12 Celebrity Actors & Actresses With Curly Hair

There is something edgy and bold about the actors and actresses with curly hair in today’s industry. Most of us often look up to these fashion icons to base our style around.

While you see your curly hair as the most difficult thing to manage and change on planning your naturally beautiful curls to something artificially we want you to look at these celebrities with curly hair.


Popular Actors and Actresses with Curly Hair

There are celebs who have never ditched their natural curls and carry them just fine with the utmost charm. Here is a list of 12 famous actors and actresses with curly hair which will definitely make you fall for your curls.

1. Will Smith

Will Smith's Short Curly Hair

Will Smith, the American born rock star has us all tripping over his music and his outstanding acting skills. There are many following this actor with curly hair both in terms of personality and looks. This subtle yet elegant short curly hair look put on by Will Smith will surely go with every attire.

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2. Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow with Curly Hair and Blue Eyes

The ever beautiful and showstopper Brittany Snow is another actress with curly hair that puts weight and class to their looks. With her ever radiant smile and mesmerizingly beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair, Brittany has always been the person to steal hearts in the room.


3. Idris Elba

Idris Elba with Curly Hair

Idris Elba, an English actor, producer, musician, and DJ too has naturally short curly hair. For aged people, curly hair is the best option, they twirl on your scalp giving an impression of thick, dense hair when the reality is quite different. This is mostly quiet where your curly hair comes into play.


4. K.D.Aubert

actresses with curly hair

Fashion model, K.D.Aubert has loose curls that look glamorous. They add to a sharp and distinct look and give the appearance of a diva. The blonde curls just fall right that makes a person give an exuberant look.


5. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake's Brown Curly Hair

One of the finest actor of our generation with unmatched charm too has short curly brown hair. The actor with curly hair has an undeniable charm owing it to his great hairstyle. Timberlake has very efficiently managed to brush his hair up which always makes the man look absolutely stunning. With blue eyes, this man has looks that are incomparable to anyone in the film industry.


6. Rihanna

Rihana, the no 1 pop singer off our generation has flaunted her wavy short curls time and again. The actress with curly hair flaunts thick hair and it adds on to her strong aura giving her an even edgier appearance.

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7. Shemar Moore

famous actor with curly hair

The hot American actor and fashion model has looks and unmatched public appeal. This actor with curly hair has embraced it so well that it undoubtedly adds on to the charm of his personality and looks. It makes him look even classier and fine work of art.


8. Sonequa Martin

Sonequa Martin with Curly Hair and Brown Eyes

Absolutely stunning and gorgeous Sonequa Martin is an actress with curly hair who clearly doesn’t stop herself from looking an inch less pretty. In fact, the curly hair adds on so much more beauty to her looks. This actress has seen flaunting her curls with those doped blue eyes on the red carpet too.


9. Howard Stern

Howard Stern with Curly Hair and Glasses

Famous TV personality Howard Stern has long black curls give him an intellectual look. The beautiful curls simply adds on to his personality of an author and photographer.


10. Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon's Black Curly Hair with Green Eyes

Breathtakingly beautiful Sarah Gordon has always been a charmer with her blue eyes and black hair with wavy and curly hair. She has easily pulled off her curly hair look in a number of photographs. This Canadian actress with curly hair is the perfect example of why one should embrace their curls.


11. Kevin Hart

popular actor with curly hair

Now imagine Kevin Hart, your favorite comedian without curly hair. Can’t right? This actor with curly hair has his identity from this look. He simply embraces his hair, and we wouldn’t replace it with anything else on earth.


12. Lupita Nyong’o

actress Lupita with her natural curly hair

Lupita Nyong’o, the Kenyan-Mexican actress has beautiful dense curly hair which she wears like a crown. Rather than a flip, these curly hair make up for amazing, and some unique hairstyles that make these actresses with curly hair stand apart from the rest.

These actors and actresses with curly hairs have never failed to create their magic, and quite honestly the curls have always been the one thing that completes the look. So leave your curls and flaunt them. Let these curls add volume to your hair with little punk.