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25 Sandy Blonde Hair Ideas to Lighten Up Your Shades

You might have heard a lot of people talking about Sandy hair lately. It’s true, sandy blonde hair is a trendy topic and you can see many celebrities adopting it such as Cara Delevingne or Taylor Swift who went from the super platinum style to sandy shades.

What is the reason behind such a buzz? Sandy hair requires less care and fewer retouches than platinum hair, and still looks amazing! It also gives a cooler appearance, being much more versatile and letting you play around with different styles.


Sandy Blonde Hairstyles

In case you are not familiar with it, sandy color includes a very wide range of shades, from light blonde to beige and dark ash colors.

There are a lot of options that you can actually go for – and we admit that they can look so great you might even get confused on which shades to choose.

For this reason, in this post, we introduce you  25 different ideas of sandy blonde hair so that you can pick one to call your own!


1. Long Dark Sandy Blonde Hair

dark sandy blonde hair

Dark sandy blonde hair makes a marvelous choice for a woman who adores looking pitch-perfect anytime! If you have long hair and blue eyes, this hair color will be the ideal match for you. Boost the roots a little to obtain more volume and style curls. 


2. Sandy Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

sandy blonde hair highlights

A sandy blonde hair highlight leaves plenty of room for creativity! Cut your bangs reaching the cheekbones and the rest of the hair, just near your shoulders. Opt for a sandy blonde color and make some black peekaboo highlights.


3. Sandy Blonde Ombre Hair

sandy blonde ombre hair

When your hair is long, reaching your waist, you have so many styling options. Because of that, the choice is even harder, so we recommend you to try a sandy blonde ombre hair. It’s ideal for the summer, and you’ll irrevocably fall in love with the hue. 


4. Sandy Blonde with Bangs

sandy blonde hair for black girls

Sandy blonde hair for black girls requires a lot of work! If you really crave for one, we recommend you to opt for a wing because the procedure involves a lot of bleaching and you don’t want your strands to experience that.


5. Sandy Blonde Curls

sandy blonde curls

Sandy blonde curls have a flawless glow and may look like you are always in the spotlight! And let’s be honest right now, who can ignore a fabulous look like this, especially if you are tanned and have deep green eyes.


6. Golden Caramel Sandy Blonde

sandy blonde hairstyle with golden shade

Be that Hera, Athena or Aphrodite, this mix of golden tones will take you back to greek mythology times and make you feel like a true goddess.

All the shades in this style help your skin glow even more than it already does. Make sure you leave home ready to turn some heads wherever you are headed to.

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7. Hollywood blonde

Hollywood sandy blonde hair color your favorite

For the fearless ladies out there, get ready for the real Hollywood experience: Caramel, light ash and light golden are the perfect fusion for getting a Cara Delevingne style. Combine it with dark eyebrows for an eye-catching and trendy look.


8. Golden Diva

golden sandy blonde haircut for young girl

To feel like an authentic diva, what about trying out a lighter blonde style? This look also comes with a plus: It matches most skin tones and eye colors, so feel free to go for it! For the full experience, wrap your hair in luxurious waves and put on your best attitude!


9. Natural and Flawless

Natural sandy hairstyle for women

Who said that sandy blonde hair can’t be a little bit darker? If you are running away from spending infinite hours in the hair salon, we introduce you a great mix to try out: dark blonde and brownish shades. The result is a more natural style that will enhance your skin tone and make you feel flawless!


10. Reverse Ombre


If you are keen to lightening up a bit more your locks, but still don’t have the guts to go for the full blonde experience, make sure you try this sandy reverse ombre.  It looks amazing – and it still saves you from a big headache with hair damage!


11. Rockstar Glaze


Are you looking for that rockstar feeling? The gorgeous blend of honey and bright blonde will get you there easily! If you are willing to take the extra mile, add some hair paste, put it all together and hit the road with a cool and messy look.


12. Trendy Balayage

Trendy Balayage sandy blonde hair

The truth is that balayage is still the coolest kid on the block. It fits all tastes, and if you can play it well, it requires extremely low maintenance.

The sandy blonde version of it mixes most of the golden tones, starting with tanned blonde roots and finishing up with some shades of bright golden blonde.















These were some ideas of sandy blonde hair, we hope we got you inspired to brighten up your shades as soon as possible!  Remember: as this style is very versatile, you can mix and match your favorite ones, choosing your own way of doing it.