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40 Celebrity Actors & Actresses With Curly Hair

There is something edgy and bold about the actors and actresses with curly hair in today’s industry. Most of us often look up to these fashion icons to base our style around.

While you see your curly hair as the most difficult thing to manage and change on planning your naturally beautiful curls to something artificially we want you to look at these celebrities with curly hair.

There are celebs who have never ditched their natural curls and carry them just fine with the utmost charm. Here is a list of 40 famous actors and actresses with curly hair which will definitely make you fall for your curls.

1. Will Smith

Will Smith's Short Curly Hair

Will Smith, the American born rock star has us all tripping over his music and his outstanding acting skills. There are many following this actor with curly hair both in terms of personality and looks. This subtle yet elegant short curly hair look put on by Will Smith will surely go with every attire.

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2. Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow with Curly Hair and Blue Eyes

The ever beautiful and showstopper Brittany Snow is another actress with curly hair that puts weight and class to their looks. With her ever radiant smile and mesmerizingly beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, Brittany has always been the person to steal hearts in the room.

3. Idris Elba

Idris Elba with Curly Hair

Idris Elba, an English actor, producer, musician, and DJ too has naturally short curly hair. For aged people, curly hair is the best option, they twirl on your scalp giving an impression of thick, dense hair when the reality is quite different. This is mostly quiet where your curly hair comes into play.

4. K.D.Aubert

actresses with curly hair

Fashion model, K.D.Aubert has loose curls that look glamorous. They add to a sharp and distinct look and give the appearance of a diva. The blonde curls just fall right that makes a person give an exuberant look.

5. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake's Brown Curly Hair

One of the finest actor of our generation with unmatched charm too has short curly brown hair. The actor with curly hair has an undeniable charm owing it to his great hairstyle. Timberlake has very efficiently managed to brush his hair up which always makes the man look absolutely stunning. With blue eyes, this man has looks that are incomparable to anyone in the film industry.

6. Rihanna

Rihana, the no 1 pop singer off our generation has flaunted her wavy short curls time and again. The actress with curly hair flaunts thick hair and it adds on to her strong aura giving her an even edgier appearance.

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7. Shemar Moore

famous actor with curly hair

The hot American actor and fashion model has looks and unmatched public appeal. This actor with curly hair has embraced it so well that it undoubtedly adds on to the charm of his personality and looks. It makes him look even classier and fine work of art.

8. Sonequa Martin

Sonequa Martin with Curly Hair and Brown Eyes

Absolutely stunning and gorgeous Sonequa Martin is an actress with curly hair who clearly doesn’t stop herself from looking an inch less pretty. In fact, the curly hair adds on so much more beauty to her looks. This actress has seen flaunting her curls with those doped blue eyes on the red carpet too.

9. Howard Stern

Howard Stern with Curly Hair and Glasses

Famous TV personality Howard Stern has long black curls give him an intellectual look. The beautiful curls simply adds on to his personality of an author and photographer.

10. Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon's Black Curly Hair with Green Eyes

Breathtakingly beautiful Sarah Gordon has always been a charmer with her blue eyes and black hair with wavy and curly hair. She has easily pulled off her curly hair look in a number of photographs. This Canadian actress with curly hair is the perfect example of why one should embrace their curls.

11. Corbin Bleu

Actor Corbin Bleu With Curly Hair

This American actor, singer, and dancer from High School Musical has naturally dark brown tight curls that he has always flaunted with confidence.

Corbin Blue mostly rocks long to medium layered haircuts with the coils falling flawlessly around his face which is an inspiration for those with afro hair.

12. Andie MacDowell

Actress Andie MacDowell With Curly Hair

Andie Macdowell has seldom straightened her hair. She mostly keeps her curls on the loose to frame her square-shaped face.

Although the American television star has mostly colored her locks brown, she debuted her salt and pepper hair the previous year embracing her aging beauty in the most graceful way.

13. Jason Momoa

Actor Jason Momoa With Curly Hair

The beloved Aquaman is well-known for his hipster hairstyles and giant physique. All the ladies swoon over his long curly hair which is mostly brushed back to fall on the shoulders.

Jason is a natural brunette but often adds a touch of blonde to his tresses to set them on fire.

14. Yaya DaCosta

Actress Yaya DaCosta With Curly Hair

Yaya DaCosta is yet another pretty curly-haired actress. She is also one of the top American models and knows how to rock her 4C curls with style.

Whether Yaya rocks updos, ponytails, braids, or keeps her mane loose she never forgets to flaunt her natural fluff with pride.

15. Alfred Enoch

Actor Alfred Enoch With Curly Hair

Apart from famous movies like Harry Potter and How to Get Away with Murder, Alfred Enoch is well known for his dashing looks.

He keeps his curls mostly short with a straight line up retaining all the attention towards the long top that tapers towards the sides and back.

16. Annalynne McCord

Actress Annalynne McCord With Curly Hair

Annalynne was not scared to look a bit messy in her World Premiere of Iris. The American actress and activist accentuates her curls with layers and highlights and wears her natural texture as much as possible. In fact, it is difficult to capture her with straight locks. That’s the confidence!

17. Kit Harington

Actor Kit Harington With Curly Hair

Many are obsessed with Kit Harington’s locks and it is not difficult to understand why. The Game of Thrones star is blessed with thick curly hair that makes him look handsome in both long and short cuts.

Some curl-defining mousse, gel, and a precise brush back with a medium facial stubble. That’s all!

18. Ashley Dyke

Actress Ashley Dyke With Curly Hair

Ashley Dyke flaunts a Deva haircut like no one else. Her bouncy coils are layered to fall at different heights creating a gorgeous mess around the face with a few curls dangling on the forehead.

Her black-to-brown tresses and dark brown eyes create just the perfect match.

19. John C. Reilly

Actor John C. Reilly With Curly Hair

This beloved actor and comedian knows that when it comes to curls the messier, the better! John C.

Reilly mostly leaves his brown curls loose to bend in every direction taking attention away from his baldness. His epic sleek comb-over in Winning Time made him quite unrecognizable.

20. Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts With Curly Hair

Julia Roberts is among the highest-paid actresses with curly hair. The Pretty Woman is a natural blondie and although she switches her curls with waves and straight hair all the time, Julia knows how to flaunt her coiled tresses in the most chic ways.

21. Nolan Gould

Actor Nolan Gould With Short Curly Hair

To be honest, Nolan Gould or Luke Dunphy from Modern Family would not be as cute-looking without curls. The actor mostly goes for a long tousled top with clipped sides and back over the years. The strands falling carelessly on his forehead are undoubtedly the most adorable thing.

22. Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman With Curly Hair

After seeing her in blonde locks over so many years it is surprising to know that Nicole Kidman is a redhead.

She embraced her natural hair recently during a movie gala in Los Angeles reminding everyone how beautiful curls can be. Regular oiling is the secret behind her frizz-free look.

23. Danny McBride

Actor Danny McBride With Curly Hair

Danny McBride has mastered the art of taming his extremely curly dark brown mane and has become an example for those with a similar hair texture.

The top is slightly longer than the sides with subtle layers creating a grizzly appeal that has become the actor’s signature look.

24. Sarah Jessica Parker

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker With Curly Hair

Who doesn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker? But did you know she has a head full of wavy curls that gives her thin hair a lot of body?

The television star has rocked countless hairstyles over the years but looks stunning every time she flaunts her natural locks in an updo or half-up hairstyle.

25. Finn Jones

Actor Finn Jones With Curly Hair

When talking about actors with naturally curly hair it is impossible to exclude Finn Jones from the list. The English actor has bouncy, noodle-like curls that he likes to keep a bit messy for a carefree appeal. The piercing blue eyes and brown tresses are what makes the ladies go mad after him.

26. Solange Knowles

Actress Solange Knowles With Curly Hair

Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyoncé, has made her own place in the music and fashion worlds.

When it comes to her hair, she has the fluffiest tresses among all that she confidently pairs with short and long haircuts, braids, and updos, and looks flawless every single time!

27. Will Ferrell

Actor Will Ferrell With Curly Hair

The Elf actor is blessed with curls that he is very proud of. Will Ferrel keeps his strands at medium length and lets them fall everywhere on his head for an undone look. He also chops down his fluff every now and then for a gentleman’s appeal.

28. Keri Russell

Actress Keri Russell With Curly Hair

Keri Russell has amazed many with her natural beauty and acting skills. Even though the American actress is mostly seen with loose waves she is God-gifted with the most perfect 3A curls that she rocks in between her ever-changing styles. Deep green eyes and brown curls are what define Keri’s natural look.

29. Alex Wolff

Actor Alex Wolff With Curly Hair

Alex Wolf has embraced his natural texture from the very first day. Since his debut in The Naked Brothers Band series, the actor and singer have opted for short to medium haircuts with an angular or side-swept fringe defining his signature hairstyle. All he needs is some gel and a hand tousle!

30. Sarah Hyland

Actress Sarah Hyland With Curly Hair

Sarah Hyland is yet another curly-haired celebrity. She used to straighten her hair regularly, but now she has started to rock her natural curls more often and with pride.

Sarah’s most recent hairstyle, defined by layered copper curls makes her look just like Merida from Brave!

31. Kevin Hart

popular actor with curly hair

Now imagine Kevin Hart, your favorite comedian without curly hair. Can’t right? This actor with curly hair gets his identity from this look. He simply embraces his hair, and we wouldn’t replace it with anything else on earth.

32. Lupita Nyong’o

actress Lupita with her natural curly hair

Lupita Nyong’o, the Kenyan-Mexican actress has beautiful dense curly hair which she wears like a crown. Rather than a flip, this black actress with curly hair comes up with amazing and unique hairstyles that make her curly hair stand apart from the rest.

33. Kit Harrington

curly haired actor - Kit Harrington

Kit Harrington became any girl’s dream when he appeared in Game Of Thrones, one of the most appreciated series. We weren’t fascinated only by his well-known character, Jon Snow, but also by his looks. In the series, he always flaunts his gorgeous curls that had a real part in transforming him into an iconic appearance.

34. Nathalie Emmanuel

curly haired actress - Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel also appeared in Game Of Thrones and took the world by storm with her mind-blowing body and Afro hair. Even in the TV series, she always wore it with pride, accessorized with a golden headband.

35. Seth Rogan

Actor with curly hair - Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan loves to pull off masculine looks and with every occasion, he shows off his gorgeous curls. Even if you can spot some white threads here and there, the actor and comedian embraced his age and loosely wore his ringlets.

36. Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross - actress with curly hair

The Black-ish actress, Tracee Ellis Ross has a bubbly personality, and she adores keeping her wild long curls lose. She also wears a fringe shortly trimmed on the forehead, creating a stunning face frame.

37. Finn Wolfhard

young actor with curly hair - Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard is a young actor with curly hair, that took Hollywood by storm after he appeared in Stranger Thing, a sensational TV series on Netflix, as one of the main characters. He wears his hair layered and tousled, always maintaining a casual appearance.

38. Amandla Stenberg

actress with curls - Amandla Stenberg

Not any woman with short hair looks as gorgeous as Amandla Stenberg. It’s not only those dense, thick short coils that are defined with loads of jam that make her a stunning appearance every time, but it’s also about her facial features that work hand in hand with the cut.

39. Jesse Eisenberg

actor with curly hair - Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg knows the power of his curls and he cuts them in a way that really flatter him. The ringlets are well defined and have a lot of bounce.

40. Sandra Oh

actress with curly hair -Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh has a long face, and she worked those see-through bangs to her advantage, to minimize the forehead. She wears her long curly hair layered with blended dark ginger and brown nuances.

These actors and actresses with curly hairs have never failed to create their magic, and quite honestly the curls have always been the one thing that completes the look. So leave your curls and flaunt them. Let these curls add volume to your hair with little punk.