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21 Fresh Wedding Updos for Long Hair

All brides want to be remembered by their guests as the most beautiful bride they have ever seen. Choosing the proper dress is not an easy thing to do, nor a hairstyle that matches. If you happen to have a pretty long mane, we have prepared for you a few ideas for wedding updos for long hair that will certainly make all the guests say WOW!


Wedding Updos for Long Hair

On your wedding day, you can have it all: sparkling tiaras, braids, bun, and you can mix them altogether if you want to get the perfect long hair updo. On this significant day, nothing is too grandiose and luxurious. Here are 21 amazing wedding updos for long hair.

1. Half Updo for Wedding

wedding half updos for long hair

Your big day is near, and you want a hairstyle that flatters you? Here’s what to do!

Ideal for: Women with rich long layered hair.

How to style: Get a gorgeous ginger color and style your top hair with two loose braids. Meet them in a big mesmerizing bun and add a tall crown on your head.

Make sure that your makeup is also perfect for this important day.


2. Long Hair Updo for Bridesmaids

long hair updos for bridesmaids

Guests will admire not only the bride but also the bridesmaids.

Ideal for: Women with medium hair that want their hair pinned for the wedding day.

How to style: Make sure your long hair looks perfect and pin it in a big stylish bun in the back.

Braid two tresses on sides and meet them just above your bun. Hair jewelry should not miss from this stunning bridesmaids long hairdo.


3. Black Wedding Updo

black wedding updos for long hair

For this wedding hairstyle, hair, jewelry, and accessories are a must!

Ideal for: Black women who want to highlight the neckline.

How to style: Style your bangs on one side, slightly touching your forehead. For the back, create an enormous braided bun and pull all the edges out to make every strand look outstanding.


4. Updo for Long Thick Hair

wedding updos for long thick hair

Donut buns give your hairstyle more dimension, especially when dealing with thin fine hair.

Ideal for: Women with fine hair.

How to style: Use a donut bun to wrap your hair around it and choose a few thin strands to drop from the low bun.

Ass a sophisticated yet straightforward tiara on top of your head and choose a pair of long pearled earrings.


5. Updo for Long Thin Hair

wedding updos for long thin hair

As a guest at a wedding, your appearance must be flawless. 

Ideal for: Bridemaids and guests.

How to style: If you struggle with thin hair, create a relaxed, low bun. Pull out a few strands from your bangs and let them fall on your forehead.

Accessorize the wedding updo for long hair with long pearled earrings, and choose discreet makeup for a simple romantic look.


6. Updo Style for Wedding Guest

Updo Style for Wedding Guest

When choosing a dress that falls on your shoulders, you instantly highlight the neck and collar bones. 

Ideal for: Sandy brown hair with highlights. 

How to style: For this wedding updo for long hair, you will need to comb your whole mane to the low back, where you will roll your strands on a cylindric sponge.

Pull off some strands and define some locks. Use a rat tail comb to select these locks and spray them with texturizing products. 


7. Bridal Updo with Flower

Bridal Updo with Flower

Match the flowers in your hair with the wedding bouquet. 

Ideal for: Low back dress. 

How to style: A low bun will look fantastic if your wedding dress has a great decolletage and a big crop in the back.

This updo for long hair will reveal your neckline and collarbones and make you look more elegant. Decorate the bun with giant orchids. Wear diamond rings and a simple necklace.


8. Long Hair Updo with Veil

Long Hair Updo with Veil

Creating such a high bun will make your face look elongated.

Ideal for: Weeding outfits with a veil.

How to style: If you plan to wear a strapless dress and a veil for your wedding day, you will undoubtedly need a gorgeous bun updo on top of the head.

Do a middle part and loosely pin the hair in the back. Decorate with a jeweled tiara. 


9. Updo for Long Dyed Hair

Updo for Long Dyed Hair

This is an attractive option for a wedding gown made with lace. 

Ideal for: Curly hair. 

How to style: It would be best to consider loose braids when you have a stunning copper color and curly hair.

This wedding updo for long hair will reveal your neck and make your posture seem elongated. On each side, knit your hair and cross the braids, creating a stunning pattern in the nape and back. 


10. Loose Updo for Wedding

loose updos for bride with long hair

For this wedding look, you must keep it simple with a lose, messy hairstyle and a delicate gown.

Ideal for: Dresses with a low back.

How to style: Do you love this boho style, with a relaxed look and a messy arrangement? You need a hairstyle that will match your simple, romantic dress.

So, firstly, you need to wave your hair and pin your locks with bobby pins. Use a decoration with jewelry. 


11. Vintage Wedding Updo

Vintage Wedding Updo

Sophisticated hairstyles that use different hair textures will beautifully complete your gown. 

Ideal for: Retro weddings.

How to style: Such hairstyle has a retro inspiration, with a side part and large, well-defined curls. Style your waves to resemble finger waves.

It would be to get got some thin warm blonde highlights to soften your look and create some dimension. In the back, style an updo, get your pears and wear some red lipstick. 


12. Messy Wedding Bun

Messy Chignon Bun for Long Hair

A chignon bun can be very versatile. For example, this messy chignon is made of long wavy hair and it doesn’t require almost any precision, yet it manages to look equally breathtaking as a sleek chignon updo.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Use a curling iron or a hair straightener to curl your hair. Then twist your long hair up into a chignon updo the for wedding. Mess the hair out a little bit so that it looks more voluminous. Spray your wedding bun with hairspray and decorate it with some romantic hair accessories.


13. Updo with Loose Curls

low wedding bun for long hair

This hairstyle shows the true power of a wedding updo for long hair. These beautiful curls are gathered into an updo but are falling loosely down the back at the same time.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Use a hair straightener to curl your long hair into big, romantic, loose waves. Then use bobby pins to pin the hair up into a loose curly updo. Leave the bangs out of the updo for the curls to frame your face.


14. Sleek Cinderella Updo

Sleek Wedding Updo for Long Hair

True princesses want to wear a tiara on their wedding day. A great way to make that beautiful accessory look amazing is to opt for this high, sleek bridal bun with long hair.

Ideal for: Oval and heart-shaped faces.

How to Style: Comb your hair out and tie a sleek, high ponytail. Use bobby pins to hold your hair in place after you’ve shaped this beautiful bun. Place the tiara gently around your bun and spray the hairstyle with hairspray.


15. Low French Bun

Low French Twist Bun for Wedding

This hairstyle is one of the more iconic wedding updos for long hair. It’s a classic that no woman can go wrong with.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Create this low, round French twist. Leave a few random strands of hair out of the updo to fall loosely. Make sure everything is secured in place both with bobby pins and with hairspray.


16. Low Side Bun

messy side bun for long hair

Side long hair updos are great for brides who like a more asymmetrical approach.

Ideal for: Square and round-shaped faces.

How to Style: Curl your hair using a curling iron. Make a loose and relaxed low side updo on your long hair and spray it with hairspray.


17. French Braided Bun

Crown braids are so adorable in any long hairstyle, and wedding updos are no exception.

Ideal for: Square and round-shaped faces.

How to Style: Braid a French braid a few inches behind your hairline and secure it with bobby pins. Braid the rest of the hair and twist it into this boho low braided bun.


18. Simple High Bun with Bangs

A simple high bun is a great wedding updo for long hair that actually won’t require a lot of time and effort, but will look astonishing none the less.

Ideal for: Round and heart-shaped faces.

How to Style: Gather your hair into a high ponytail. Shape a voluminous loose high bun. Decorate it with some subtle accessories.


19. Messy Low Bun

amazing wedding updos for long hair

This is an amazing bridal updo on long hair to grab the attention of all wedding guests.

Ideal for: Heart and oval-shaped faces.

How to Style: Tease your hair to achieve volume. Use bobby pins to secure the strands in place to create this gorgeous low bun.


20. Big Sleek Low Bun

sleek wedding updo for long hair

This is a perfect wedding updo for brides with long hair who prefer a sleek, neat look.

Ideal for: Oval and square-shaped faces.

How to Style: If your hair is not long enough, we suggest using hair extensions. Make sure you use hair products that will make your hair look slick and shiny. Shape a big, voluminous low bun. Decorate it with an elegant hair accessory.


21. Messy Braided Updo 

wedding updo with a halo braid

Messy wedding updos are ideal for long hair because you don’t have to constantly worry about your perfectly slick updo falling apart in the middle of the party.

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Curl your hair using a curling iron. Braid a loose halo braid and secure it with bobby pins. Tease the hair behind the braid. Gather your curls into a nice loose updo and decorate it with a floral accessory.


How Style Long Hair Updos

how to styles wedding updo for long hair

The rolled chignon bun is one of the simplest, yet most elegant long hair updos that are perfect for your wedding day and this tutorial as well:

Step 1: Prepare one elastic band and several bobby pins.

Step 2: Spray a little bit of hair spray on your hair for it to get a firm shape.

Step 3: Take a strand from one side, roll it inwards and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 4: Repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Secure only the ends of your hair with an elastic band, and then roll that inwards as well, and secure it with a bobby pin.

Step 6: Depending on the style you want this updo to be in, you can fan the bun out, mess the hair in the front out, or do all these steps carefully to achieve a sleek look.

Step 7: Spray the overall hairstyle with hair spray.


Wedding Updos for Long Hair vs. Wearing Long Hair Down

Wedding Updos for Long Hair vs. Long Hair Down

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of your personal taste and the look you’ve envisioned for your wedding day. Both looks can be flatteringly combined with a dress in the right style and the right makeup and accessories.

However, the advantages of wearing an updo are that it frames your face in a beautiful way, it’s a good match with most wedding dresses, and you won’t have to worry if your curls have gotten too loose or if your hair is too messy.

On the other hand, wearing your wedding hair down will make you look natural and romantic, and you can also choose from a range of accessories to decorate it with on your most special day.


Choosing a perfect wedding updo for long hair that should make you feel like a princess on your most special day is a decision to be made carefully. But at least you will enjoy the process knowing that there are so many beautiful options to choose from.