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15 Celebrity-Inspired Bangs Hairstyles to Rock in 2024

Bangs are versatile and flatter every face shape regardless of hair texture when done right. Celebrities love bangs hairstyles and before picking up your scissors, it’s better to get some inspiration from the ones who have rocked them to perfection.

That’s why we have enlisted the 15 most famous celebrities with bangs of every length and style in between. Don’t rush, as once the strands are chopped, there’s no going back!

Famous Celebs with Bangs

From long to short, blunt to wispy, these celebrity bangs hairstyles are here to fringe up your life!

1. Christina Hendricks – Side-Swept

Celeb Christina Hendricks with Side Swept Bangs

Christina Hendricks accentuated her diamond-shaped face with casual side-swept bangs at the DGA awards.

The strands are shorter at the center and elongate outwards to frame the face avoiding a blunt look. Couple them with a classic high bun or a ponytail, and you will love it!

2. Bebe Rexha – Uneven Chop

Celeb Bebe Rexha with Side Bangs

A great option if you’re looking for a celeb with short hair. Though bangs are thought to be perfectly straight, they can be uneven, too, just like a choppy haircut.

The American singer, Bebe Rexha, sported a funky hairdo defined by a blunt bob and an irregular fringe covering her eye that can be recreated at home with ease.

3. Vanessa Hudgens – Angled Swoop

Celeb Vanessa Hudgens with Bangs

The High School Musical actress, Vanessa Hudgens stunned everyone by coupling her wavy lob with a gorgeous swoop at the front.

The strands are cut at an angle to fall away from the face on one side with some height near the roots going, ideally with any hair length and texture.

4. Reese Witherspoon – Wispy Fringe

Celeb Reese Witherspoon with Bangs

One of the most famous blonde celebs out there. A wispy fringe is perfect to set step into the world of bangs. It is light and feathery with subtle layering near the ends for an airy appeal.

Those who don’t like thick bangs can copy Reese Witherspoon’s hairdo with face-framing layers for a refreshed look.

5. Rihanna – Birkin Bangs

Celeb Rihanna with Bangs

Rihanna is another famous celeb with bangs rocking them every now and then. She left her fans in awe with chic Birkin bangs parted in the middle.

The strands are long enough to fall between the brows and lashes, making them ideal to cover a wide forehead with style.

6. Sandra Oh – Piece-y Bangs

Celeb Sandra Oh with Choppy Bangs

The Grey’s Anatomy star, Sandra Oh, knows how to rock bangs with her wavy tresses, turning her into an inspiration for others. A great bangs hairstyle for a round face!

The characteristic individual chunks are achieved by using some pomade to pinch the ends when styling the hair, letting them fall messily on the forehead.

7. Zooey Deschanel – Layered Fringe

Celeb Zooey Deschanel with Full Bangs

Layered bangs work wonders with any haircut as they blend in perfectly. They are meant to fall flawlessly along the sides of the face and can be parted in the middle like curtain bangs.

Flaunt them with a half-up bun hairstyle just like Zoey did to highlight your eyes.

8. Lady Gaga – Blunt Cut

Celeb Lady Gaga with Bangs

Lady Gaga, with her super blunt bangs and inward, flipped lob is giving us some serious hair goals. Blunt bangs are cut straight across the forehead without any layering.

They work well for ladies with thick hair but are high maintenance needing regular trims.   

9. Heidi Klum – Middle-Parted

Celeb Heidi Klum with Bangs

Small changes make big differences. If you are bored of your plain blunt or wispy bangs, save a salon visit by parting your long hair in the middle and setting them using a round brush and hairdryer, resulting in a similar look that Heidi Klum is sporting here.

10. Kelly Rowland – Thick and Textured

Celeb Kelly Rowland with Bangs

Kelly is an American celebrity recognized for her ever-changing bangs. She refreshed her look by opting for a full textured fringe with a short pixie haircut.

Her bangs were layered, featuring a gorgeous mix of long and short strands. Ask the hairstylist for wispy bangs with layers and you won’t regret it!

11. Billie Eilish – Long Fringe

Celeb Billie Eilish with Bangs

Another misconception associated with bangs is that they are always short, falling just above the eyes while they can be long enough to reach the chin and still be considered stylish.

Billie Eilish has swapped her short fringe with long bangs several times and has managed to look super sexy in both.

12. Nicole Richie – Curtain Bangs

Celeb Nicole Richie with Bangs

Celeb’s curtain bangs have taken over all other styles by storm and it is not difficult to understand why. They flatter all face shapes and elongate outwards to fall on both sides of the face like curtains.

Nicole Richie paired them with front layers to highlight her best features and so can you!

13. Rumer Willis – Curly Glory

Celeb Rumer Willis with Curly Bangs

Looking for a celeb with curly hair to get inspired? If you think bangs are for straight hair only, then Rumer Willis’ curly fringe is here to prove you wrong.

Keep in mind to snip the coils slightly longer as they shrink significantly when set loose to avoid any bad experience. Try out the look with a short bob and see jaws drop!

14. Kelly Osbourne – Baby Bangs

Celeb Kelly Osbourne with Short Bangs

Retro and punk! Baby bangs are the easiest to handle among all. Instead of concealing the forehead, they bring all the focus to it and are suitable for those wishing for a drastic change.

These bangs can be perfectly straight or slightly uneven just like Kelly’s iconic lilac fringe.

15. Alexis Bledel – Arched

Celeb Alexis Bledel with Wispy Bangs

When listing down celebs with bangs, it is impossible to skip Alexis Bledel’s chic hairdo. Her bangs are neither blunt nor choppy rather are snipped into a unique arch shape, bringing all the attention to her brows and eyes. Simply wow!

Bangs can be subtle or dramatic depending on your choice, and although these famous celebs with bangs make every bang type appear splendid enough to be tried out instantly, keep in mind your face shape before making a decision, or things won’t work out!