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11 Most Iconic Celebrities with Ombre Hair in 2023

Celebrities love ombre, that’s why you’ll see so many celebs with ombre hair walking the red carpet. From TV stars to award-winning musicians and high-profile influencers, the ombre trend has found its place in the heart of celebrity culture. The ombre hair will continue to be one of the most popular hair colors in 2024 and why shouldn’t it?

Ombre hair is versatile and low maintenance. It can work on dark or light hair and can be bold or subtle. We love an ombre on long hair but it can also spice up a short bob

Here, we’re going to show you our favorite ombre looks on celebrities that you can use for your own ombre inspiration. Since ombre hair last had its big moment in the 2010s, let’s first go over the basics of ombre hair. 

What is an Ombre?

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair is a graduated hair color that transitions from dark to light. An ombre starts dark at the root and then fades into the lightest color on the ends of the hair.

You can use just two hair color shades for an ombre (dark and light) to get a bolder ombre or use several colors (working from darkest to lightest) to get a more natural or blended-looking ombre. 

Benefits of Ombre hair

The ombre can be a great option if you do not like getting frequent root touch-ups in the salon. An ombre uses your natural color as the darkest color, letting you go several months before needing to touch up your ombre. 

Since an ombre doesn’t start right at the root, it can also be a great option for those who need gray coverage. Instead of touching up highlights and root color at every salon appointment, you can just touch up the roots for several months and let the ombre grow out beautifully. Saving you time and money in the salon.  

Ombre Hair Color Technique

Ombre Hair Coloring Techniques

Ombre refers to the hair color effect of dark to light. Ombre is not a technique. There are a couple different hair coloring techniques that can get you the ombre hair color effect. 

  1. Balayage: Balayage is a hand-painted highlight that does not use foils. Balayage is applied in a way that already gives a gradient effect. The painting starts off soft at the root and ends up heavier on the ends. Balayage is the perfect technique to give you a more subtle ombre. 
  1. Teasy lights: Teasy lights are done by back-combing the hair before putting the hair color onto the hair and into a foil. The backcombing is what gives the flawless transition between the dark root and light ends of the ombre. The foils help give extra lift which helps to lighten even the darkest of hair. Teasy lights are great for bolder ombre or for dark hair that needs many levels of lift. 

Celebrity Ombre Inspiration

Now for the fun part! Below are our favorite celebrity ombres. Use these photos as inspiration for your own ombre hair.

You can even bring these photos to show your stylist during the consultation at your next color appointment. Showing a photo of your favorite ombre celeb is a great way to let your stylist know what you’re looking for!

#1. Alexa Chung – Ombre Bob

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Alexa Chung

If you have shorter hair and are wondering if an ombre would work for you, this is your proof! We adore this subtle ombre on Alexa Chung’s shoulder-length bob. 

#2. Chrissy Teigen – Long Layers + Ombre 

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen proves that even very dark hair can fade into beautiful blonde ends. Chrissy’s ombre is a great example of how teasy lights can give darker hair several levels of lift to create the perfect transition from dark to light. 

#3. Ciara – The Bold Ombre 

Black Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Ciara

If you’re looking for bold, high-contrast ombre hair inspiration, look no further. Ciara rocks this two-toned ombre that is equally polished and edgy.

#4. Drew Barrymore – The Golden Girl Ombre 

Celebrity Actress with Ombre Hair - Drew Barrymore

Our golden girl Drew Barrymore looks amazing with this warm, face-framing ombre. The way the color transitions so seamlessly from dark to light makes it easy to see why Ombres are back! 

#5. Khloe Kardashian – The “Bronde” Ombre 

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Khloe Kardashian

This golden, brunette balayage looks gorgeous on Khloe Kardashian! This is a great example of how brunette hair can be lightened and pack a punch without having to be platinum.

We love the “bronde” hair trend and think this ombre would be a great look on all the brunettes out there. 

#6. Kylie Jenner – Teal Ombre Hair

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner had us all wanting a teal ombre and honestly, we still dream about this gorgeous ombre. If natural colors aren’t your thing, consider a bright and fun fashion color for the ends of your hair instead of blonde! 

#7. Lea Michele – Ombre with Bangs 

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Lea Michele

This bombshell ombre on Lea Michele makes us want to cut bangs! Keeping the bangs dark and lightening just the ends is such a fun and creative way to wear an ombre. 

#8. Mindy Kaling – Just the Ends Ombre 

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Mindy Kaling

We love the placement of this ombre on Mindy Kaling. Ombres don’t have to start high up on the hair to stand out. This would be perfect on all the long hair gals out there!

#9. Natalie Portman – The Subtle Ombre 

Celebrity Actress with Sombre Hair - Natalie Portman

This soft and subtle ombre proves you don’t have to get a high-contrast ombre to have stunning hair. This hand-painted ombre is classy just like our queen, Natalie Portman. 

#10. Rosie Huntington Whiteley – Blonde to Blonde Ombre

Celebrity with Ombre Hair - Rosie Huntington Whiteley

If you are already blonde naturally, you may be wondering if an ombre would give you enough of a change.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley shows us blondes can have beautiful ombres as well. We love the contrast between the dark and light blonde shades!

#11. Sarah Jessica Parker – The OG Ombre Girlie

Celebrity over 50 with Ombre Hair - Sarah Jessica Parker

We believe that SJP single-handedly started the balayage ombre trend while she starred as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. This perfectly blended ombre is every fashion girl’s dream hair. 

Key Things to Remember:

  • The ombre is trendy more than ever and celebs will continue to rock this in 2024! 
  • An ombre is a graduated style of hair color that transitions from dark to light. 
  • Ombres are achieved with techniques like balayage and teasy lights.
  • Celebrities show us that an ombre can be worn with any hair color, hair length, and hairstyle.