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10 Beautiful Celebrities Who Swear By Brazilian Blowout

If you have unruly and lifeless hair, then a salon treatment is the easiest and fastest fix. One of the go-to instant hair straightening methods that promise silky smooth and frizz-free hair is a keratin treatment, and here’s a list of 10 celebrities who swear by Brazilian blowouts.

The famous hair treatment took Hollywood by storm, and big names like Khloe Kardashian and Meghan Markle swear by its lasting results. 

Famous Celebrities with Brazilian Blowout

From the red carpet to the paparazzi’s flashbulbs, find out the celebrities who have embraced the Brazilian blowout treatments to define their signature styles.

1. Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle with Brazilian Blowout Hair

Apart from her exceptional taste in fashion, the British actress turned Duchess is well-known for her glossy and healthy hair that she often wears down or in a bun. The secret? A Brazilian blowout.

In 2011, the Duchess confirmed she gets Brazilian blowouts to tame her naturally curly hair. Since Meghan has mixed roots, her hair is originally curly and thick. 

The Duchess even shared how she struggled with maintaining her hair growing up, and as a child, she’d always have her grandma tie up her curls.

While Meghan has adapted to new hair treatment methods and is often seen flaunting her natural curls in public, the Duchess said she was a huge fan of Brazilian blowouts in recent years. It effectively keeps her hair straight and healthy-looking.  

2. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie with Brazilian Blowout Hair

American actress and television personality Nicole Richie was among the first to announce their love for Brazilian blowouts. 

In a blog post in 2010, the Hollywood celebrity expressed her obsession with the trendy hair treatment. As a busy celebrity mom at the time, the blowout saved her time in getting ready. 

According to Andy LeCompte, the celebrity hairstylist who does Nicole’s Brazilian blowout, one of the perks of getting a Brazilian blowout is that your hair won’t need more work to get styled. Let it dry after a good shower, and you’re all set. 

3. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian with Brazilian Blowout Hair

The socialite and media personality broke the internet in 2021 after showing off her natural curls on Instagram. 

It seems that Khloe stopped getting hair treatments due to the pandemic, hence, the revelation of her lush curls.

Khloe later revealed that she used to get hair treatments to keep her hair straight, and one of her favorites is the Brazilian blowout. 

4. Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph with Brazilian Blowout Hair

The Emmy-winner shares how non-toxic keratin hair treatment helps keep her curly locks healthy and shiny. The actress said she wanted to embrace her natural curls minus the frizz. 

5. Halle Berry

Halle Berry with Brazilian Blowout Hair

The American actress and Catwoman star is iconic for her extraordinary hairstyles, and we can’t deny how she rocks each of them! One of her most iconic looks is her Brazilian blowout-treated hair in 2010. 

The actress’ natural hair is curly, and getting a Brazilian blowout helps tame her hair’s texture.

6. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan with Brazilian Blowout Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Andy LeCompte reveals that The Parent Trap actress Lindsay Lohan had a Brazilian blowout treatment in his salon too. 

The redhead star had a fascinating history of wild hair transformations, but we love how the blowout gave her hair a sleek look.

7. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman with Brazilian Blowout Hair

We love Australian-American actress and producer Nicole Kidman’s Brazilian blowout-treated hair, and the star is all about it in her 2011 interview with 60 Minutes. 

Nicole has natural curly hair, so the award-winning actress gets hair treatment throughout the years to go for a straighter and less wavy look. It wasn’t until recently that the actress started embracing her curly locks.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez with Brazilian Blowout Hair

The American actress, singer, and fashion icon always looks like she’s never had a bad hair day, and you guessed it right—J. Lo loves Brazilian blowouts. 

Aside from Brazilian blowouts, the actress is keen on looking after her hair by using anti-frizz serums and being particular with her hairbrush. 

The actress also ensures her hair gets a well-deserved break during off-camera days. That’s why she skips using heavy products on her hair during breaks.

9. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale with Brazilian Blowout Hair

The High School Musical star revealed in a 2009 interview with Seventeen Magazine that getting a Brazilian blowout was her holy grail. 

In fact, the actress once had her blowout done in the famous Andy LeCompte Salon, a haven where renowned celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Madonna would go to get their hair done.

10. Madonna

Madonna with Brazilian Blowout Hair

The Madonna influence is one of the reasons why Brazilian blowout is ever so popular, especially in the 2010s, and the pop icon has some secrets to spare in keeping her hair healthy!

Despite being in her 60s, the singer’s healthy hair seems to not age, not even for a day, and we’re all jealous. The star doesn’t always rely on extensive treatments, and one of her secrets is not washing her hair often and letting it dry naturally as much as possible.  

Why Do These Celebrities Get Brazilian Blowout Treatment?

The Brazilian blowout treatment begins with applying a treatment solution all over the hair, followed by blow-drying and ironing. 

The blowout finishes off with rinsing and conditioning, then voila! Your salon-beautiful hair is now ready. 

Unlike other keratin hair treatments that restrict individuals from tying their hair up or making them susceptible to environmental damage, a Brazilian blowout provides more freedom for your hair to be styled. 

As you know celebrities are more concerned about convenience and results than the cost of the treatment, so these celebrities get Brazilian blowout treatments for straightening their hair. 

How Long Does a Brazilian Blowout Last?

brazilian blowout hair

The entire Brazilian blowout treatment process can take nearly two hours, and you benefit from smooth and silky hair for three to four months. 

Asking your stylist for suitable after-care methods and products is essential in maintaining your blowout long-term. 

So, many popular celebrities got the Brazilian blowout treatment