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35 Best Box Haircuts for Men in 2024 – Styled Like A BOX

Finding the perfect box haircut may be a challenge especially if you aren’t sure of the different styles trending. Box-shaped haircuts have been trending since the 90s and are still as relevant today.


Trendy Box Haircuts for Men

Our list of men’s box haircut includes versatility of hairstyles which are easy to maintain and style. Here we have handpicked 35 stylish box haircuts for men that will surely inspire you:

1. Curly Box Haircut

box haircut

If you’re a guy with curly hair, you should definitely try out the box haircut as it’s a great way to show off your curls and get a stylish, polished look. To achieve this style, keep your hair medium on the top and short on the sides.


2. High Top

box haircut with color

This style is perfect for those who want to add a more masculine look to their curly hairstyle. To get this style, one needs to start by cutting the hair on the top of the head and work its way down.


3. Fohawk

box haircut with undercut

The box cut fohawk style is a great look for stylish men. Start with clean, dry hair and use a trimmer to fade the sides. It’s a bold look and can be styled in many different ways. But the most common way is combing your hair and using some styling products such as hair cream.


4. Flat Top Fade

dyed box hair

Instagram / dimplehairdesign

This retro look is perfect for those who have a full head of hair and want to add some volume to that. It is achieved by fading the sides of the head and leaving a box shape on top.


5. Designed Box Hair

box haircut with design

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, a box haircut with design is the way to go for afro hair. You can go for a classic look with straight lines and sharp angles, or you can add some curves and waves to mix things up.


6. Hi-top Fade

box haircut for men

It is one of the most common styles for African Americans. Whether you’re rocking the look for a casual day out or for an evening out with friends, this haircut will help you to become a cool guy. It is achieved by fading the sides and leaving the top long to give a boxed shape.


7. Short Coils

blonde box hair

If you have afro textured hair, cutting it short is a playful and fun way to style your hair. Moreover, adding the blonde color on top hair will give you the opportunity to style at home with minimal effort.


8. Asian Box Haircut

asian box haircut

Instagram / light_boy1222

While most Asian men tend to have a formal haircut, the box style offers a badass look. To get this look, Just shave the side and the back while keeping the top hair long. Use some hair gel to make the hair hard.


9. Pink Curls

colored box haircut

This style is best suited for someone with fine, curly hair that doesn’t need a lot of styling. You can just cut the overall hair short. To have a more polished look, you can color your hair.


10. Patterned Bald Fade

box haircut with pattern

Instagram / padrexbarber

This style features faded hair from short to even shorter at the temples and nape, eventually blending in with the skin for a completely bald look. With a styled lineup, the bald fade can be tailored to suit any face shape.


11. High Top Fade Box Cut

High Top Fade box Haircut

By the shape of this haircut, you can tell easily that it’s a box haircut.  It’s also called the “box fade”. This style has been trending since the 90s. You may even remember Will Smith rocking it in The Fresh Prince of Belair. As you can see the back and sides of the hair is faded. Then, the top portion is shaped into the “box”. Your hair has to reach a certain length to achieve a high top. In order to maintain the haircut, you would need to keep the bottom half always faded. As well as, the high-top hairs are kept tamed which can be achieved through “patting”.

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12. Afro Fade Haircut

Afro Fade with Box haircut

This box cut is similar to the high-top fade cut, however, your curls or natural texture is prominent. Similarly, the back and sides of the lower section of your hair are faded. Then, the top portion is shaped into a box, but the ends of your hair are curly or textured. If you want to show off your curls or a new color without comprising the box shape, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. In addition, it requires less maintenance because the top portion does not need to be tamed.  Lastly, it is called the “messy cousin” of the high-top fade.


13. Line-Up

Line-Up with box haircut

Yes, a line-up is an example of a box haircut that you could rock. If you always like to look sharp, then this haircut is perfect for you. For this style, your barber shaves the hair near your forehead to create the box shape. Depending on your barber the box cut will be done to frame your face. The haircut gives the illusion of a box cut. As well as, it accentuates your other features such as a chiseled jawline.

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14. Box Pompadour

Box Pompadour for men

Although this style is mostly worn by men with smoothy/silky textured hair, it can be worn by the kinkier or curly textures. The hair at the top would look like a box from the frontal view. However, from the side, you are able to see the pompadour. For this style, the hair is curved downwards towards the middle of his hair. You can add gel or mousse for your hair to look smooth or sleek. It’s a very high maintenance haircut since your pompadour would need to be tamed every day.


15. Frohawk

frohawk with box haircut

The frohawk is an unconventional box cut. The frohawk is shaped into a box at the front and gets narrower and shorter towards the back of your hair. This haircut is perfect for textured and curly hair. The Frohawk can be styled in various ways depending on your preference, for example adding color.  As well as, the mohawk is a high maintenance hairstyle. The frohawk has to be moisturized and prominent. In addition, the sides need to be kept low all the time.


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16. Geometric Box Cut

The geometric box was a popular 60s style. There is no reason that you can’t bring back the look, do a shorter version, or be inspired by it. The look emphasizes the thicknesses of your hair. As well as, the strong angles are similar to the sharp angles of a box, hence the name geometric box. In addition, you can add part lines to create the box shape. If you’re going to sport this hairstyle, ensure that it is done by a professional barber that knows exactly what you want.


17. High Box Cut with Deep Side Part

High Box Cut with Deep Side Part

This haircut is similar to the high-top fade box cut. The difference is the deep side part. You would have the part on your good side or both sides. As well as, you can have the deep side part thin, normal or wide, depending on what you like. This hairstyle is very high maintenance. You may have to visit the barber on a regular basis to keep your fade fresh, as well as the deep side part.


18. Short Box Haircut

Short Box Haircut

Very similar to the high box cut, however, the box height is reduced. Your barber should cut and frame the short box cut to frame your face very well. This cut is low maintenance because there is less hair to work with. In addition, you can add a deep side part if you want to look flyer.

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19. High Box Fade

This fashionable hairstyle is perfect for men who want a short and clean-cut look. To get the look, your hair should be faded on the sides and back, while the top is left a bit longer. Next, cut the top part evenly to give a shape.


20. Juice Box Fade

If you’re looking for a fun and unique hairstyle, look no further than the juice box haircut. This playful style is perfect for afro hair and is achieved by parting the hair in the middle and keeping one portion of the hair longer than the other. It needs regular maintenance to keep in shape.


21. Afro Flat Top

This style is perfect for any man with natural afro hair who wants to add a little extra flare to their look. Start by cutting around the perimeter of your head. Then, use a brush to flat-top the hair in the center of your head and cut accordingly.


22. Ragged Half Box

It’s a lifesaver for busy mornings when you don’t have enough time to style your afro hair. Just skin fade the sides and back while keeping the top a bit longer with a round shape.


23. Curly Box + Shadow Fade

It is perfect for those with curly hair and a great way to add some extra definition and texture to your locks. You can get the style by trimming the sides with a #1 clipper and leaving a strip of hair in the center.


24. Medium Fade

This style is a great option for guys with medium-length hair. The key for this style is to skin fade the sides with a curly top. Finish with strong-hold hairspray to keep everything in place.


25. Afro Fade with Design

To get the look, start by fading the sides of your hair down to a very short length. Then, create a box shape on top of your head by cutting the hair into squares. Finally, add a design of your choice on the side for a unique touch.












All these effortless box haircuts will freshen up your look with a touch of style. Hurry up and go to your nearest salon and ask your barber to transform your look.