9 Coolest Burst Fade Mohawk Ideas for 2020

Over the past few years, fade haircuts have gained a lot of popularity. Among them, the burst fade Mohawk may be the most famous. This burst haircut is also known as the South of France hairstyle.

A famous singer Usher Raymond introduced this hairstyle, after which it became widely popular throughout the world. The burst fade puts a twist on the classic Mohawk worn in the past.

burst fade mohawk

The classic Mohawk was merely a strip of hair in the middle of the head. On the other hand, the burst fade with Mohawk is much more. It is essentially a taper fade mohawk that curves around your ears.

The term ‘burst fade’ comes from the fact that the fade bursts outwards as it approaches the top of the head and the neckline. So, the length of your hair gradually tapers away.


How to Get Burst Fade Mohawk

Of course, we recommend that you go to a barber to get a burst fade Mohawk cut but if you think you have the relevant expertise then you can try it yourself. You’ll need clippers with guards to achieve the burst fade hair with Mohawk.

Keep the hair on the top of your head your desired length, this can be both your current length or you can go a little shorter by trimming with scissors. Once you’ve decided the length for the hair on the top, cut the hair on the sides to your desired length; you don’t have to shave them completely.

Start to trim the portion around your ears, here you can use a bald trimmer because you want to trim as much as possible. Following the shape of your ears is very crucial to achieve the burst haircut with fade and Mohawk.

Once you’ve completed this step, make a circle around your ear and trim your hair keeping the length bigger than the hair near your ear. Then make another circle around the previous circle and trim the hair, keeping the length a little longer than the previous circle. Keep doing so until you reach the hair at the top of your head.

Once you’re done, blend all the sections together and you’ll have the desired haircut. This mohawk style is a great option for black guys.


Burst Fade Mohawk

There are several options for burst haircut and it gives the best look with the combination of fade and mohawk. Have a look at these top 2 styles:

1. Burst Fade with Curly Mohawk

burst fade moahwk for curly hair

Among all the types of fade haircuts, this one of the most unique cuts. You can style your burst Mohawk fade in a number of ways. While the look originally kept even the hair on the top a relatively low length, that is no longer the case. More and more new renditions of the Burst Fade Mohawk keep popping up, with longer hair on the top like this particular style.


2. Wavy Burst Fade Mohawk

burst fade mohawk for wavy hair

Another type of burst fade hair with Mohawk incorporates wavy hair at the top, and shape cut out at the neckline. It’s sort of a ‘hipster’ rendition of the look. It’s also very easy to maintain, just trim your hair if you feel like they’re getting too long. To style, it uses a serum or a sponge to give it curls, waves or even spikes.



burst fade mohawk




Burst Fade Mohawk



Burst Fade Mohawk




Burst Fade Mohawk



Burst Fade Mohawk




Burst Fade Mohawk



Burst Fade Mohawk



The burst fade Mohawk continues to be a wildly popular haircut all over the world. This is because the look is versatile enough to be worn in numerous ways so it can incorporate everyone’s personal style.