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Bob Marley Dreads: Top 5 Styling Ideas

The icon itself Bob Marley definitely showed off and styled dreads in ways that many people couldn’t do hence it was named after him as ‘Bob Marley dreads‘. Did you know that Bob Marley grew out his dreads in the ’60s as a part of a Rastafarian movement?

If you are proud of your race and you also want to empower this movement, why not try out dreadlocks? Here, we will explain the right way to achieve the perfect set of dreadlocks, while also suggesting the top 5 unique options.


Bob Marley Dreads

These are Bob Marley’s dreadlock hairstyles ideas that any man can try.

1. Bob Marley Inspired Medium Dread Hair look

Mid-length Bob Marley Dreads

You can match your dreads with your beard and enjoy a voluminous outcome. If you have a lot of facial hair go with mid-length dreads since these will help you accentuate your facial features. It is a classic dreaded hair look that Marley rocked.

Sexiest Dreadlock Beard Styles for Smart Guys


2. Mohawk Dreads

Bob Marley Dreads with Beads

Guys who have thin & short hair can still, without a doubt, rock Bob Marley dreads hairstyle. Just make sure you give them a bit of that pop with some stylish beads down the ends.


3. Fun Dark Blue Dreads on Short Hair

Blue Bob Marley Dreads Styles for Men

Fun & bright colors, once paired with Bob Marley inspired dreadlocks, will look stylish & unique. If your hair is bright blue, pink or even green, you will enjoy your attention-seeking look.


4. Long & Wavy Afro Dreadlocks

Bob Marley Dreads for Long Afro Hair

Long & bold afro curls can look even better once styled into dreads. If your hair is naturally thick tie it into tiny dreads and enjoy a lot more flexible & tamed down look.


5. Dreads for Curly Hair

Guy with Bob Marley Dreads Hairstyle

If your hair is quite light or even bleached you can get Bob Marley’s dreaded hair look. Just make sure you pair them along with some statement pieces such as jewelry, cool sneakers, or even piercings to accentuate your unique personality, as well as a sense of style.


How to Do Bob Marley Inspired Dreadlocks

How to Do Bob Marley Inspired Dreadlocks

These are the steps create dreads in any hair type for men. Bob Marley’s dreads are no exception.

Step 1: Make sure you give your hair one final and good (deep) wash. Use high-quality shampoos & conditioners to clean the hair thoroughly, and also to give it some moisture. Once done blow dry it and separate the strands. Section your hair inch by inch and always use rubber bands at the ends to secure your hair.

Step 2: Start at the back of your head and do one part at a time. Make sure to work with smaller amounts of hair if you want to have more defined dreads. If you want bigger dreads, leave the locks a lot thicker & longer.

Step 3: Make twisting motions with each of your hair strands in a clockwise direction and clip the hair at the end once done. Use a fine-tooth comb to get through every strand, including the smallest ones which you will also incorporate and make into a dread.

Step 4: You can add some statement pieces and jewelry if you want to give your hair a bit of that ‘boom’ effect. If so, use smaller beads down the ends to lock down the curl instead of rubber bands.

You can use wax or creams during the process to calm down the strands & the frizz, but also prevent them from drying out. Once you are done you won’t remove your dreads for quite some time, so make sure you are satisfied with your work.

Also, try to lay low on hair washing, and always use dry shampoos as a proper substitute for your shampooing.


Guys who are brave enough and who want to try out Bob Marley dreads will definitely enjoy any of our suggested 5 options. If this is your first time getting dreads to make sure you go to a well-trusted and highly rated hairdresser since not everyone can easily achieve this hairdo.