hairstyle less extravagant. If that’s what you are after, of course.


10. Senegalese twists

Blue Senegalese twists might be a great choice over box braids since they are easier to make and attach. However, if you are not ready for long hours in the hairstylist’s chair, you can settle for these magnificent hair extensions.


11. All shades of blue 

If your hair is thick and long enough to create naturally thick braids, you can consider braiding the hair extensions into your locks, not at the scalp but a few inches down. Again, play around with different colors for better effect.


12. Highlights 

blue braid Highlights hairstyle for women

You can use blue box braids to create highlights instead of covering your whole head with them. A few highlights look very appealing and make the overall hairstyle look less extravagant and more stylish.


13. Go wild 

curly blue braid hairstyle for girl

If you decide to create unique blue box braids on your hair, there is no reason to settle for ordinary hairstyles. You have the whole world ahead of you, so don’t sit on the sidelines. Do crazy experiments.


Best Box Braids for Kids

Blue box braids can make your wish for a unique hairstyle come true in a flash. Besides getting a full head of thick locks, you can offer your natural hair some protection and keep hair care to a minimum.