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7 of The Best Usher Haircuts to Copy Now

Usher has long been known for having great style, and his haircuts are favorite among men. Choosing from these great Usher haircuts is easy when men consider how much upkeep they are willing to deal with, what color hair they want, and how short they want their style to be.


Iconic Hairstyles by Usher

We have compiled here 7 of the most popular Usher hairstyles here for men to get inspired.

1. Short Afro Hair

usher haircut

This is a very attractive hairstyle of Usher thanks to the shorter sides and the additional volume on top. Keeping the sides short without showing any skin is key to making sure that the look is clean without being too extreme.

By making sure that the hair on top of the head is regularly brushed and cared for, it won’t be too much of a contrast to the shorter, yet full and thick, sides.


2. Curly High Top Fade

Usher's High top fade hairstyles

This style is a fresh take on the traditional short sides and long top haircut, as it features plenty of smaller twists standing up from the head.

These twists add a lot of structure and fullness to the hair without much additional work on the part of the man who opts for this style. The sides are kept a bit shorter so that the hair doesn’t stick out much from the head.


3. Pompadour Undercut

Slicked Back Pompadour by Usher

This look is a bit bolder and structured thanks to the addition of plenty of product that keeps the hair slicked back from the face.

The sides of this style are kept significantly shorter than the hair on the top of the head, which is slicked up and back. A pompadour is an impressive look on any man, and really stands out with this look thanks to the full head of hair.


4. Blonde Tips

popular usher hairstyles

This Usher haircut is a fun and bold look that is a bit different than other styles thanks to the bright highlights on the tips of the curls.

Adding some blonde to the ends of the curls really helps to showcase them and helps them to pop from the rest of the curls. This adds both definition and depth to the style and keeps it from being boring.


5. High Top Braids

Usher's Braided hairstyle

Longer hair can be braided tight to the head for a fun and sleek look. By keeping the sides of the hair very short and almost to the scalp, men can make sure that their braids become the focal point of this style.

Rather than having braids straight back from the forehead, these man braids are twisted and angled, adding more interest to the look and preventing it from being boring.


6. Buzz Cut

Usher Iconic Buzz cut style

This short and sweet is one of the easiest Usher hairstyles for men to opt for when they don’t want to have to worry about their hair in the morning.

By keeping the hair at an even length all over the head, men can easily get ready in the morning. Additionally, growing a matching tapered beard helps to tie together the look and make any man look chic and updated.


7. Short Mohawk Fade

Short Mohawk Fade - Usher Haircut

Too often, men opt for curls on the top of their head, but neglect their facial hair. These smaller curls are dark and gorgeous and are paired with strong lines around the face as well as a great beard and mustache.

The addition of this facial hair helps the look to stand out and makes it look very cohesive and well thought out.


With any of these great Usher inspired haircuts, a man can easily look and feel his best. They’re all wonderful choices for any man who wants to improve this style and enjoy a boost of confidence.